My bookish week….

Sunday Sunday….as I may have mentioned before Sunday’s are generally my one day off that never changes. Although I have to go in for a meeting next week. Anyway I was thinking of doing a reading and blogging intentions post but I kept seeing various bloggers update posts and thought oooh. So here I am….

I don’t know what I have done but somehow I have a very sore ankle so my walking to work has ceased for now 😦 which is upsetting as it’s when I listen to my audio reads. So today has been a chilled one not moving too much and then I shall be going to the cinema this evening. 

I had just started listening to The Woman in Cabin 10.

I really enjoyed Ruth Ware’s In a Dark Dark Wood so when this popped up on audibles daily deal it was a no brainer that I had to download it almost instantly. What I have listened to is great it’s very descriptive just as I would expect from Ruth, although it’s definitely a read that you need to be fully focused on. As I had to stop and focus myself.

My review of In a Dark Dark Wood was published on Dark Readers when I was blogging alongside the lovely Casey and co. You can read it here.

Although today I started listening to How Not to Fall in Love Actually by Catherine Bennetto whilst I was trying to relax my ankle in the bath and whilst traveling. I’m really loving it so far it’s funny and real. (Been meaning to listen to this for a while as Fabbookfiend has recommended it to me.) I have been invited to an event that Catherine will be at on Thursday evening so I thought it made sense to listen asap. 

This week on the blog I have featured:

The Cafe in Fir Tree Park

Wandering Wednesday – Time to wander again

So much more than a TV show #Nashville


The only good thing about not walking to work is the fact I am getting a little more actual reading a book done. I finished Then Now Always and have read The Wedding Speech a gorgeous short by Isabelle Broom which I hope to review shortly. I have started a few books linked to the event I have been invited to on Thursday evening. So hopefully there will be lots to report on here on the blog I’m already working on a few posts. I love it when ideas come to mind. 

Blogging is keeping my mind of the fact I’m in pain on and off. It’s getting me down just as I think it’s getting better bam. Cinema shortly although I’m in a little pain once again sad but true. Anyway enough with the pity party Hayley. 

My current reads are: How To Not Fall In Love Actually and Brief Encounters at the Picture House by the Sea as I shall be lucky enough to see both authors later this week. 


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