EBook Short Review: The Apple Orchard by Veronica Henry

Blurb: In the charming town of Peasebrook, there’s a place for everyone. War vet Joe has made new friends and a new home for himself here, overlooking a beautiful apple orchard. But when tragedy strikes and Joe is left out in the cold, it will bring them all together in entirely unexpected ways . . .

The Apple Orchard is a truly feel-good short story about friendship and kindness. It’s the perfect introduction to Veronica Henry and includes an extract of her upcoming novel The Forever House.
Review: I must admit I haven’t read anything from Veronica before but over the years I have seen her books. When this short came up as a freebie on Kindle I thought it would be the perfect between books read and I was right. Having had a headache for the most part of yesterday after having a book hangover from Paige Toon this was the perfect Sunday treat. As o got on the train I was sucked into such a beautiful tale of love, loss, friendship and ultimately kindness. 

This short made me think about how we act and how a little bit of kindness and gratitude can go a long way. I see someone else mentioned that this short reunites a few characters from a previous Veronica Henry novel. This may only be a taster but I’m definitely up for reading more from Veronica, this was the treat I needed on a Sunday before meeting a friend for a coffee and a chitchat. A perfect introduction to a writer 🙂 I cannot wait to delve into her back catalogue where should I start? Do tell. 


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