Author post: The New Beginnings Coffee Club by Samantha Tonge

Firstly it’s publication day of The New Beginnings Coffee Club. Which I have sat waiting for me on my Kindle app. Sam has kindly answered some questions for me on this very exciting day….

Before I get stuck in here is the blurb.

Everyone deserves a second chance…don’t they?

Jenny Masters finds herself living the modern dream. Wife to a millionaire, living in a mansion and mother to Kardashian-obsessed ten-year-old April, there isn’t anything missing. Until, her whole world comes crashing down, forcing Jenny and April to leave behind their glittering life and start over with nothing.

With village gossip following her wherever she goes, she finds refuge and a job in the new coffee shop in town. As the days pass Jenny fears she doesn’t have what it takes to pick herself back up and give April the life she always wanted to. But with the help of enigmatic new boss Noah, and housemate Elle, Jenny realises it’s never too late to become the woman life really intending you to be!.
Intrigued I know I am….

1. Tell us a bit about The New Beginnings Coffee Club and your inspiration?

 The New Beginnings Coffee Club is a story about starting over and finding yourself. The three main characters all have a past that they have to come to terms with and I think – hope – the story is very relatable. We all , to a degree, put on a mask in public and this novel is about being strong enough to remove that and just be yourself. As well as these themes, coffee shops were also a huge inspiration to me when writing this. They seem to have taken over from pubs, in terms of being the hub of a community, and I love my local one. I only have to walk through the door and a couple of the baristas seem to sense what I’d like to drink!!!

2. Fave coffee ( I have to ask about coffee right?) 

Americano. No milk. And (shhh, don’t tell anyone) decaffeinated! And can I count Hot Chocolate, too? DELICIOUS.

3. Tell us something that readers wouldn’t know about you?

 I was part of the opening crew for Disneyland Paris, way back in the early Nineties! Huge fun.

4. What is your ideal writing day? Plus your ideal day off?

A cycle ride first, my cat for company and a trip out to my local coffee shop, at some point, to refuel! My ideal day off is to get out of the house, away from my computer. I’ve recently become a fan of mindfulness and like nothing more than a walk through a park, observing nature.

5. What are your hopes for 2017?

2016 was a challenging year for me, on many levels – I hope 2017 is a gentler one that ends with a sense of hope. Rather like my novel.

Thank you Sam for joining me today The New Beginnings Coffee Club is out NOW!!!!!! 

Buy it here!!!

I literally adore this top 😉 #coffeeaddict.

About Sam:

Samantha lives in Cheshire with her lovely family and a cat that thinks it’s a dog. Along with writing, her days are spent cycling, willing cakes to rise and avoiding housework. Formally trained as a linguist, Samantha now likes nothing more than holing herself up in the spare room, in front of the keyboard. Writing romantic comedy novels is her passion.
Samantha has sold over 80 short stories to mainstream women’s magazines. Her debut romantic comedy novel from HarperCollins (CarinaUK), bestselling “Doubting Abbey”, was shortlisted for the Festival of Romantic Fiction Best Romantic Ebook award, 2014. The bestselling summer novel, Game of Scones, won the Love Stories Awards 2015 Best Romantic Ebook category.

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