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Guest Post: Introducing Nicola May and Love Me Tinder…

Today I am welcoming Nicola May to Hayley Reviews….I came across Love Me Tinder via Twitter I believe…intrigued I decided to chat to Nicola. As that happened so did this post idea. I haven’t finished Love Me Tinder just yet but I have read a snippet and it definitely is a fun filled read that will have you laughing out loud.

So without further ado I hand you over to a parrot.

Yup you didn’t read me wrong a parrot…

Love Me Tinder by Nicola May 

An introduction to heroine Cali Summers, by her pet parrot Lady P.

‘Cali big tits, Cali big tits.’

‘Lady P! Not today please, there’s too much to do!’ Cali Summers threw a piece of apple into her pet’s cage. ‘And, if you dare start saying that in front of mum and dad when they arrive for lunch.’

‘No, no, no, no, no, no,’ the African grey parrot shrieked and starting diving around her large cage.

Cali laughed. ‘What? Is apple not good enough for her ladyship?’


So, that’s my owner, Cali Summers; 30’ish, prettyish, kind, caring, straightforward and naive where men are concerned.

She pretends she’s cross with me most of the time, but I know she loves me really. Fresh food and water every day proves that, and when she’s sad she talks to me too. On and on and on she goes. About her husband leaving her for Bella Bitch, their personal trainer and then boring me about her job as an Events Manager in a hotel.

And, when it’s not that, I tell you, she makes my claws curl with some of the things she’s got up to with men in this flat. It’s since she’s been part of this Tinder dating internet lark, you see. She’s gone a bit crazy with it. And, it’s a good job I can use my discretion sometimes and keep me beak shut or her mother would definitely have a funny turn.

So, despite trying very hard to meet someone, it hasn’t happened yet?

I don’t like it when she’s sad though. That’s when I have to throw out the ‘I love you Callerina card.’ That makes her smile and when Cali’s happy, I get more treats.

Ooh, she’s unloading her shopping bags now, any cuttle fish in there, love?

‘Look what I’ve got for you.’ Cali rustled about in the bag.

‘Get ’em out! Get ’em out!’

‘Lady P, I’ve warned you.’

Ha, ha I knew that would wind her up. But look, banana chips and fruit cup jellies. Yes, perlease…


Cali places a couple of the treats in the bottom of her errant bird’s cage.

The African grey cocks her head to the side nonchalantly and despite it not being Christmas squaks. ‘Jingle Balls, jingle balls, jingle all the way.’

You too can read more about Cali and Lady’s P’s antics in Nicola May’s eighth novel, Love Me Tinder; available to download now with the Paperback release on Valentine’s Day.


Cali Summers decides that the only way to get over her broken marriage is to hit the world of fast love on a dating app.

Using room 102 in the hotel where she works as her dating ‘lair’, she quickly discovers that passion and excitement are mixed with danger, lies and deception.

With a charming F1 engineer, a handsome army officer and her adulterous ex all on the scene, a predictable love match is far from on the cards.

Will she choose dull security or risky freedom ? Join Cali on her dating adventures and see if a modern Cyber Cupid’s arrow is still on aim.

Follow Nicola on Twitter @@nicolamay1

For more information about Nicola and her other books go to

Facebook: NicolaMayAuthor

I will finish reading and review Love Me Tinder. Cali sounds fun and I’m still baffled by the parrot. Let me know your thoughts and whether you have any fun romance reads ahead of Valentine’s Day. I have a few more up my sleeve…

Bye for now.

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Little Sister Netgalley preview. 

To be published by Trapeze on 27th April in e-book format the paperback will follow in July.

Blurb: A compelling, dark and twisty psychological thriller that asks the question: if you can’t trust your sister, then who can you trust? For fans of Kathryn Croft’s While You Were Sleeping, Katerina Diamond’s The Secret and Lisa Hall’s Between You and Me.

‘This thriller doesn’t hesitate to pull you into the twisted world of family secrets and sibling rivalry. A great story with characters that just leap off the page and a thoroughly satisfying ending.’ Katerina Diamond, author of THE TEACHER
‘A missing baby girl, a marriage ravaged by mistrust, a sibling rivalry with a very dark heart: LITTLE SISTER had me gripped from start to finish.’ Louise Candlish, author of THE SWIMMING POOL.

After sixteen years apart sisters Jessica and Emily are reunited. With the past now behind them, the warmth they once shared quickly returns and before long Jess has moved into Emily’s comfortable island home. Life couldn’t be better. But when baby Daisy disappears while in Jess’s care, the perfect life Emily has so carefully built starts to fall apart.

