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Six For Sunday: Books that have been on your TBR forever…

I love a Six for Sunday after a week long headache I’m back in the game as so to speak. I’m a lot better now although I feel my lack of usual routine isn’t helping so I’m embracing the sunshine with a coffee and a glass of water as I finalise my thoughts for this weeks prompt. I sadly haven’t read a physical or ebook since finishing the amazing The Other Passenger by Louise Candlish I have spent a little time listening to David Jason’s Only Fools and stories.

I’ve seen the film…I watched it on a plane ride and was a snotty mess

This is one that shocks people especially as I’ve had a physical copy for ages. My friends who I got a flight to America with were laughing at the state of me following watching this beauty.

I have the audio and a physical copy of this.

I truly loved To Kill A Mockingbird- I knew the story but couldn’t remember if I had read it at school or not. I purchased a vintage beauty from Waterstones and truly loved everything about it. I was working in the charity shop back then and I found a hardback copy which I grabbed I also have this as an audiobook so really I have zero excuses.

Le sigh…just after Christmas when I went back to work I immersed myself in the film of this beauty.

It was everything and more….A few years back I watched and loved the TV adaption of this and then I said I needed to rectify that and sadly I’ve still not read it.

The third in the Hunger Games series…

I got into the Hunger Games late and I truly loved it, so much so I didn’t want it to end. So I leant my copy of this to a friend so I couldn’t finish it and I still haven’t….

Daphne Du Maurier

Ever since I picked up Rebecca from the charity shop I was volunteering in I’ve been a massive fan of this lady and I have a physical copy of this that I’ve been saying I will read for a while now.

I’m such a massive fan of Vicky Walters…in reading her kindness cafe I found out about this I read the short connected to this and was instantly hooked but it’s another that’s sat on my shelf.

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Six for Sunday – characters who I would like to be like…

I’m such a fan of the Six for Sunday prompt and seeing as I have so much time on my hands I should be more organised to participate more. You have to look at the positives during this strange time we are living in.

Today’s prompt is characters who I’d like to be like. Seeing as me and Catriona are almost halfway through our Paige Toon read-along I thought I would attempt to answer this prompt with her characters. From the books I’ve been reading so far…


I had met Meg in the first Jessie Jefferson novel but in reading Johnny Be Good, Baby Be Mine and Johnny’s Girl I now feel like I know her a lot more. Meg is gutsy, fun and knows what she wants.


In re-listening to Thirteen Weddings I was once again bowled over by Lockie’s confidence and zest for life. It’s inspiring especially during these crazy times we’re living in right now.


Alice’s love story is one that I long for, its full of passion and the intensity blew my mind. I also loved how she knew deep down that her love was real and that what is meant to be will be.


Bridget pops up in a number of books and was my first leading lady as the first Paige Toon book that I read was The Last Piece of my Heart. In this read-along I’ve read her in this and in Thirteen Weddings I’m looking forward to re-reading my first Paige novel as she seems like a different person to the confident and in some was brash good friend and party girl. I really want to be a lot more like Bridget.

Her passion for photography and her love got him.

Lily might be young but she knows what she wants. Her passion for life, her eye for photography and her love for Ben had me from the off.


Bronte is adorable yet frustrating. I love how she’s real and how she likes to stick to her guns to a point. I also love how career driven she is even if her head is a jumble in the love triangle she has got herself into.

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Six for Sunday – Yellow Books

Six for Sunday is a weekly meme created by https://alittlebutalot.com each week a prompt is given and then you choose books accordingly.

This weeks prompt is yellow books…I love a Six for Sunday and as I’m by the seaside it seems like the perfect one to get involved with.

I’m actually listening to a yellow book although haven’t listened to any so far today.

Yellow and seaside inspired although I still haven’t read this one.

This one sounds sooo good and I have it on my kindle but there’s never enough time for all the books. I may just have to bump this one up.

Another Jenny Colgan I’m not sure if I have or haven’t read this one. Something tells me I had it on a beach but I can’t be 100%

Forgive Me Not was such a memorable read that will stay with me forever.

I still haven’t read this one. I was lucky enough to get Vicky to sign it for me, I very nearly brought it away with me but seeing as it’s a signed one I didn’t want it getting ruined.

What do you think of my choices have you read any of them?

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Six for Sunday – Ice Cream and book combinations

I love a Six for Sunday post and seeing as I’m working for part of today I’m not getting in a great deal of self care. Although I do hope to get a decent amount of reading in later I want to make the most of the last few days of July. I’m still a few short from my TBR post but I have added a few in so we shall see how I fair come Wednesday when I hope to have my wrap up post completed and up for your viewing.

