Book Review: Five Go Parenting By Enid Blyton/ Bruno Vincent

Published 3rd November 2016 by Quercus

Blurb: Bringing up a baby would surely be kid’s play for The Five. How hard could it possibly be?! When the doorbell rings one Saturday afternoon, the last thing the Five were expecting to find on their doorstep was a baby… But the Five are next of kin to Cousin Rupert and his wife, so when they find themselves in a spot of bother and are destined for a short spell behind bars, Anne, Dick, George and Anne are the first port of call. First, it’s the fear and the tiredness that kicks in. They are terrified at being responsible for this new life and have no idea they’re doing it right. Why is it crying? They use Dr Google constantly, who whatever the situation offers the same range of advice from ‘don’t worry about it’ to ‘rush her to the A&E’. ‘Why is she crying?’ they constantly ask. ‘Why?’ It keeps them up all night every night, until they are reduced to walking ghosts, haunted by a numb and impotent fury. Is this an adventure too far for our Five?

Review: When I first saw these books advertised I thought they sounded fun and relevant to the way our world was changing. Initially, I didn’t think much else. It did make me remember the days of reading about the Famous Five and the Magic Faraway tree but bar that it had gone from my mind.

As a bookworm I always have too many books to anyone else but to me, there are always new and exciting titles popping up meaning the TBR pile never goes down much. Working for Cancer Research can be just as bad as working in a bookshop as we regularly get hundreds of books donated and when this very book popped up I had to read it. I wasn’t sure what to expect and had seen a mixture of reviews. I’m one of those people who likes to make up my own mind on that book, show or film. If I had had time this book would have been read in one sitting. I won’t say too much it’s a short but sweet read that gives you the nostalgia of Enid yet the story is written by Bruno Vincent. It’s funny and extremely tongue in cheek, listening to the five use Google, send for an Uber and having mobile phones is quite bizarre. Yet, on the other hand they still sound old fashioned.

I really wasn’t sure whether I would like this parody but it really did make me chuckle. So much so that I will be reading the rest. Funnily enough Five On Brexit Island also came into my shop so that will be my next read. It’s nice to have a piece of my childhood in my 30s makes me feel carefree.

Have you read any of Enid’s parodies? If so I would love to hear your thoughts. 


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