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Blog Tour: Don’t Blink by Vanessa Robertson @Ness_Robertson @lovebooksgroup #lovebookstours

Blurb: A stolen painting. A gangster intent on revenge. And nothing is what it seems.

Art consultant Kate Carpenter has an off-the-books sideline in art recovery, dealing with thieves, gangsters and the occasional war criminal to reunite priceless artworks with their owners. But when she refuses a request from the owner of one missing painting, Yuri Sokolov isn’t prepared to take no for an answer.

Her knowledge has cost him millions, he wants revenge, and he isn’t planning to show any mercy. The only way that Kate can get Yuri Sokolov to keep his distance is to find out exactly what happened to his painting, but when she starts scraping away at the surface, she finds that nothing is exactly as it appears.

Don’t Blink is the first book in the Kate Carpenter series.

Review: Recently I read and enjoyed the Kate Carpenter novella Vanishing Point. Which was in part mentioned in this book although this can be read as a stand alone as most of what I learned is explained. You can read my thoughts On Vanishing Point here.

So when Kelly sent the email round about a full on Kate Carpenter novel I was intrigued.

Kate is an interesting woman who works as an Art Consultant but her biggest thrill is the chase on finding stolen art. In part it follows on from Vanishing Point with a few differences although in Don’t Blink there are elements to a different side to Kate she’s contemplating changes. Her relationship is different to that of before and I love that Kate is such a headstrong woman not willing to be changed or taken down by a man. I learnt a lot about her past in the novella and my this tough cookie has come a long way. Her knowledge is her arsenal and what ultimately puts her in danger in Don’t Blink.

When the action spiralled my did it spiral although at a few points I was like how can this series continue. There were a few surprises although I do think there will be a few more as this series continues. I loved that when most women would admit defeat and give up Kate goes headstrong into the face of danger – although when it looks like those she holds dear could be in the crossfire she decides to take drastic action.

Vanessa has effortlessly created a character who can show her vulnerability as a woman as-well as her courage and strength. I loved seeing the changes in her and I’m still left extremely intrigued by Kate her story and her team. I’m also once again interested in that of the art world funnily enough they are just as bad as the fashion world.

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