Book Review: Because I Was Lonely by Hayley Mitchell and Giveaway.

Published: 2nd March by RedDoor Publishing 

Blurb: The grass is always greener on the other side…. Or is it?

Meet Rachel. She’s trapped in a sleep-deprived world of misery and grief. She used to love being a wife and mum, but now life is a grown-up mess.

Meet Adam. He’s trapped in a world of grief and confusion. It wasn’t always like this, but since the accident, things have never been the same. 

Rachel and Adam used to be friends, back on the days before marriage and babies…before loneliness set in. Then along came Facebook. So when Rachel and Adam rekindle their online friendship, what starts as a little harmless flirtation soon becomes an obsession, and slowly the threads of their lives unravel before them. 

Because I was lonely expertly traces the rollercoaster of actions and reactions experienced by a cast of credible, fallible, and ultimately human, characters. 

Review: Firstly I must thank RedDoor publishing for sending me a copy of this. I feel like I had this ages before it was released yet I didn’t start reading until the day before. On my initial read I was shocked and hooked by Rachel who is the first character we hear from. I felt sorry for her and I longed for her to get the support she needed. She sounded so lost and in despair. My heart was in my mouth on reading her initial thoughts. The book is split into two parts we hear from Rachel, Adam, David and Julia and then in part two we are shown how their lives intertwine. 

Wow for a debut novel Hayley really did go all out Because I Was Lonely is heartfelt, poignant and real. Each and everyone of us can change based on a series of unfortunate events. Adam changed due to an accident that he blamed himself for. Rachel changed after baby number two Jamie and lack of sleep. Julia didn’t change so much but she adapted to the situation and maybe not in entirely the right way. David became frustrated and became lonely and easily distracted. 

I wasn’t expecting part two to be as naughty as it was. It’s funny what connecting to the past can feel like via social media and how sometimes those furthest away from us are the ones who make us see the clearest of blues. I was intrigued and at times shocked by this novel, it just shows that anyone can switch when they are desperate enough. I also liked the fact that the ending could mean many things so each reader could take something different from it. 

I really enjoyed this debut by my name sake and now I want to give someone else the chance to read this intriguing and at times shocking read. Comment below as to why you would like to read it and whether I made you want to. I will give it until Wednesday evening and then I will pick a winner. 


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