Reading Update…..

On Sunday I stated my reading and blogging intentions and I’m pleased to say I have posted at least one post each day. Catching up with some of my drafts and blog posts that I have wanted to do for ages like www Wednesday. I’m grateful to the people who have voted on my polls and if there is anything you would like to see please leave a comment below. 

On Monday I posted my TBR intentions for the week. Having started The Last Piece Of My Heart. If I had had uninterrupted days off I reckon this could have been finished in one sitting. I finished this during the early hours of this morning and I was a snotty mess but my did I enjoy it. I will be reviewing on publication day which is the 18th May.

On Wednesday I was lucky enough to win this little beauty. I cannot wait for this to arrive as I have heard such good things.

I also received my second ever Goodreads win…

This looks sooo good. Today I haven’t read much as I woke with a headache probably because I was up reading then had a much needed lie in. But I have managed to listen to some more of Miss You which I’m loving I have 3 hours and 15 mins left.

Plus have snatched a little of the prologue of this…..which featured on the blog yday.


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