Thank You!

Today should be Wandering Wednesday but as I said the other week I won’t just post for the sake of it. Isabella May done an amazing job last week, if anyone wants to follow and guest post feel free to get in touch. 

Since my ankle pain set in I haven’t been myself. I’m saddened to miss my walking and my zumba class. As I may have mentioned I had about 10 days off work. Monday of this week I returned to the grind that is the craziness that is Cancer Research it’s Wednesday I have worked for three days and I’m wrecked. I very nearly just left the blog today but you guys make me smile through here and Twitter so I decided to say Thanks!!!

Today I also managed to win a book on Twitter thanks to the lovely Holly Martin…

I have also been asked to take part in a gorgeous cover reveal for Vivian Conroy on Saturday….put it this way check back here on Saturday at noon. 

Reading – today I finally had time to read Dirty Dancing at the Picture House by the Sea. There is only one part left Some Like It Hot at the Picture House by the sea. Part of me doesn’t want it to end but there’s a few things I need to know and my good friend and blogger Catriona tells me it’s not sad. Question people do I review part three and four separately or together. You can check out Holly’s books Here – what I have read so far do not disappoint. 

I have some books to finish plus I hope to finish watching the last two eps of 13 Reasons Why it sure has been compelling viewing. Has anyone read the book? I’m tempted by the audio book especially as I have one credit available right now on audible. I’m hoping my YALC update will be tomorrow….

For those wanting to wander this Wednesday I always have time for this place Salou and Cambrills….

For those of you who aren’t On Twitter I’m looking at starting #FriendFriday where you can guest on here and answer some questions. If this sounds like something you would like to do send me your email. A few of you have already done so hopefully I will be emailing you real soon. 

That’s all from me. Thanks for the follows, likes and comments on here and on Twitter HayleyTOfficial of late you guys have really kept me going so from the bottom of my heart thank you. 


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