Was Emily right to trust her sister after everything that happened before?

My thoughts: So I have recently got myself back on Netgalley. I have read a few shorts and have been in between books and then this popped up.

I had seen this mentioned on Twitter and as you guys may know if you follow me on Twitter HayleyTOfficial. I have become obsessed with psychological thrillers since reading Burnt Paper Sky by Gilly Macmillan although that book had a name change since I inhaled it. It’s now known as What She Knew. I’m so grateful to this book as it’s opened me up to a whole new genre, I read and adored The Sister by Louise Jensen last year, I pre-ordered her second novel the Gift in July.

So back to Little Sister, Isabel really does have you as a reader on your toes from the get go. Although as much as I was hooked at times I was unsure who was speaking as there is Jess and Emily’s voices and then the incident when the child goes missing happens although we are left just as clueless as poor Jess.

I love the fact that you end up second guessing characters really early on. The Netgalley snippet is three chapters but if I’m honest it feels like you have read less. I don’t think Jess is guilty but seeing as she’s told lies and has memory loss it’s really not helping her case. Emily is the one I’m most interested in as I believe there’s much more to her story…..

I need more now……Little Sister is available as an e-book from 27th April it can be pre-ordered now. Little Sister Kindle 

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Remembering Nan June 

For those of you who are new to this blog all you will see is bookish chat.

Originally this blog was called life’s too short blogger and it was aimed at my volunteering for Cancer Research. I volunteered for a year after my Nan was diagnosed with Cancer the first time and I had watched a work colleague lose her mum and saw a friend pass.

I’m glad my Nan was still here when I began my Cancer Research journey, as she loved nothing more than trawling through charity shops. She would often ask me about my experiences and she had me on the hunt for a red scarf. It’s safe to say I never found a red scarf in good condition when she was alive.

But today I am going to purchase a gorgeous red scarf in honour of my beautiful Nan and I will wear it proudly. 

In January 2016 I started a new journey I became Assistant Manager in the Cancer Research store in Lewisham. So this blog was kind of redundant as I was no longer a volunteer. However, I didn’t want to get rid of this page as I was and still am proud of what I achieved here and where it took me.

Today is the anniversary of that horrid day when I didn’t make it to work, where we said goodbye to the strongest and bravest woman I have ever known. I used to love this day in January as it is exactly one month until my birthday now I remember saying goodbye. The only blessing is that me and my siblings, my mum and auntie were there until the very end.

It was a heartbreaking experience that will never leave me but we wouldn’t have let her be on her own. The other blessing is that my Nan was no longer in pain and was reunited with my Grandad.

So apologises for the change in posts but I couldn’t let today pass without saying something. Bookish chat will be resumed tomorrow with a snippet of a book that has left me eager for more.

Love you Nan June.

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Guest Post: Sheila Norton talks to Hayley Reviews.

Today I am delighted to welcome Sheila Norton to Hayley Reviews. As you can see from my previous post I read and loved The Vets at Hope Green part one. Before part two becomes available I decided to ask Sheila some questions. Welcome Sheila and thank you so much for joining me….

1. Sheila as an extremely new fan of your writing tell me a bit about your background and your books? After I have read each part of vets at hope green I hope to read more from you. 

Hayley, it’s so good to have you as a fan! I’ve been writing my entire life really, but it was just a hobby until I started having short stories published during the 1990s. Then my first novel was published in 2003 – followed by seven more with that first publisher and six that I self-published from scratch. The early novels were all in the ‘chick lit’ genre, but more recently I’ve written two novels set in the 1960s (my teenage era!) and one with grandparents as the heroines. You can probably tell my age from that! However, my newest books are with Ebury Publishing, who commissioned me specially to write ‘animal’ stories. The first two of these are ‘cat’ stories – narrated by the cats! These have been very popular and I loved writing them, but I’ve also really loved writing ‘The Vets at Hope Green’, which has both human and animal interest! I’m now retired from my day job, so writing is my main occupation, but I worked most of my life as a medical secretary in the NHS. I also brought up three daughters, who between them have now blessed my husband and me with six little grandchildren. So I’m used to being busy!
There’s a full list of my books on my website

2. Cathy Bramley has done extremely well from e-book 4 part stories. Whose decision was it to do The Vets at Hope Green in this way? 

