The 52 Lists Project

Emma is my best friend and she’s one of the most inspiring people to ever live. If you need inspiration and motivation then give this a read 🙂


Evening all how are we? I can’t believe we are in the final hours of the 2nd Jan already. This month is going to fly by.

I just wanted to tell you about a cool little book I came across called The 52 Lists project by Moorea Seal

When I was out looking for Christmas presents for people I found this book in a shop at a station. As I previously said in my last post I love to write lists and this little gem is everything I love to do and more.

It has weekly lists covering various topics to inspire you and to help you learn about yourself as a person. 52 Lists for 52 weeks of the year. It starts at Winter and is divded into the 4 seasons so you can start at any time of the year.

I ordered one online and I’m pleased to…

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