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Six For Sunday: Favourite Series

I love a Six for Sunday and this prompt is speaking to me in volumes. Although in saying that I haven’t had many new series books for a while. Although I’m happy that a few faves have added new books mixing it up once again. I probably won’t be taking part for the LGBT ones as I’ve not really read many, if any of these but I’m open to recommendations so hit me. As I’ve mentioned I’m loving taking advantage of my library via Libby supporting from afar.

So without further ado….

I love these characters I still have the final book to read. Paige Toon’s Ya crossover is an absolute delight I’m so glad it’s a trilogy.
Twilight I’m so excited that Midnight sun will be released this Summer.
Another one with a new book the prequel is out now and when I have the time to read this I will reread books one and two and finally end this gorgeous series.
This series came into my life when I was first getting the taste for fantasy and series books. Another one I haven’t finished but I will soon and I’m sure being back with Patch & Nora will be immense.
Another treat that I got into late and I still haven’t finished. I believe I 💖 Vegas is where I’m at. I adore Lindsey so I will be making an effort to read more of her books.
Ending on this beauty, I will get back to this both in book and in Netflix series real soon.

I really love Six For Sunday but as I say I probably won’t be involved in June but I’m open to the recommendations. As I type I’m sat in my garden with a glass of water an iced coffee listening to.

Hoping to finish this ahead of the final Netflix series.
This beauty is out tomorrow and I love a Rosie Blake and I’m always touched when she asks my thoughts. I am 65% through so this will be finished.
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Six For Sunday- Favourite characters…

I love a Six For Sunday but it’s not always relevant to me or my bookish choices but this week I couldn’t resist. Today’s prompt is favourite characters from a series. I don’t read many books that are series based these days but I sure do have some favourites.

Edward Cullen – I was late to the Twilight party, saying that when I started the series I quickly devoured them reading one book a week. I loved the tale and was very much Team Edward.

Jace Herondale – The Mortal Instruments well and truly got under my skin. When the film was released I wasn’t sure on the casting for Jace and same goes for the TV series but in watching both I can kind of see the thinking but my most favourite is the one in my minds eye. I’m a sucker for a blonde.

Clary Fray – Also from Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments. I really must work out where I got to and must catch up on the Netflix series. I loved seeing the change in Clary at the beginning she was weak but seeing her delve into herself and unleash her strength was empowering.

Patch Cipriano – I remember a colleague of mine recommended this series to me. It was when I was reading a lot more fantasy and this was another series of angels. I fell for Patch just like Nora did although ashamedly I have the entire series but I have a feeling I haven’t actually read the final book.

Angela Clark & Jenny Lopez I’m seriously behind on the I Heart series but I couldn’t not fall in love with Angela & Jenny they are best mates and they are definitely my sort of girls. I believe the next book on my list is I Heart Paris.

These are just a handful of my favourites its remarkable how many you think of in end. I have read some great series and there’s some I still need to complete. I would love to know your thoughts

Also remember I will be doing a Q&A hopefully Friday so send me the questions you would love to know….

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Six For Sunday: Favourite book one in a series

I do love a Sunday prompt. I must admit it’s been a while since I’ve read or got excited for any series books.

It’s funny I really didn’t think this would be my thing. I loved the first two books and didn’t want the series to end so I still haven’t finished it. Seeing as there’s a prequel on its way maybe it’s time to change that.
I’m 100% team Jace although I’m behind on the TV series and I know I own a book I haven’t read but couldn’t tell you what number it’s at. Help!
My book bestie can’t believe how behind I am with these. I did read this one on my first trip to the states though.

This was an audio read for me and I truly loved and lived for every second…. I’m pretty certain I have the second one sat in my audio library.

Wasn’t really a fan of the show but got into this late and I still have a bunch waiting for me to read them.
I’ve literally started re-listening to this and I cannot wait to finally read books two and three.
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Six For Sunday: Books on your TBR because of recommendation…

It’s that time again….this weeks Six For Sunday prompt is books on your TBR pile thanks to a recommendation.

This one has popped up on this list a few times. I finally ordered a copy from Waterstones it arrived yday although cant start it yet.
This had been recommended a lot. I must say I have started this but then books got in the way I will be restarting this soon. It seems even more apt in these strange times.
A customer told me I had to read this when I was working in the charity shop I purchased said copy and I still haven’t read it.
How have I still not read this? That has to change.
Another charity shop find…man I spent a lot then ha.
Found a copy of this in a book shop on Charing Cross Road still remains on my shelf.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my choices on today’s prompt. Once we have finished the Paige Toon read along I’m definitely delving onto my shelves….

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Six For Sunday: Books on your TBR that you predict will be 5*

It’s Sunday again and here’s the latest Six for Sunday, and today’s prompt is Books that I predict to be 5 🌟

Need I say anymore I’m so annoyed though as I’ve had a few of these for a while. I would have devoured Strangers when it pinged in but I was just getting over my headaches. The plus from that is it slowed me down and made me realise one I need to go back to drinking more water which I am now and two I can’t do without books. Hoping to read a short and then I’m diving into Strangers today. I very nearly did last night but I needed some time after re-Reading my first ever Paige Toon read it was a moment I needed to take a breather…do let me know your thoughts on any of these beauties.

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Six For Sunday – Recent additions to my TBR

I love six for Sunday and seeing as we’re in lockdown it makes sense for me to take part more consistently.

#SixforSunday is a meme hosted by the lovely Steph at A Little But A Lot, and this week’s prompt is ‘recent additions to my TBR’.

