Sunday Sunday, update

Sunday Sunday

Sunday’s are my me day, it’s my one constant and definite day to myself. I don’t want to harp on about my ankle but yesterday was a productive work day and I’m so proud of my team but my ankle is in agony. Today I wanted to do more than I have for the blog – although I have made a little progress in some ways and I wanted to get stuck into this beauty.

After it’s release last year it had definitely piqued my interest by the many gorgeous blog reviews and after discovering Paige Toon via The Last Piece Of My Heart My Review I knew this had to be my second read of hers. This review by my awesome mate Catriona helped 🙂 The One We Fell In Love with by FabBookFiend

This bench needs some love and care as you can see but as I sit here now in the cooler part of the day (I’m in proper Sunday chill mode and no one needs to see my hair how it is). It does make me smile sitting here as this is my Nan & Grandads bench that holds so many memories and I’m sure he patched it up a fair few times over the years. We do need to get it sorted and restored to it’s former glory and I believe my sister wants to get a plaque for them which would be lovely. So maybe when it’s looking more like how it did I will actually take a rare selfie with me and obviously a book – on that Grandad would approve I may even take it with one of his Jack Reachers. Those I definitely want to get back to. 

This week has been a crazy one with mixed emotions for me. I won’t bore on there was a lot of work, and trying to take care of the ankle I have even been trying to do some of the exercises whilst I type. I got to see a fab show in Gloria with the bestie and here are the blog posts for the week. 

  • Where did I wander this week I love my wandering Wednesday’s my lil stamp on my love of books and wanting to wander some more.
  • Unique Blogger Awards – this was an honour and I loved the reaction from bloggers still makes me smile. Thanks to this post I also hit my most views ever in a day.
  • The Chateau of Happily Ever Afters – Jaimie is amazing this book spoke to me in so many ways. It’s made me want to look at what I want in life take a risk or two. 

That’s my Sunday back to my book 🙂 plus must get organised for the blog this week. I would like to have my posts a lot earlier in the day. Take care all and have a beautiful week filled with books and positivity.

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