So Ice Cream combinations….

I discovered Abby Clements a few Christmas’s ago when I devoured Meet Me Under the Mistletoe. I’m ashamed to say I haven’t read any of these ice cream based treats. I sure do hope to soon.

This one has lots of ice cream based goodness it still makes me smile thinking about this story.

This weeks prompt has shown me there are a lot of good books that I’m still to read. I’m a huge fan of Jenny Colgan but I haven’t read anything from her in such a long time. I think my impending holiday at the end of August May may mean I can catch up on some tasty treats. From this weeks list the only book I’ve read is Holly Hepburn’s Picture House by the sea.

Have you read any of these? If so where should I start.

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Six For Sunday – Books and the Seaside

It’s been forever since I’ve written a Six for Sunday especially since starting Self Care Sunday’s which I’m doing by chilling today. I’m not sure what my week will entail so I would like to rest, get a few things done and organised ahead of my impending holiday at the end of August and I would like to get a fair amount of reading in as I’m truly loving my current reads.

Miranda wrote the most beautiful book based at the seaside. Somewhere Beyond the Sea – is a love story that will stay with me and I shared the story of sea glass with my niece our favourite beach hasn’t had any but we always look now.

After devouring Hannah’s short story I was itching for this I read this whilst on holiday at the seaside last year and I loved every single second of it. I can’t wait to get stuck into another Hannah Pearl novel.

Evie’s Little Black Book

I read these in part and I love love loved devouring this cinema based story. It really did make me think of my Nan who I shared a love of film with.

The Picture House by the Sea

This week the fourth and final part of this novel will ping through to my kindle and I’m excited and sad. I won’t want to say goodbye to Charlie and the gang.

Part one In doing this meme I’ve realised how long this beauty has been on my TBR I really must change this. Although I did read another of Ali’s books whilst last on holiday at the caravan in Dymchurch.

This beauty by Isabelle Broom has me longing for Mojacar I will get there someday….

Then Now Always

Part two Cressida McLaughlin

Part three Cressida McLaughlin

As ever I’ve loved sitting down and penning my thoughts. I love being by the seaside and I still haven’t worked out what I hope to read this year on my travels. I’m loving having my mojo back right must eat breakfast have the soaps on and a book to get back to.

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Six for Sunday – Dream Panels/Events

I love me a Six for Sunday but wow how can I only pick six beauties for this one. So having attended two book events of two very empowering and inspirational women both of them have to feature so here it goes.

Cecelia Ahern

Jodi Picoult

Now this lady has to feature as every single one of her books gives me all the feels and there’s only one I haven’t read and I think that needs to change. Over to the queen of sparkly Miranda Dickinson

Omg that’s three down and there are soooo many I could add. I want to take this time to say I wish I could have all my ultimate favourites but there are so god damn many of you.

Ruth Ware

Daphne Du Maurier

Paige Toon

So that wraps up my Six for Sunday and what another treat it has been. Sorry for the delay had a mixed day a bit of coursework and some family time.

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Six for Sunday – books I would re-read…

I’ve said it before and I will say it again I really enjoy drafting the six for Sunday question but sometimes it’s just not possible to get involved.

This week it’s books you would love to re-read. Now there are some cracking books out there and thanks to my ever expanding TBR I don’t get to re-read books but here are some beauties that I would love to read again.

I read this in serial form so I would love to devour it as a full on novel. This book spoke to me in volumes and I will keep banging on about how truly gorgeous it is. In a world full of crazy choose to be kind. Not only is it a brilliant book, Victoria Walters is also one of the nicest writers ever.

Another book from this year. I’m such a massive fan of Miranda and she always makes me feel positive and hopeful in a world that’s not always nice. I haven’t officially reviewed this beauty and I have no real reason for not doing so apart from being bogged down with other blogger stuff. This is a beautiful story about love, life and loss. Miranda wrote this during a trying time in her own life and the sense of grief is real and ever so raw. Written from the heart and with so much passion plus I fell in love with Kieran.

At school this book all and truly got under my skin. I was on the edge of my seat constantly wanting more reading way past my class.

I still need to devour a whole host of this ladies work but my Rebecca is a whole different class. I loved everything about this book. It was my introduction to Daphne and the perfect way to discover a writer.

Another one I only read recently and it’s not even out until next year. With this one I hope to devour the audiobook of this, I can guarantee the music will add to the truly unique story.

This was the first of Mhairi’s books I read I’m still a bit behind on her latest stuff but wow this book resonated with me so much. I’ve seen a number of authors with the proof for her next book and I want it like now….

