Dryathlon with a twist….

This September I have decided to challenge myself for an extremely worthy cause Cancer Research UK.

I won’t say too much about why I feel so strongly about Cancer Research as I have a post in the making for my reasons and inspirations. Today I am here to tell you that I shall be ditching Tea and Coffee two beverages that I drink A LOT of for 30 days. As part of Dryathlon the reason for this twist is as much as I like a good drink, I don’t drink enough alcohol to warrant that being much of a challenge. So in speaking to my best friend I decided to ditch Coffee and she challenged me to also ditch Tea as I drink a fair amount of both. So that is what I will be doing…today I will get in my last few beverages before I ditch them. I am looking forward to seeing how I cope and to see how much this change effects my health and fitness. I will be documenting my time, I won’t say every single day as that could get tedious for me to write and for you to read. So it will be as often as necessary. I think the first few days will definitely be the hardest for me. So I reckon you will hear a lot from me at the very beginning.

I hope you will join me for my journey, any form of encouragement is welcomed. As I type this I have already raised £11 with £4 of that being from my almost three year old niece. If you would like to support me on my quest you can donate here http://www.justgiving.com/Hayley-thorpe-dryathlete2015 anything you can spare is appreciated.

I have said to a few people I think Starbucks will be emailing me when my Starbucks card is not used for a while haha. I will be checking in with you guys tomorrow once I have undertaken a chunk of my first day.

My last morning cuppa…..


It tasted sooo good. I shall be having a coffee at work but I won’t be buying milk for the fridge. There will be no added temptations for me. I intend to enjoy today and the pressure starts tomorrow. Have a good Monday all.



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