#DNATrail and a little bit more…

Sadly there were not enough hours and not enough days for me to get many more of the gorgeous #DNATrail pictures. If only I had found them sooner and if only the days were longer I could have crammed loads more in.

I did manage to get to South Kensington one day before work to snap this beauty….


As you can see this picture was taken on a relatively good day. I really do adore London in the sunshine it really is one of my favourite sites of my hometown.

So as day eleven ends I have barely thought about tea and coffee bar when someone offers to make a cuppa or if I pass someone with a strong coffee…or is it just seeming stronger because I haven’t had any. I am looking forward to having a Pumpkin Spiced Latte when my challenge is over, I know it will taste all the better on the 1st October. I haven’t had anymore donations of late but I am sure I can still smash my target for Cancer Research.

I really should stop writing and stop listening to music and get some sleep ahead of my volunteering tomorrow. Have an awesome weekend all.


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