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Six for Sunday: Best Debut Books

I’m such a fan of Six for Sunday but of late I’ve had other stuff to do and just no time. In trying to attempt Blogtober I’m trying to be organised when I can so here I am with this weeks effort. Sorry for another late post as much as today was my day off I ended up helping out at home had a gorgeous brunch with a friend and then I ended up at work for a bit. I did manage some reading which I will be getting back to shortly.

I stumbled across Zoe May through Twitter I believe and I devoured this beauty quite quickly so much so I had eagerly pre-ordered her second book. Which I haven’t read yet thanks to damn blog tours but I promised not to moan about them any longer. I am however embracing more of what I want to read. Let’s face it that’s why I blog to talk about books I love.

Perfect Match – Zoe May

Darren O’Sullivan has to feature in this list. Our Little Secret saved me when I was at my lowest. Being off work due to my ankle trouble this tasty thriller had me hooked and Darren is such a legend and true to his word. When it was published in paperback he hand delivered it to me and we had a coffee. That was a thrilling feeling for a blogger and since then I inhaled his second novel he just does creepy so so well.

Our Little Secret

Now my review of this will follow this week. The blurb sucked me in and the main character is called Hayley. Now for those of you that have known me a while I keep telling authors to cast me into their novels. Be careful what you wish for.

My namesake is nothing like me she’s extremely disturbed and she likes to blame others rather than take responsibility of her actions. In her defence she’s had a weird upbringing and has suffered a great deal because of it emotionally and mentally. The reviews for this one have been pretty marmite but I’m interested to see what Susan does next and I’m hoping to do a Q&A with her at some point. So if you’ve read it and have a burning question leave it in the comments box please.

As yet I haven’t penned my thoughts on this one but what I will say is this was another fantastic recommendation from Fabbookfiend aka Catriona and once again it didn’t disappoint I listened to this and loved every second I will be devouring the second one very soon.

Now this book just had me from the get go and now I will always instantly purchase a Ruth Ware novel.

I still haven’t got around to devouring Hollie Overton’s second novel but I loved listening to Baby Doll.

Audible Review: BabyDoll by Hollie Overton

Hoping to have a review for you tomorrow although do shout if there’s something else you would rather see.

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Six for Sunday: Favourite blog posts

Happy Sunday, another week has passed and this is our first Sunday of September. How has another month passed by already….

Six for Sunday is a weekly meme set up by alittlebutalot you can find the latest updates Here.

Today’s offering is favourite blog posts that I have written….so some of you won’t realise that when I started this blog after all my ups and downs with blogging it was under a different name and predominantly aimed at the volunteering I did back then for Cancer Research….


Remembering Nan June

I haven’t done this in forever Vlog

Discovering Audible

Miss you Review

An update inc YALC 2017

Wow it was really hard to pick six as you can see I haven’t picked any of my latest posts even though I believe my newer ones in some parts are better but I wanted to delve back.

I hope you enjoy reading through my old links it’s funny as from time to time old stuff is viewed and I’m like how. I have been blogging on this particular site for over 3 years now, what started off as an outlet to write without hassle and trolls about my volunteering journey changed into my other passions which today has also featured many a personal post and my fitness journey.

If there is anything you would like to see me do more of or go back to please get in touch. I promised those author guest posts last week but life has been kind of mental since returning to work. I plan to get more organised this week although there’s lots of reading I hope to do plus it’s a Monday to Friday week for me with a few things planned so we shall see how I fair.

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Six for Sunday: Books that have….

Today’s offering is books that have been on your to be read pile forever.

Now as I said last Sunday I love Six for Sunday and try and take part when I can. I was away last week and I had the best of intentions in already drafting this post…that didn’t happen but I’m pleased with the blogging I did last week. I still have lots up my sleeve for this coming week so watch this space for author guest posts, reviews and quite possibly a few more personal post amongst anything else that pops up or inspires me to put pen to paper in a digital reference.

I usually have lots to say on my choices but this week I’m feeling rather under the weather. I started getting a sore throat at the later end of my holiday and when I got home the temperature was colder and I’ve felt worse.

Today I’ve had a chilled day getting back to my SW food choices and reading and chilling as well as leaving comments on gorgeous blog posts.

Tomorrow is bank holiday and I’m back to work sadly, but the good thing is it’s a shorter day, which means I can ease myself in gently before I head to Slimming World to see how I fair my last weigh in was before my holiday when I hit target. Which was one of the greatest feelings I’ve had this year. Spending the past week with my niece and my newest niece and nephew has been pretty something.

Onto my Six for Sunday choices.

Have you taken part in this weeks Six for Sunday? I would love to see your choices.

Have you read any of my choices if so where should I start when I can make the time?.