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Book Review: The Cornish Cream Tea Summer – part three – My Tart Will Go On By Cressida McLaughlin

Part three both calmed and broke me.

Blurb: Charlie has left Delilah in charge of the cream tea bus and she is making new friends while getting caught up in the excitement of the filming of a TV period drama. However, not everything is as rosy as it seems and soon Delilah is called on to help a friend in need.
Delilah also finds her feelings for actor Sam hard to ignore – she thinks it would be crazy to fall for one of the country’s hottest new talents. It can only end in tears and Lila’s got no intention of having her heart broken…

Review: Today is publication day for the third instalment to The Cornish Cream Tea Summer and as we are nearing the conclusion this segment is right at the heart of the action. After part two I was left bereft and not only wanting but needing to know where the story would go. It’s safe to say after part three I’m left absolutely broken and there were a significant number of tears.

As I’ve stated in this second series with Charlie and the gang I loved Lila from the minute she arrived on her cousins doorstep with her tale between her legs not knowing where to turn. Lila is a breathe of fresh air and just the sort of whirlwind heroine I need in my life in this current climate we’re experiencing. Lila then takes me onto Sam oh Sam, sweet sam is just the book boyfriend to tear me away from the madness in the world right now. I must admit I was pretty much taken with coy Sam from the very beginning of this trip to Porthgolow.

So as I say part three is thrown straight into the action with action stations from Lila who is desperate to prove to Keeley how wanted she really is. In part two Lila had got herself involved in the action as so to speak and now she was worried that it would all come crashing down – thankfully the hapless heroine needs more faith in her own abilities.

Gertie – Hal’s bus of dreams also reaches his one year anniversary it was lovely to see all the residents that made Cressida’s first Cornish book a firm favourite with me back in full on party mode. It also made me as a reader reminiscent of when I first met each of them who slotted in nicely with the new additions including my favourite in the delectable Sam Magee. I must say Sam producing a bottle of fizz was just what the celebrations needed.

There are many friendships and relationships that blossom in this segment and seeing each of them made my heart swell with pride. The Porthgolow clan really do look after each other and the film crew are also just as lovely.

I don’t want to delve deep into the heart of the plot but I will say it’s another bumpy ride for Lila. She’s so warm hearted and deserves the best but along the way her Mum and her best friend Clara’s unkind words seemed to have dampened her sparkle and her faith in herself.

As always this segment ended with the cliffhanger of all cliffhangers. The end of April can’t come soon enough although having said that I will really miss this second trip to the Cornish coast I think it’s safe to say I fell hard. At a time when the world is all over the place this little escape has done me the world of good even if there were a number of tears. I loved that Hal’s sentiment of learning from mistakes and Charlie’s live in the moment were mentioned it’s definitely something that we all need right now.

Thank you Cressida I hope this isn’t the end of this bunch as I’ve grown awfully fond of them. I didn’t think Daniel could be topped he still holds a place in my heart but Sam is what I need right now.

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Blogtober was….

Going so well until yesterday. Yesterday was my first ever late shift in my new job so I had no excuses really as I was at home for a massive chunk of the day, although I did run some errands and wash my hair and time just slipped by. I’d meant to post on my break and ended up reading.

My reading has been so so and actually having proper breaks means I get some in which is good. There’s probably a number of half started posts I could have finished but needed something light as I have a banging headache and should be sleeping now….


This is the Body Shops coffee face mask and oh my I probably needed this in my system today. It’s very similar to that of Lush’s cup of coffee which has been a favourite for a while.

So what can I say about this. If you don’t like coffee steer clear as it’s a very strong and distinctive smell of caffeine. Which works for me. It also makes my face feel soft and hydrated.

Now here’s for one of those awful pics of me.

Ok so there’s two terrifying pics of me. Excuse the state but this stuff is fab. It’s worth every penny.

I’m sorry yesterday there was no post I’m eager to add different content to the blog and I would love to spend one day of my week answering questions here on Hayley Reviews so hit me..

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From books to beauty….

So today I decided to be bold and to try something new. Don’t fret I will never get rid of my books. I know I have been slack of late but all will be resumed – there will be more actual book reviews back here but today I turn to beauty.

Now I won’t ever call myself a beauty blogger. I’m far too lazy for that title and I don’t have many routines. What I will say is that if this post works there could be more of these…so watch this space. 

Anyone who knows me knows I love Lush I’m addicted to their gorgeousness, which means anyone who knows me knows I truly love Snow Fairy – a Lush product that always comes in time for Christmas. 

Because of that I try and stock up as much as I can and this year I will be attending the Boxing Day sale – as the past few years the online sale has been rather disappointing.

Last Sunday I met up with a very good friend who also shares the love of all things Lush. We met on Oxford Street where they have their concept store – to our delight when we entered there was wall to wall Christmas. It’s not even October….and SNOW FAIRY is back in so many new forms I was like 😳. I knew that I would definitely leave with SNOW FAIRY but what??? Seeing as there was so much choice.

I left with two Snow Fairy bath bombs as I knew my niece would want one and a Snow Fairy naked shower gel which is one of the other new forms. I was distracted by all the Snow Fairy goodness so it took me a while to decide and I have only tried the bath bomb which was just as good as I expected. The gel inside it made the bath slippery and smooth it’s made my skin feel clear and silky smooth. As the days get colder I really could do with having loads of this to keep my skin hydrated and smooth like in the months when the sun is shining. 

You can find the Christmas goodies Here there’s a number of Pumpkin based products that I’m itching to try. 

Today was my well needed day off I have had a beautifully chilled day, which has been productive as my ankle feels loads better. I have managed to catch up on some TV and have a Lush bath….whilst listening to a book….I finally sampled my Snow Fairy bath bomb – my niece used hers the other night and she truly loved the smell the look it created in the bath and how it made her skin feel and I have to agree with her on those points. 

As you can see I was trying to get differing pictures of Snow Fairy in action so during this bath I didn’t totally get the fizzing feeling as I wasn’t in the bath but I cannot wait to get more of these for those cold winter nights….

Now I would love to know what you think of my Lush based post and whether you would like to see product reviews like this from me again….