It was my publisher’s decision, partly because of the success of similar series. When my editor first suggested it, I found the idea quite strange, and it was tricky writing the book in four parts, with ‘cliff hangers’ at the end of each part to encourage readers on to the next one – but I soon got into it and enjoyed the process. It’s always good to try something different. And now I’m really excited about the next one, which will be another four part series. Watch this space!

3. Is Hope Green based on a real or fictional place?

It’s fictional. But we spend a lot of time in the west country so I enjoyed setting the story in a Dorset village. I could imagine it quite clearly in my mind! The next one will be set in Devon.

4. Without spoilers tell us a bit more about the characters?

Sam is a Norfolk girl originally, who’s moved to London to work in an upmarket city vet practice, but her real dream is to have more contact with animals, and ideally to live somewhere in the country where she can have dogs and children! Unfortunately her boyfriend Adam doesn’t share her dream at all, but she finds comfort and understanding in Hope Green with her Nana Peggy – a no-nonsense, tough lady who speaks her mind but adores her granddaughter. In Hope Green Sam meets some interesting characters including Joe, the new vet who seems to like animals a lot more than people, and David, who walks local people’s dogs for a living. And of course – there are some lovely animal characters too!

5. What is your ideal writing day? Explain.

Much as I love my family and friends, and prioritise them whenever possible, I also love having a day when I have nothing at all in my diary, no shopping or housework desperately needing to be done, and can write as much as I like! After breakfast I’ll check emails and social media first, responding to anything I need to, then start by reading through the last few pages of what I’ve written in the previous session. If I’m working from a synopsis, which is the case with my new books, I’ll re-read the part I’m working through, and then get stuck in. I’ll break for a cup of tea after an hour or so, and again either to go for a walk or a swim, following which I’ll have a sandwich for lunch. Then check the emails etc again before carrying on with some more work on the book. When I’ve reached a good place to stop – ideally at an exciting part, so I’m going to be fired up to get back to it the next day! – I’ll make a brief note of what I’m planning to put next. Then I’ll cook dinner, if it’s time, or else relax with the paper, a book, or a computer game. I don’t often work during the evening unless I’m running tight for a deadline. I had to do all my writing during the evenings when I was at my day job, so I enjoy having them free now. I’m happy to respond to emails and social media while watching TV though – and enjoy writing things like this!

6. What are your hopes for 2017?

Well, of course I’m hoping ‘The Vets At Hope Green’ will be a success! The most important thing for me is that people enjoy it – I’ve never expected to be a bestseller, not that it wouldn’t be nice if it happened! And
I’ve just had the synopsis for the next four-part series agreed by my editor, and have started writing the first part of it, so I’m obviously looking forward to completing that, too. Other than that, at my age my chief hopes are to be healthy enough to enjoy life, and for all my family to be happy and healthy.

I already adore Sam and I haven’t yet finished part one and I know that’s only the beginning of her story.

Thank you! So pleased you’re enjoying it. And thank you so much for inviting me to feature on your blog.
Thank you so much Sheila it was lovely to have you here. 

As stated The Vets At Hope Green part one: Escape to the country is available now. Kindle link with part two available for pre-order Kindle link part two. I have pre-ordered mine have you??? 


Book Review: The Vets At Hope Green Part One By Sheila Norton 

Published 19th January 2017 by Ebury Press

Blurb: PART ONE of a heartwarming and inspiring story about living the simple life and the joy of animals. Perfect for fans of Appleby Farm, Ivy Lane and Alfie the Doorstep Cat

Working as a receptionist in a London vets, Sam is living far from her idea of a simple life. She’s always broke, rents a tiny flat, and is constantly arguing with her boyfriend. But the worst part is that her career is going nowhere. She wants to be a vet, but the most contact time with the animals she has is a quick hello when she books in their next appointment.

Something’s got to give, so when her parents suggest visiting her Nana Peggy in a small quiet picturesque village, she agrees, thinking a bit of R&R could do her good.

But rest and relaxation may not be the order of the day. Poor Nana Peggy’s lovely dog Rufus is unwell, and Sam can’t help but grow fond of him. With the help of Joe the local vet, a charming yet strangely distant man, Sam sets out on looking after him, despite her London life trying to call her back…

Review: Ever since I read Cathy Bramley’s Wickham Hall I have enjoyed these four part short stories. When I came across this on Netgalley I was intrigued, this year I vowed to read and blog/vlog more and I thought shorts would help in between reads.
Part one sets the scene where we meet Sam (who I already like a lot, she’s passionate and caring and she wants the dream). Although working as a receptionist at a vets in London wasn’t exactly her plan but it was a means for an end. Plus the chance to step up and work with animals, her life changes and she sees a way out that takes her to Hope Green to visit her Nanna Peggy.

