Reading and blogging intentions for the week of 1st May….

Wow it’s almost May. My last reading and blogging intentions post was in March and it was a mixture of failure and organisation. So I’m going to aim to do better this time around.

Sunday is usually my day, which was the reason I wanted to try and do this post on a Sunday. However, today I am working it’s a busy time for us at Cancer Research. 

As I walked into work I am listening to my latest Audible read in Miss You. I’m really enjoying it and it’s spurred another blog post before I actually finish and review it so keep a look out for that in the next few days.

My main aim this week is to make me time to read and to get all my drafts finished and published. I may also try and do a TBR post and aim to have at least made a dent in it by next Sunday. 

Earlier today I decided to do a poll on my Twitter account to see what I should start reading tonight. The winner was The Last Piece Of My Heart by Paige Toon which I have been excited to read especially seeing other bloggers say good things.

Let me know what you plan to do this week? I am also hoping to visit a independent coffee shop to chill and read and maybe write…


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