Wandering Wednesday – where am I wandering now?

Good Evening….I’m so sorry I had so many ideas for today which included this blog post happening in the morning and I have lots of reviews and bits I wanted to work on alas that hasn’t happened hence the late evening post. 

It’s well known that I have been feeling sorry for myself thanks to the ankle…it’s thankfully starting to improve but not at a quick enough pace for me. 

Kate Eberlen posted a link to this 

Yesterday and late last night I got to finish this beautiful short. I adore short reads they get just enough of your attention and when they are done right you’re left expecting more. I loved Kate’s debut novel Miss You it was a beauty of an audio book that had me laughing and crying on my walk to work. The people that must have seen me, must have thought I was a crazy woman. 

In this gorgeous short I was whisked to Rome and my wanderlust took over once again. You can Find it here. It was lovely to read something else from Kate and she gave enough description for me to feel like I was at the Trevi fountain myself.

Today I also saw this and thought hell yes.

It feels like so many people around me are traveling or have taken off to work elsewhere. If you have took the plunge I would love to know your story. 


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