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Book Review: Five Go Absolutely Nowhere By Bruno Vincent

Blurb: Ah! This is the dream!’ says Julian one morning. ‘With good old British common sense and community spirit like this, there’s no reason that we couldn’t exist on the island like this for the rest of our days!’

What could possibly go wrong . . .?

Anne has gathered Julian, Dick, George and, of course, Timmy, together for a last nostalgic jaunt in the countryside together before grown-up responsibilities take the four cousins off in different directions. It’s only natural that they find their way onto Kirrin Island for a look around, as this might be the last time they’re here together as a group. 

They are planning just to spend the night there and come home the next day, perhaps with a little exploring in the dungeon for old time’s sake. But that night they hear the country has gone into lockdown. They are not allowed to leave.
With their usual resourcefulness, they are determined to make the best of it, and remain cheerful and healthy. As Anne keeps saying: They’re lucky, really, to have all this countryside and fresh air at their disposal!

Review: I have said this before and no doubt I will say it again. Enid Blyton was one of my childhood favourites, even though I’ve managed to miss a few of her books which I’m rectifying as an adult. I don’t remember how I first stumbled upon one of Bruno Vincent’s parody short stories featuring the Famous Five. Although when I was working at the charity shop from time to time these beauties were given in and I would often purchase them and recommend naturally if I had already had it.

Five Go Absolutely Nowhere could have passed me by but in looking online I was chuffed to see one of these gorgeous stories available during this crazy time. It’s the first one I have read digitally although I will want a hard copy to join my collection. Before this one the last one I remember getting was gifted for me as it was released on my birthday and that was Five Forget Mother’s Day. I’ve reviewed a few already and I have a bunch awaiting my attention. I’m hoping to start squeezing in a lot more short reads alongside my general reading.

My thoughts on Five Forget Mothers Day. And my thoughts on Five Go Parenting.

Back to Five Go Absolutely Nowhere – what I really loved was half of their concerns during lockdown is just how we are although with their added wit. I also loved that the Secret Seven were also involved in this story even though their involvement was chaos but it added to the fun and really did make me think back to the Enid Blyton of my childhood. I’m also blown away as they sound how they did all those years ago but with modern life – it’s heartwarming to have these characters in my adult life too.

I’m so grateful that Bruno Vincent has created topical short stories using these fictional beauties. I’ve realised I’ve got more than I’ve actually read so watch this space for more Famous Five chitchat from me. Julian just has to be my fave he’s pretty clueless although he really does try…

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Book Cover Challenge

The lovely Kelly over at https://lovebooksgroup.blog/ posted about this challenge yesterday but there really weren’t enough hours in the day for me to be able to participate. So today on good old Hump Day I have a well needed day off which means I have a bit more time to be creative so I will be posting my offerings for day one and day two here.

Day One

magic faraway treemagic

Enid Blyton is one of my favourite authors of all time, and as a child I spent many hours devouring her books and I cannot wait to do so once again. When my nieces are a little older I shall be rediscovering my old favourites. Plus I have realised there are a number of her other series that I had never heard of, so that will also be fun. Thanks to Bruno Vincent I am truly adoring the parody series and I will be reading and reviewing a few more of them soon.

The last one I read and reviewed was Five Forget Mother’s Day you can read it Here

Day Two

So I am going to go from a childhood book to a book I read hmmm a good few years back now and one that will bring me onto another post.


Awww le sigh!!! I am a huge Lauren Kate fan and I have been lucky enough to meet her like twice. I am pretty sure the whole of my Fallen series is signed….this is a love story like no other, where angels and devils really do exist. I am totally #TeamDaniel but I have to admit I did also kind of fall for Cam.

Today has been my day off and for once in a long while it has been a me day – what I mean by that is I have done stuff solely for myself. Firstly I found out that the Fallen film is now on NETFLIX UK yup!!! This film should have been more widely advertised etc as it was awesome….I literally finished watching about an hour ago and waaaay too many feels. Before all of that I made an appointment to get my hair done something I have been meaning to do for ages. It’s remarkable how much something so simple can change how you feel and your whole persona – I feel like a different woman. Anyway I will make another post with some pictures as there is more I would like to talk about. Back to Fallen – Fallen got me into a whole new genre and I have a lot of love for those Angels. Where there was Fallen there was also the glorious Hush Hush series – but that is a whole lot more swooning. So day two brings a read from the older me, I have to now mention Twilight as that was one of the books that got me hooked onto series based reads. I got into it late which suited me as by then all the books were readily available….

I hope you have enjoyed my offerings for this challenge. If you are also doing it please link them to me here I would love to see. If reading my post has prompted you I would also love to hear from you. As I have loved Kelly’s these past two days and I cannot to see what she comes up with next. I think I know what my next one will be.

I also wanted to take this time to say Wandering Wednesday’s have not been forgotten I do want to feature my New Orleans inspired reading but I haven’t managed to fit it in just yet. Hopefully I will get it back for you next week. I also haven’t posted any more Friend Fridays if any of you want to participate do drop me a message and I will email you over the questions.

I look forward to hearing from you…..

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Book Review: Five Forget Mother’s Day By Enid Blyton/Bruno Vincent

Blurb: Enid Blyton’s books are beloved the world over and The Famous Five have been the perennial favourite of her fans. Now, in this new series of Enid Blyton for Grown-Ups, George, Dick, Anne, Julian and Timmy are keen to show Aunt Fanny how much she means to them.

Join Julian, George, Dick, Anne and Timmy the dog as they try to celebrate Mother’s Day with Aunt Fanny. George has past form in forgetting – not least her mum’s birthday and Christmas presents – so tensions are running high even for the charged normality of their mother/daughter bond.
But things go from bad to worse when Fanny comes to stay, with relations strained almost to breaking point. Can the Five save the day, and will Uncle Quentin get involved?

Review: Having read and loved Five go Parenting I had been looking to read more of the Enid Blyton for grown ups series, when I realised this title was due for publication on my birthday it felt like a proper birthday present.

I loved Enid Blyton as a kid and this made me so happy. On my birthday itself my brother messaged me saying what book is out today and he came home with Five Forget Mother’s Day. It’s safe to say I was over the moon by my extra birthday treat.

What I truly love about these books are you get Enid’s characters and the essence of her way of writing (which Bruno Vincent does perfectly) but with technology and the now. The fives what’sapp group sounds a lot like our family chat and it made me laugh especially as even the way each family member is different and there is always one in the group who reads yet never comments ha.

I don’t really remember what Aunt Fanny was like and it’s intrigued me again having read this. As when she comes to stay some of the things she says are rather rude although it’s as if she doesn’t realise how personal she is being ha.

I loved this story, it wasn’t your average forgetting of an occasion it was pure comedy and what actually was the best Mother’s Day present for Aunt Fanny will actually surprise you.

I can’t wait to delve into more of these short and sweet treats. This is what my collection looks like so far. 

Have you devoured any of the Enid Blyton for Grown Ups series if so I would love to hear your thoughts?