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July TBR

I haven’t done a TBR in forever as I’m usually pretty rubbish with them but this month I’m feeling optimistic now I have a sort of momentum back here at Hayley Reviews. So I’m going to give it a go – hopefully either way there are more books read or listened to in July and that can only be a good thing.

Having finished part one and two I aim to also read three and four of The Cornish Cream Tea Bus series.

I’m hoping to have some proper time for this beauty today so watch this space. Ever since loving the sampler I’ve been eager for this.

Ever since hearing Claire read from this at the Spring Blogger event – I’ve been intrigued by this debut.

Today I have started listening to this beauty alongside sorting stuff in my room. It just seemed apt to listen to this as I have books two and three, and I could tackle some tasks and get some reading in of one of my favourites.

I got this signed at the Waterstones event and I cannot wait to read a Lucy Vine novel I know I will be ready to read Hot Mess straight after.

I’m a huge fan of Zoe May’s so have pre-ordered this so it should ping through to my Kindle this week.

As I’m in Dublin this weekend I’m not sure how much reading I’ll get done and on what format. Although I can safely say my signed hardback won’t be making the journey so I do aim to get some reading of Those People in later today.

What are you wanting to read in July and have I missed anything?

I’m also hoping to add a few more shorts in to break up my reading. So if there’s any I should know about hit me with them.

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Welcome to 2018

Happy New year to you all.

I happen to be one of those unlucky souls who had to work today. As I speak I’m walking home and that in itself is a positive I’m determined not to let my ankle beat me this year. I will need to do a few more stretches later this evening and to keep an eye on it, but it feels good to have been energetic and walked to and from work. I hope to do it as often as I can although it may not always be both ways, I don’t want to burn out and do my ankle anymore damage.

I’m saddened that I haven’t finished all my Christmas reads – I may try and throw a few in during January. Dependant on time as I have blog tours and commitments.

In 2017 I set my GoodReads reading goal as 100 and I didn’t make it, I believe I hit the half mark and there were some books that didn’t show but that’s gone. I am keeping my reading challenge at 100 as I still hope to do it.

This year I also aim to read more classics and non-fiction books as I take great pleasure from both.

So I’m reading:

The Break I’m listening to I started it before the year ended but it’s a lengthy one and as I have walked today I have been able to listen to a good amount.

Frosty Mornings at Castle Court pinged through to my Kindle at midnight, and I managed to read a small amount during my short break. It’s so good to have them back.

The one other thing I want to mention is my Bullet Journal – in the days leading up to New Year I had seen lots about these and had spent some time researching it so I could learn. Yesterday on my train to meet friends I started putting pen to paper it’s a work in progress but I’m hoping it helps motivate me and keep me organised. I’m also really looking forward to tracking my progress.

This was the start of my 2018 page although since taking this pic I have added more positive words to it.

Do you Bullet Journal? I would love to see your stuff. Also I’m always open to feedback on things I may have missed the lovely Katey Lovell has been an inspiration so far. Thanks Kate 🙂 #letsdothis

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An update plus all things YALC

Happy Sunday all…the day of rest. Well since washing my hair I have felt much more human anyway. I managed a little Nashville catch up that show always makes me laugh and cry in pretty much equal measure and the music is on point, as ever.

This week has been a crazy one and even though I was optimistic and full of hope I finished my buddy read Chase the Rainbow which was beautiful, intoxicating and incredibly raw. Myself and Catriona aka Fabulous Book Fiend are making a YouTube video. I have filmed my segments although may need to redo as I’m seriously not as confident as Cat. However I did really enjoy it so. If anyone wants to suggest a video for me I will get it up on the Hayley Reviews YouTube page this week. 

I have a number of Netgalley reads to be reading one of which I started this morning other than Chase the Rainbow I have been listening to Katie Pipers Confidence the Secret so I’m feeling very empowered thanks to Poorna Bell and Katie. 

Recently I won a gorgeous book on Twitter and this week I received it.

How gorgeous is it and the lovely card thank you so much Holly. I will be taking it with me to the coast next week. 

YALC – Saturday.

For me my YALC experience revolved around Paige Toon having devoured The Last Piece Of My Heart and The One We Fell In Love With. I was eager to meet the author – having spoken to her from time to time on Twitter that’s a new joy being able to tell authors exactly what their books are doing to you every step of the way. I was eager to attend – luckily I was able to swap a shift at work so I booked. When I got there I had planned to see the new voices talk and as much as I heard they didn’t get to speak to much I was a little gutted. I wanted to hear Carlie Sorosiak and as I still haven’t a copy of her book I was too chicken to go say hi esp as I missed the talk whilst seeing all the fuss at one of the publishers tables.

That’s my haul I won an arc and I got You Know Me Well from the Pan Macmillan lucky dip.

Paige’s talk was the romance one and I was itching to hear what the authors had to say.

Apart from Paige I haven’t read anything of any of these authors although I have been turned down on a few Jennifer E Smith books on Netgalley I hope to read Windfall very soon. I was also very intrigued by Ayisha Malik – I hope to read some of her books real soon too. The talk was funny and insightful and it was a really good mix of authors on stage and of people watching and asking questions.

So I finally met Paige.

She was lovely and 13 Weddings will be my next Paige read although after the talk I am eager to read her YA series and I believe that could be a buddy read with Catriona. 

