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Ask Away….

Happy Monday all.

It’s the start of a brand new week and I hope wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, you’re happy and healthy.

A while ago I asked for questions on my Twitter in lieu of writing a blog post answering said questions and it fizzled out. So yesterday I asked again on my Twitter and Facebook account. So far I have two fabulous questions. I’m aiming for 10-20 before I can warrant sharing my answers.

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Reading and blogging intentions for week of 13th March….

Hi guys, yes. You aren’t seeing things I have blogged twice in one day. 

The thing is since I relaunched this site I have always had the best of intentions on regular updates. My drafts section has unfinished posts that could have been organised and sent a while back so, here’s the deal on either Sunday or Monday of each week I will post up an intentions post where I am documenting what I aim to do for the week. 

Life really does get in the way sometimes but now I intend to be way more organised. I also want to start new features on this blog where I can bring in other things. Maybe some different reviews bringing in film and theatre and I definitely want to start venturing out to quirky coffee shops to read and sample the coffee.

Let me know if any of these things sound good? 


  • Sort and post Sophie Kinsella My Not so perfect life I loved this book it really did make me think about social media.
  • At the beginning of Feb I attended an awesome crime event. I didn’t take any snaps as when I arrived there was barely anyone there and then I just got chatting. I do however have a fab bag of goodies. May even get you guys to help me choose.
  • On Thursday part three of The Vets of Hope Green is released I shall get into reading that today. Review will be up on publication day. 
  • I hope to get back on the vlog – if you have any suggestions do comment below.
  • Audible – Seeing as I often walk to work and holding a paperback or Kobo etc can be awkward whilst walking along I have been toying with audio. I have only had one audio read and I haven’t ever finished it as it’s a cd. I’m thinking either a classic read or possibly Lauren Graham’s book may be my first. Shout if you have any audible advice or suggestions I’m all ears.
  • Maybe a book post entry as I have received or bought some cracking books just lately. 

It’s a beautiful Spring esque day today so enjoy it while you can. I walked into work this morning and it felt even better with the sun shining. 

A productive Monday (I hope) and tonight I will be seeing An American in Paris in the theatre. I loved this film I watched it shortly after losing my Nan who loved these sort of films and I believe she smiled down on me and that competition win was a gift from her. 

Monday motivation and smiles

Monday’s can be full of sunshine…if you look for it that is.

This blog as I stated before is mainly focussed on volunteering and Cancer Research. As it stands at the moment I am yet again doing some soul-searching. Back when I was blogging before I used to write inspirational Monday’s mainly to help motivate myself and I have been toying with the idea of doing something similar again. So here I am.

Although, I did mean to write this much earlier, but work and a fabulous book had got in the way earlier on. It seems that from in general we don’t like Monday’s. Bob Geldof even wrote a song about it but this morning as I travelled into work I kept on thinking…Monday’s don’t have to be full of doom and gloom. If you open your eyes and look past the clouds a glorious rainbow awaits you. Rather than stressing, worrying and dreading Monday’s instead make a point of doing something that your future self will be proud of.

Make Monday a day for motivation, write a to-do list – if you have to. It should be a day where we chase our dreams and let go of our fear, worry and anxiety

A little bit of sunshine goes a long way. I am nowhere near perfect at this but all day I have been toying with words for this piece and I have managed to cross off a few things on my to-do list. Before the evening is gone I hope to cross off a few more but I also hope to add a few more, because each day is a new chance to shine…