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International Women’s Day 2018

Today is international women’s day and I couldn’t let the day pass without mentioning every single beautiful lady out there. We are all beautiful in our individual ways if we were all the same the world would be a very different and in the most part a boring place.

I personally could feel better in myself but today I am aspiring to give myself the cheer of encouragement and motivation that I would to my girlies. I like to think I’m good at telling my friends don’t be stupid – you’re awesome or it will work out and I’ll be there to help in any way I can. It’s time for me to listen more to my awesome girls and to encourage myself.

I can I will. Go watch me…

I saw a comment mentioned by the lovely Isabella May today saying that she wants to see women stop apologising for eating cake – or anything else of a naughty nature for that matter. It’s true we do justify so much that we do. A little of what you like isn’t bad it’s all about moderation – don’t take away the goodness in the naughty by counting calories and instantly working out how many steps you need. It’s good to have a focus but not to the extent where you are upsetting yourself and depriving yourself of everything. Life is to be lived and we need to make it the best possible one we can for all those gorgeous ladies who came saw and conquered before us.

I’m thankful and grateful for all the inspirational women that have been and are still in my life. To speak of you all individually it would take me days but what I will say is each of you have touched my life in some way and I hope you know that.

The one person I will mention is my Nan June – you are forever missed in my life and each trip away I take I think of you. I loved being able to share my dolphin experience with you via DVD. I just wish you were still here even if you tried to fatten me up each week. Films and milk tray were such a beautiful time we shared and the films you showed me were fantastic. Since you have been gone there’s been a number of things I have seen and hope to see that you would have truly loved.

When I started penning this post I wasn’t sure what route I would take I could talk about many inspirational celeb ladies but I decided to look to those close to me.

Each of my friends and the ladies in my family are inspirational for different reasons and I adore each of you for what you bring to my life. Today maybe a national day to celebrate women but we should celebrate each other and our successes everyday.

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Thursday Thoughts – Sleep and Relaxation 

This week has been tough going physically and mentally. What hasn’t helped my mood is that I’m losing sleep thanks to the streetlight and or my neighbours night light – meaning I’m waking more and more so my sleep is incredibly disturbed which doesn’t help when you already have a busy and full on working week. I am looking at a black out blind to save my sleep. 

At work It’s SU2C (Stand Up To Cancer) and we are in full swing with cash collections tomorrow. 

Relaxation definition – The state of being free from tension and anxiety.

Recreation or rest, especially after a period of work.

I have some amazing friends and family who I should be more grateful for and I am trying to make more time for me. Whether it be listening/reading a good book. Watching TV or a film or just a good bath or a coffee. (Could do with an Irish coffee right now – although very soon I’m hoping to do a review post on something connected to Irish coffee) 

What do you do to unwind? Feel free to share your thoughts with me. 

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts….

Good evening beautiful people. I hope you have had a good day. I promise to get more reviews on here as well as my thoughts and memes. You may well be lucky enough to get two posts from me tomorrow a review and my second Friend Friday. If anyone else wants to jump on that do give me a shout. 

I haven’t been a happy bunny lately and I’m pretty sure I have already mentioned this. Although the physio gave me hope last week and I’m feeling optimistic re regaining a fully working ankle. Anyway the moral of my ramblings are….

Just a few beautiful quotes I found yup I did just find them. I was covering a different store today and I found a beauty of a book that may well feature in Wandering Wednesday. I have been trying to resist in buying books but as this wasn’t my usual haunt and it’s featuring a place I long to visit it had to be done.

Take it easy this Thursday…until next time…