I also met Jennifer E Smith – I felt a bit tight going up with no book but I got a book plate signed and spoke to her about the talk and that windfall would probably be my starting point.

I didn’t have pics with any of the other authors but I did meet

Karen McManus author of One Of Us is Lying – which I started reading that morning although it’s been left on the side at the moment eeeek but it has just got interesting.

Now this book was amazing I cannot wait for Genuine Fraud I have the sampler but that’s not enough argh. I told her how I wished I could have passed this onto my Grandad I finished it shortly after his funeral. 

I also met the lovely Holly Bourne – I’m so bad have her book Soulmates on my Kobo library but her newest book will more than likely be my first of hers.

Considering I went alone I bumped into bloggers I know and publishers was lovely to see Lauren and Beatrice again. I even ended up entering a comp on Lauren’s for the novel And Then We Ran which is so me she knows me so well.

There were books everywhere but I told myself I would only buy what I couldn’t get or really wanted so I only done the lucky dip.

This week is going to be a crazy one work wise for sure and then I’m off to the coast for a week of well needed me time and family time. I hope to finish The Missing Twin to review on publication day, my audiobook Confidence the Secret and get back stuck into One Of Us is Lying as I’m pretty sure things are just getting interesting.

For anyone who was sent me emails regarding FriendFriday you will be getting an email in the next day or so. I’m just about to meet a friend but it will be soon.

In review if anyone has any YouTube video suggestions although I may have just thought of one. Do get in touch plus if you want in on my new meme then it’s not too late.

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Reading Update…..

On Sunday I stated my reading and blogging intentions and I’m pleased to say I have posted at least one post each day. Catching up with some of my drafts and blog posts that I have wanted to do for ages like www Wednesday. I’m grateful to the people who have voted on my polls and if there is anything you would like to see please leave a comment below. 

On Monday I posted my TBR intentions for the week. Having started The Last Piece Of My Heart. If I had had uninterrupted days off I reckon this could have been finished in one sitting. I finished this during the early hours of this morning and I was a snotty mess but my did I enjoy it. I will be reviewing on publication day which is the 18th May.

On Wednesday I was lucky enough to win this little beauty. I cannot wait for this to arrive as I have heard such good things.

I also received my second ever Goodreads win…

This looks sooo good. Today I haven’t read much as I woke with a headache probably because I was up reading then had a much needed lie in. But I have managed to listen to some more of Miss You which I’m loving I have 3 hours and 15 mins left.

Plus have snatched a little of the prologue of this…..which featured on the blog yday.

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Reading and blogging intentions for the week of 1st May….

Wow it’s almost May. My last reading and blogging intentions post was in March and it was a mixture of failure and organisation. So I’m going to aim to do better this time around.

Sunday is usually my day, which was the reason I wanted to try and do this post on a Sunday. However, today I am working it’s a busy time for us at Cancer Research. 

As I walked into work I am listening to my latest Audible read in Miss You. I’m really enjoying it and it’s spurred another blog post before I actually finish and review it so keep a look out for that in the next few days.

My main aim this week is to make me time to read and to get all my drafts finished and published. I may also try and do a TBR post and aim to have at least made a dent in it by next Sunday. 

Earlier today I decided to do a poll on my Twitter account to see what I should start reading tonight. The winner was The Last Piece Of My Heart by Paige Toon which I have been excited to read especially seeing other bloggers say good things.

Let me know what you plan to do this week? I am also hoping to visit a independent coffee shop to chill and read and maybe write…

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Reading and blogging intentions for week of 13th March….

Hi guys, yes. You aren’t seeing things I have blogged twice in one day. 

The thing is since I relaunched this site I have always had the best of intentions on regular updates. My drafts section has unfinished posts that could have been organised and sent a while back so, here’s the deal on either Sunday or Monday of each week I will post up an intentions post where I am documenting what I aim to do for the week. 

Life really does get in the way sometimes but now I intend to be way more organised. I also want to start new features on this blog where I can bring in other things. Maybe some different reviews bringing in film and theatre and I definitely want to start venturing out to quirky coffee shops to read and sample the coffee.

Let me know if any of these things sound good? 


  • Sort and post Sophie Kinsella My Not so perfect life I loved this book it really did make me think about social media.
  • At the beginning of Feb I attended an awesome crime event. I didn’t take any snaps as when I arrived there was barely anyone there and then I just got chatting. I do however have a fab bag of goodies. May even get you guys to help me choose.
  • On Thursday part three of The Vets of Hope Green is released I shall get into reading that today. Review will be up on publication day. 
  • I hope to get back on the vlog – if you have any suggestions do comment below.
  • Audible – Seeing as I often walk to work and holding a paperback or Kobo etc can be awkward whilst walking along I have been toying with audio. I have only had one audio read and I haven’t ever finished it as it’s a cd. I’m thinking either a classic read or possibly Lauren Graham’s book may be my first. Shout if you have any audible advice or suggestions I’m all ears.
  • Maybe a book post entry as I have received or bought some cracking books just lately. 

It’s a beautiful Spring esque day today so enjoy it while you can. I walked into work this morning and it felt even better with the sun shining. 

A productive Monday (I hope) and tonight I will be seeing An American in Paris in the theatre. I loved this film I watched it shortly after losing my Nan who loved these sort of films and I believe she smiled down on me and that competition win was a gift from her.