#WanderingWednesday. It’s time to wander again…

Welcome back to Wandering Wednesday my very own meme that I started last week. My initial post was a general introduction to my meme where I can wander my hearts desire even if at present I’m going to beautiful places via a book. 

So….I may have mentioned last week that I have been swept off to Mojacar with Hannah and co in the beautiful Then.Now.Always by Isabelle Broom. 

It’s the latest book I have been devouring every single second I can. Hannah’s lust for Mojacar is very similar to mine with Salou although I have been most years for at least 5 days bar 2015 when I lusted but never visited. I love the fact I can communicate with authors and bloggers as I’m reading. I have been pinging tweets to Isabelle about my lust for her book and she even sent me a gorgeous snapshot last week. 

What a snapshot eh?

At the time I was on a train to Birmingham with the sky changing from blue to grey but in delving within the pages I was transported to a heavenly bliss only needing a cocktail to feel right at home. It’s funny I feel like if I went to Mojacar I would know it, like I had already visited. 

Rules: Wandering Wednesday is a bookish meme set up by Hayley Reviews allowing Wanderlust and love of books that enhance that feeling. There’s no real specific, I just want to create a meme that can get us wandering and sharing books and ideas etc. So post and tweet #WanderingWednesday and please please link back to me.

I am also on the lookout for more wanderlust based books I have a few on my TBR list but if you have any recommendations feel free to share them with me. 

I love my meme I even have ideas that I will start penning for this time next week. So check back next Wednesday to see what I have to share on that #WanderingWednesday 


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