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A snapshot of my Thursday….

Firstly I’m sorry for another extremely late post. This was also not my original plan for today and any of you who follow my bookish and or personal Instagram I’m sorry that you have already seen what I’m about to share.

Sunny lazy days are a rarity for me so today I took some time for just that me time.

Here is a perfect picture you can clearly see the sun is out. I have a cup of tea in my mug from my bestie with my fave man on. Nail varnish I actually painted my toenails today although my feet need a proper good treatment so I’m not sharing. Miranda Dickinson – needs no explanation in my eyes she’s what I would depict as one of the greatest writers of magic.

My life has been chaotic at the moment and the sparkly magic is just what I needed today, I’m still not done with these beauties just yet. Finally the Hula Hoop puffs now I do love crisps but I’ve never really been one of those people who has them in excess. Since starting my Slimming World journey I kept seeing them being spoken about as they are low in syns but do you think I could find them – mum found them for me and today was my first opportunity to sample them and wow what a little treat.

The last part of my day was on this bad boy at Boogie Bounce – I had a week off last week and hadn’t realised just how much I missed it.

I hope you enjoyed my snapshot of my me time. This may well become a regular feature on random days. I haven’t been sleeping to well so I’m trying to embrace some of the read to sleep…so off I go.