I won’t be posting any spoilers about her situation but I honestly didn’t see that coming. I don’t really like Adam and he’s only said a few actual words. I love Sam’s Nanna and bits about their relationship made me smile and remember my beautiful Nan, they are very different but the whole being lonely after her grandfathers passing was very similar to how my Nan was.

I can see a friendship forming and I think there’s more to what Sam was told by the elusive Joe (stressed out vet at Hope Green) there’s definitely more than meets the eye. I look forward to seeing what happens next. It’s been a funny old story so far and I believe there’s lots more for these two.

Part one was full of friendship, love, lust, loss, family and community. A beautiful read that has me begging for more. I will be pre-ordering part two as I cannot wait to see what happens next.

Thank you Ebury via Netgalley a wonderful start to a story. I look forward to seeing what happens next for Sam st Hope Green plus I will definitely be reading more from Sheila.


Book Review: Five Go Parenting By Enid Blyton/ Bruno Vincent

Published 3rd November 2016 by Quercus

Blurb: Bringing up a baby would surely be kid’s play for The Five. How hard could it possibly be?! When the doorbell rings one Saturday afternoon, the last thing the Five were expecting to find on their doorstep was a baby… But the Five are next of kin to Cousin Rupert and his wife, so when they find themselves in a spot of bother and are destined for a short spell behind bars, Anne, Dick, George and Anne are the first port of call. First, it’s the fear and the tiredness that kicks in. They are terrified at being responsible for this new life and have no idea they’re doing it right. Why is it crying? They use Dr Google constantly, who whatever the situation offers the same range of advice from ‘don’t worry about it’ to ‘rush her to the A&E’. ‘Why is she crying?’ they constantly ask. ‘Why?’ It keeps them up all night every night, until they are reduced to walking ghosts, haunted by a numb and impotent fury. Is this an adventure too far for our Five?

Review: When I first saw these books advertised I thought they sounded fun and relevant to the way our world was changing. Initially, I didn’t think much else. It did make me remember the days of reading about the Famous Five and the Magic Faraway tree but bar that it had gone from my mind.

As a bookworm I always have too many books to anyone else but to me, there are always new and exciting titles popping up meaning the TBR pile never goes down much. Working for Cancer Research can be just as bad as working in a bookshop as we regularly get hundreds of books donated and when this very book popped up I had to read it. I wasn’t sure what to expect and had seen a mixture of reviews. I’m one of those people who likes to make up my own mind on that book, show or film. If I had had time this book would have been read in one sitting. I won’t say too much it’s a short but sweet read that gives you the nostalgia of Enid yet the story is written by Bruno Vincent. It’s funny and extremely tongue in cheek, listening to the five use Google, send for an Uber and having mobile phones is quite bizarre. Yet, on the other hand they still sound old fashioned.

I really wasn’t sure whether I would like this parody but it really did make me chuckle. So much so that I will be reading the rest. Funnily enough Five On Brexit Island also came into my shop so that will be my next read. It’s nice to have a piece of my childhood in my 30s makes me feel carefree.

Have you read any of Enid’s parodies? If so I would love to hear your thoughts. 

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I’m also vlogging…

Long time no speak and a slight change of subject matter, you will only notice that if you have been following this blog since the very beginning.

So, there will be a proper post very soon but I wanted to share my extremely new vlog. Still very new and it will need some work now I have most of my voice back I will be updating the vlog as soon as I can.

This is my second video featuring Jane Lovering’s The Boys Of Christmas.

And here is my very first video which features the awesome Miranda Dickinson Searching For A Silver Lining one of my ultimate favourite books of 2016.

Anyway that’s a brief update I shall be back later…







The 52 Lists Project

Emma is my best friend and she’s one of the most inspiring people to ever live. If you need inspiration and motivation then give this a read 🙂


Evening all how are we? I can’t believe we are in the final hours of the 2nd Jan already. This month is going to fly by.

I just wanted to tell you about a cool little book I came across called The 52 Lists project by Moorea Seal

When I was out looking for Christmas presents for people I found this book in a shop at a station. As I previously said in my last post I love to write lists and this little gem is everything I love to do and more.

It has weekly lists covering various topics to inspire you and to help you learn about yourself as a person. 52 Lists for 52 weeks of the year. It starts at Winter and is divded into the 4 seasons so you can start at any time of the year.

I ordered one online and I’m pleased to…

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