This one intrigues me…

My TBR is forever expanding and these are just the tip of the iceberg of late a right mixture of new finds and a few that I’ve been hoping to get to sooner.

Have you read any of these or are they on your ever toppling pile?

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Six For Sunday: Books that have been on your TBR forever…

I love a Six for Sunday after a week long headache I’m back in the game as so to speak. I’m a lot better now although I feel my lack of usual routine isn’t helping so I’m embracing the sunshine with a coffee and a glass of water as I finalise my thoughts for this weeks prompt. I sadly haven’t read a physical or ebook since finishing the amazing The Other Passenger by Louise Candlish I have spent a little time listening to David Jason’s Only Fools and stories.

I’ve seen the film…I watched it on a plane ride and was a snotty mess

This is one that shocks people especially as I’ve had a physical copy for ages. My friends who I got a flight to America with were laughing at the state of me following watching this beauty.

I have the audio and a physical copy of this.

I truly loved To Kill A Mockingbird- I knew the story but couldn’t remember if I had read it at school or not. I purchased a vintage beauty from Waterstones and truly loved everything about it. I was working in the charity shop back then and I found a hardback copy which I grabbed I also have this as an audiobook so really I have zero excuses.

Le sigh…just after Christmas when I went back to work I immersed myself in the film of this beauty.

It was everything and more….A few years back I watched and loved the TV adaption of this and then I said I needed to rectify that and sadly I’ve still not read it.

The third in the Hunger Games series…

I got into the Hunger Games late and I truly loved it, so much so I didn’t want it to end. So I leant my copy of this to a friend so I couldn’t finish it and I still haven’t….

Daphne Du Maurier

Ever since I picked up Rebecca from the charity shop I was volunteering in I’ve been a massive fan of this lady and I have a physical copy of this that I’ve been saying I will read for a while now.

I’m such a massive fan of Vicky Walters…in reading her kindness cafe I found out about this I read the short connected to this and was instantly hooked but it’s another that’s sat on my shelf.

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Six for Sunday – characters who I would like to be like…

I’m such a fan of the Six for Sunday prompt and seeing as I have so much time on my hands I should be more organised to participate more. You have to look at the positives during this strange time we are living in.

Today’s prompt is characters who I’d like to be like. Seeing as me and Catriona are almost halfway through our Paige Toon read-along I thought I would attempt to answer this prompt with her characters. From the books I’ve been reading so far…


I had met Meg in the first Jessie Jefferson novel but in reading Johnny Be Good, Baby Be Mine and Johnny’s Girl I now feel like I know her a lot more. Meg is gutsy, fun and knows what she wants.


In re-listening to Thirteen Weddings I was once again bowled over by Lockie’s confidence and zest for life. It’s inspiring especially during these crazy times we’re living in right now.


Alice’s love story is one that I long for, its full of passion and the intensity blew my mind. I also loved how she knew deep down that her love was real and that what is meant to be will be.


Bridget pops up in a number of books and was my first leading lady as the first Paige Toon book that I read was The Last Piece of my Heart. In this read-along I’ve read her in this and in Thirteen Weddings I’m looking forward to re-reading my first Paige novel as she seems like a different person to the confident and in some was brash good friend and party girl. I really want to be a lot more like Bridget.

Her passion for photography and her love got him.

Lily might be young but she knows what she wants. Her passion for life, her eye for photography and her love for Ben had me from the off.


Bronte is adorable yet frustrating. I love how she’s real and how she likes to stick to her guns to a point. I also love how career driven she is even if her head is a jumble in the love triangle she has got herself into.

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Six for Sunday – Yellow Books

Six for Sunday is a weekly meme created by https://alittlebutalot.com each week a prompt is given and then you choose books accordingly.

This weeks prompt is yellow books…I love a Six for Sunday and as I’m by the seaside it seems like the perfect one to get involved with.

I’m actually listening to a yellow book although haven’t listened to any so far today.

Yellow and seaside inspired although I still haven’t read this one.

This one sounds sooo good and I have it on my kindle but there’s never enough time for all the books. I may just have to bump this one up.

Another Jenny Colgan I’m not sure if I have or haven’t read this one. Something tells me I had it on a beach but I can’t be 100%

Forgive Me Not was such a memorable read that will stay with me forever.

I still haven’t read this one. I was lucky enough to get Vicky to sign it for me, I very nearly brought it away with me but seeing as it’s a signed one I didn’t want it getting ruined.

What do you think of my choices have you read any of them?

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Six for Sunday – Ice Cream and book combinations

I love a Six for Sunday post and seeing as I’m working for part of today I’m not getting in a great deal of self care. Although I do hope to get a decent amount of reading in later I want to make the most of the last few days of July. I’m still a few short from my TBR post but I have added a few in so we shall see how I fair come Wednesday when I hope to have my wrap up post completed and up for your viewing.

So Ice Cream combinations….

I discovered Abby Clements a few Christmas’s ago when I devoured Meet Me Under the Mistletoe. I’m ashamed to say I haven’t read any of these ice cream based treats. I sure do hope to soon.

This one has lots of ice cream based goodness it still makes me smile thinking about this story.

This weeks prompt has shown me there are a lot of good books that I’m still to read. I’m a huge fan of Jenny Colgan but I haven’t read anything from her in such a long time. I think my impending holiday at the end of August May may mean I can catch up on some tasty treats. From this weeks list the only book I’ve read is Holly Hepburn’s Picture House by the sea.

Have you read any of these? If so where should I start.