Saying goodbye to The Picture House by the Sea By Holly Hepburn….

Today I finally read the fourth and final instalment of Holly Hepburn’s Some Like It Hot at the Picture House by the Sea. If I’m honest I didn’t want it to end…but there were parts of part three that I hoped wouldn’t come to anything so I had to push on. 

Each instalment has a film theme. It started with Brief Encounter at the Picture House by the Sea which I adored and I had read and reviewed it on the day I actually met Holly at Simon and Schuster’s Digital drinks which I have been meaning to write about. It will happen although nudge me if I forget. I’m trying to write more lists where my fab blog is concerned. 

Here is my review of part one Book Review: Brief Encounter at the Picture House By The Sea – HayleyReviews10

Somehow part two was missed in terms of review but I will mention that I was so eager for the second instalment especially as Singing in the Rain at the Picture House By the Sea – is a film that will always make me think fondly of my beautiful Nan June. We shared a love for films – and it saddens me that we can’t together anymore but watching classics does make me feel closer to her and it makes me wonder what other ones we would have or should have watched.

Aren’t the covers truly gorgeous? 

I decided to read part three as close to publication day of the final instalment one so I was ready for it and two so I didn’t have to wait too long.

I loved the third part although there was a sense of no Gina seriously. The dancing sessions and the screening of Dirty Dancing on the beach with inspired ice creams and cocktails was amazing it literally made me wish I was swaying in Polwhipple. I have to say I love Carrie she’s a friend that Gina needs and likewise for Carrie. I loved Carrie opening her heart to Gina and I loved that Gina and Ben turned into matchmakers they were really gorgeous scenes to read. There’s so many things that happen Ben and Gina fight which is horrible but drunk Ben really is the greatest he’s super adorable – I didn’t think he could be anymore cute. Max proposes which makes me scream and the palace reopens with Casablanca – I must admit there are a few films I haven’t seen. Eeek must change that. 

Some Like It Hot at the Picture House by the Sea is the fourth and final instalment. This is the one that I stopped myself from reading as saying goodbye to Polwhipple is way too hard Nonno and Nonna – are a beautiful couple and great grandparents. I miss mine greatly but these two are truly beautiful in every sense of the word. I loved them as a couple and as individuals with their fab personalities. With good characters there are also bad I had my reservations about Max from the beginning and I was right all along as with the delectable Rose Arundell. There is lots of drama and betrayal in this final section where Gina’s family are brought back together. 

Ben and Gina – Now these two brought a tear to my eye on many occasions. The surfing lesson was out of this world until Gina’s injury. There are so many moments that I will treasure and I’m hoping that Holly returns to Polwhipple some day as Ben and Gina will always have a small piece of my heart and I truly wish to find a love like there’s.

More than that, he soothed her, as though he was a favourite book she returned to again and again when she needed to feel comforted. 

This sentence summed up their love and friendship and truly how I feel about this book and these characters. 

WARNING: You will fall in love with this book, you will fall in love with these characters and you will want to be at the seaside sipping cocktails and tasting a number of ice creams. 

Holly please bring them back. 


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