Taking time for you…

Today I have been in a contemplative mood. 

If you follow my Twitter – HayleyTOfficial you will know that the doctors have finally signed me off, I’m loving the reading time and TV catch up but I must admit I’m a little stir crazy. Anyone who knows me knows I work through being ill but my body has now told me I need to rest – although it has given me time to sit and think. 

In amongst chilling, reading and watching When The Boat Comes In – which was one of my Grandads favourite shows with one of my favourite actors on what would have been his 87th birthday. He was my favourite bookworm and the best Grandad ever – hands down. Every so often I read a book that chills me to the core as I cannot pass it on to him and my current read has done just that. 
I haven’t posted any reviews really and I will as I have finished some gorgeous books – on audio How Not To Fall In Love Actually and ebook of The One We Fell In Love With to name a few. I’m currently reading Our Little Secret and I’m totally engrossed with it. My review of that will come on release day later this week and if you like thrillers then it’s a must for your TBR pile. 

If I’m honest I wasn’t going to post again today, but as much as I didn’t have any reviews ready I was compelled to post – having posted the below quote on Twitter which sparked a reaction I thought I would share it with my lovely readers too. 

Sometimes taking time out for you is exactly what you need to realise what you truly want from life. 

Taking time out – what are your goals? And what are you doing to make them happen?

I have lots planned for the blog for the coming week. Although I am still open to more guest posts….thank you to the gorgeous authors who have already featured and to the beauties who will feature this week.


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