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Meet The Cast – Gil Kendrick – Searching For A Silver Lining.

So today is my stop on the amazing Searching For A Silver Lining blog tour. I am a huge fan of Miranda and she never fails to put a smile on my face. Her books always feature strong, positive females and guys that have you swooning so let’s meet the cast….

Gil Kendrick is a bit of an enigma when we meet him.

The co-owner of Kendrick’s Comedy Club (with his twin brother, Colm), he is the grandson of the club’s original owner Jacob Kendrick, who established it as The Palm Grove – Soho’s finest music venue and nightclub in the 1950s.

Mattie Bell and Reenie Silver have to persuade him to host the reunion of the famous Fifties’ British singing group, The Silver Five. He agrees, on one condition: that he joins the road trip to meet the group’s former members. When I wrote the first draft of Searching for a Silver Lining, Gil took a while to find his feet in the story. I could picture him immediately, but I had to work to bring out his own story within the main story of the book. You could say he was a bit shy of the spotlight for a while! But having spent a year of my life getting to know Gil, I love what he became on the page. He’s funny, charming, occasionally grumpy and a surprisingly layered character who reveals a whole other side as the road trip goes on. I hope readers will love him, too! If Searching for a Silver Lining is ever made into a film (*coughs, bats eyelids at passing film directors*), my dream casting for the role of Gil would be the gorgeous Sam Claflin. He would portray Gil’s dry sense of humour while also showing his flaws and hidden motivations. It took me a long time of looking at many, many photos of Sam to decide this, of course. A writer’s life can be so hard sometimes… Thanks so much for reading this blog exclusive! For more, follow my Searching for a Silver Lining blog tour. I really hope you enjoy reading the story.

I just want to add I have started this amazing read and so far I am in love once more…check it out you will not regret it HONESTLY!!!