What a reveal…from RedDoor Publishing…

Wow! so last week RedDoor Publishing uploaded a tweet about a book and from that I was intrigued. I wanted to see and hear more and today they revealed the cover and a very epic YouTube video courtesy of EAP (Expressive Arts Productions) and wow! I am well and truly blown away. It’s so funny as a while ago I would never have dreamed of reading books like this and now I am hooked.

Child Taken is the debut novel from Darren Young which is released in May, I cannot wait to read and review this.


The last thing a man expects his wife to bring back when she ‘popped to the shops’ is a young child. They should have taken her back, faced the consequences…done the right thing. But what happens when that innocent child instantly begins to mend a broken wife, and fix all that seemed unfixable? It’s not quite so easy then. Twenty years later, another missing child, a lucky interview and the curiosity of a story-hungry trainee journalist throws up questions about what really happened to Jessica Preston when she disappeared from that beach all those years ago. When the journalist comes across someone with a secret from their past, it threatens to reveal what’s been covered up for so long. Child Taken is a thrilling debut that explores the long-term impact on the lives of everyone involved in an unthinkable crime, one in which everyone has lost something. The cleverly-woven narrative follows the journey, past and present, of the abductors and the family from whom the child was taken, as well as those, who twenty years on, who just want to find out the truth. The answers seem obvious but then again, it all depends on your perspective. What would you have done?

So what do you think???? Having seen the trailer and read the blurb I cannot wait to inhale this debut from Darren Young. Creepy, and every parents nightmare but I know this book will keep me on my toes.



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