Wandering Wednesday 

I’m soooo sorry that this is uber late in the day. I’m not sure if I have mentioned it here but I seem to have messed up my ankle and the pain continues. I really really do need to wander this Wednesday, last Friday night I ended up in urgent care and I have been doing everything I was told and I’m still in pain- I thankfully have a few days off where I intend to sit, blog and catch up on TV I need to watch about 4 episodes of Pretty Little Liars and then that is done forever. Not sure I’m happy about that.

As I have said a few times I totally fell in love with Then Now Always and Mojacar- I hope to visit soon. What wanderlust based book should I read next??? Help me people.

Cap Salou 2017-  yes I’m mentioning Salou again why am I still here. 

Salou 2016 god I’m always a better version of me there.

Sorry for the self pity I’m in sooo much pain right now. 


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