Thank You!

Today should be Wandering Wednesday but as I said the other week I won’t just post for the sake of it. Isabella May done an amazing job last week, if anyone wants to follow and guest post feel free to get in touch.  Since my ankle pain set in I haven’t been myself. I’m saddened … More Thank You!

Sunday Sunday

Sunday’s are my me day, it’s my one constant and definite day to myself. I don’t want to harp on about my ankle but yesterday was a productive work day and I’m so proud of my team but my ankle is in agony. Today I wanted to do more than I have for the blog … More Sunday Sunday

My bookish week….

Sunday Sunday….as I may have mentioned before Sunday’s are generally my one day off that never changes. Although I have to go in for a meeting next week. Anyway I was thinking of doing a reading and blogging intentions post but I kept seeing various bloggers update posts and thought oooh. So here I am…. … More My bookish week….