Book Review: The Lemon Tree Café Part One A Cup Of Ambition by Cathy Bramley

lemon tree part one

Blurb: This is Part One in a brand-new serial from bestselling author Cathy Bramley.

Rosie Featherstone loves her high-flying job at a social media firm. So what if she isn’t married and settled like her sister? A relationship would only get in the way of this workaholic’s hectic schedule!

So when she unexpectedly finds herself at a loose end for a month, Rosie keeps busy by helping her Italian nonna serve espressos and biscotti at the Lemon Tree Café, a little slice of Italy nestled in the rolling hills of Derbyshire.
Worryingly though, the café’s fortunes seem to have taken a turn for the worse since Rosie last went home. But with Nonna blind to the truth and angry at the idea of anyone interfering, the two are soon at loggerheads.
However, just when Rosie decides it’s time to head back to reality, an old acquaintance suddenly reappears, and the prospect of life at the Lemon Tree Café begins to seem more appetizing . . .
The Lemon Tree Cafe is an irresistibly charming novel told in four parts – following the adventures of Rosie Featherstone in friendship, family and second chances. This is the first part.

Review: I remember when Cathy spoke about this four part series earlier in the year and I instantly pre-ordered it. Wickham Hall was the first of Cathy Bramley’s books that I devoured and completely fell in love with. This book has characters from the Plumberry School of Comfort Food so I’m thinking that will have to be my next Cathy read once this series is over. As I’m already intrigued by said characters.

Anyway Rosie is such an easy to read and likeable character and I warmed to her instantly, when she stuck up for her own beliefs in a board meeting. 

Having studied media and worked within those four walls I see how hard women work. I loved that Rosie wasn’t willing to settle so she walked out. Reinforcing the mantra of if you are unhappy with something in your life then change it. Saying that Rosie is lost without her busy schedule although that changes when she ends up working at her Nonnas Lemon Tree Cafe. 

Rosie is a family person at heart and she can’t bear to think of the cafe failing as her Nonna is too proud. Well what can I say part one has many twists and turns lots of little family moments and an interesting handsome stranger in Gabe.

Does Rosie really want the busy schedule or has the whirl of the Lemon Tree Cafe really got under her skin? 

I am looking forward to part two which as you have seen is on this weeks TBR pile. Rosie and her family are such a treat and their dynamic makes me laugh. 


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