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Ask Away….

Happy Monday all.

It’s the start of a brand new week and I hope wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, you’re happy and healthy.

A while ago I asked for questions on my Twitter in lieu of writing a blog post answering said questions and it fizzled out. So yesterday I asked again on my Twitter and Facebook account. So far I have two fabulous questions. I’m aiming for 10-20 before I can warrant sharing my answers.

1 thought on “Ask Away….”

  1. Would you be interested in blogging about my book – coming out officially o December 1st? It’s a bit different – “quirky” – it has been described as. Written in memory of my best friend who died from ovarian cancer and written to raise funds for cancer research. Mavis and Dot are two ladies – very different from each other – who retire to the British seaside and in their loneliness, strike up an unlikely friendship. They get into different scrapes: harbour illegal immigrants in a beach hut, learn to tango, rescue a dog, try nude modelling… amongst other escapades. I want to raise as many pennies as possible. https://mybook.to/MDot is the link. On pre-order now. (I am a RNA member, by the way). xx Thanks for reading. Angela.

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