National Irish Coffee Day

National Irish Coffee Day….

Yup it’s true. Today is National Irish Coffee day, put it in your diary for next year.

I only found out about this day just before Christmas when I met the lovely Frankie at Waxy’s Little Sister – when she invited me to their event to celebrate it. I was over the moon and almost instantly booked the day off.

Fast forward to today and due to unforeseen circumstances I have had to work meaning I miss all the Irish coffee day fun. If you are in and around London do pop in today Waxy’s Little Sister you can find it behind the M&Ms store.

You will not be disappointed they have won awards for their Irish coffee and I can tell you they 100% deserve it. The creamiest sweetest Irish coffee I have ever tasted and I’m so so sad to have missed all the fun 😦 I was hoping this post would be full of gorgeous pics from said event.

This is from when I did sample this beauty. I hope to be heading in soon. I’m salivating just thinking about it I will have to settle for a Baileys coffee as that’s all I have at home.

Are you an Irish coffee fan? Show me your pics and let me know of your fave places to give it a go.