friend Friday

Friend Friday welcome Erica….

So today sees the second #FriendFriday here at Hayley Reviews and today I welcome Erica….

1.How do you know me?

We met through Twitter. 

2.Have we met in real life?
Negative 😦 

3.What is your bookish inspiration?
I have a number of bookish inspirational accounts. Just a few include:

For book blogging: Alicia of A Kernel of Nonsense-

For bookstagram: readingwithkat-

For booktube: Kelsey Lee Reads-

4.What is your favourite book and why? (I know this won’t be an easy ask so you can list more than one)
My automatic answer here is The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay. This book had such an impact on me the first time I read it, and now it is the book I have re-read the most. 

5. What book got you into reading?
For as long as I can remember, I have always been a reader. The very first book I have any memory of reading is Corduroy by Don Freeman. 

6. What is your fave series and why?
I have to go with Harry Potter. This series is just so timeless and it is so easy to get totally lost in the story.

7. Favourite authors and why?
Michael Crichton. I haven’t read a single book by him that I didn’t love!

8. Tell us a bit about you and your blog?
I started my book blog in December of 2016 and have been going strong ever since! I’m so excited to reach my one year mark. On my blog, I post book reviews, comic and graphic novel reviews, book tags, favorites lists, bookish discussions, and other bookish related things. 

9. What’s your favourite colour?
Currently it is mint green, but it changes all the time.

10. Here’s your chance to tell us all a bit about the last book you read and your thoughts?
The last book that I read and loved was Here and Gone by Haylen Beck. It’s a suspense novel that is sure to get your heart pounding! I thought that the premise was incredibly spooky because it was so realistic. I highly recommend giving it a read if you like thrillers! 

Thank you Erica for joining me on this Autumnal looking Friday ooooh that Thriller sounds fab 😉 

Also if you want to answer my questions and share your blog and bookish inspiration then feel free to get in touch.


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