And so it begins #Dryathlon Day One

Everything has been leading up to today, the beginning of my #Dryathlon quest. Getting up and having water with my breakfast was weird but much easier than I thought it would be. I then made my way to work, walking past many coffee shops and many people drinking said beverages and I survived.

As my day went on I started feeling extremely tired relatively early into my shift which was weird and is relatively extreme because I cut caffeine. I think I was more shocked at how cruddy I was feeling but I battled on having had water and a smoothie – which was gorgeous and cheaper than a coffee. By lunchtime I needed to recharge my batteries so I ate well with a juice and then I started to feel more like me.

I must admit day one was a lot harder than I imagined it would be – granted I knew it would be hard. I am so grateful for all the kind words and especially the donations they have spurred me on. As day one ends I have raised £36 for Cancer Research. Dig deep people no matter how tough this gets I will carry on.


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