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Guest Post: Katey Lovell talks Fandom.

Today I am honoured to have the lovely Katey Lovell here at Hayley Reviews.

As yet I haven’t read Katey’s festive offering but it will be happening ASAP just getting to grips with a buddy read plus I really must get on with my reviews eeeek. Once again I changed my mind on my blog post. All this trying to be organised I have ideas flowing round and round my head when I’m trying to sleep.

When Katey posted on Twitter asking if anyone would love to host her I knew I had to have her on Hayley Reviews and when I said I would try and attempt #Blogmas a few days late I knew this would be a perfect post.

So without further ado I hand you over to Katey.

I’m incredibly open about being a boyband fangirl.  I’m not at all ashamed of it, despite people frequently telling me I’m ‘old enough to know better’.  Being a fan is part of who I am, it is part of who I will always be.

Fandom has given me so much pleasure.

Those glorious, heart-stopping seconds where the lights go down at a gig and hazy, shadowed figures appear silhouetted behind a curtain…

The mixture of apprehension and excitement of hearing a new song for the first time…

The rare and fleeting moments when you get to tell the people on the posters on your wall how much joy they and their music have brought to your life…

It’s also given me friends the world over – some I’ve met and others I’ll probably never get to hug in real life – who I might have initially bonded with over Gary, or Harry, or Barry (OK, there is no Barry.  But it rhymed and I couldn’t resist) but who I’ve gone on to have conversations with about all sorts of things.  Politics.  Beliefs.  Emotions.  They’ve broadened my horizons, sent me care packages when I’ve been down, have willingly shared the pressure of buying tickets in a presale at 10am on a Wednesday morning (that’s not something you’d do for just anyone, I’ll have you know).

Clara, the female protagonist in my current novel, mentions she’s a Take That fan.  She’s a Howard girl, like me, and she tries to explain to Joe how there’s nothing quite like seeing a band live.  She encourages him to come to a gig with her, along with the warning that ‘Thatters are hardcore.  If you want the best spot [at a gig] you have to put the hours in [queuing]’.  When I was writing that section I was thinking about all the people I’ve been to gigs with over the years.  My first concert was Chesney Hawkes and my most recent Blondie, and there have been a whole host of artists and bands in between, including Take That many, many times.  I’ve shared those dimly-lit moments before the music kicks in with a lot of friends over the years. I’ve put in a lot of hours. But it’s been worth it, because what I’ve gained from being a fan is worth so much more than the time I’ve ‘lost’.

I’m currently working on a fiction book which explores what it means to be a fan and covers everything in this post and so much more.  I hope that one day I’ll be able to share it with you all.  But fangirls, until then, Clara is representing every one of you.  Keep on screaming, singing and swooning, and even if you’re ‘old enough to know better’ don’t ever feel as though you have to apologise for liking the things that make you happy.


P.S.  A little fun fact – if you’ve read all three of my novels you might have noticed that the members of Take That get mentioned in each of them – Gary in The Singalong Society for Singletons, Mark in The Café in Fir Tree Park and now Howard in Joe and Clara’s Christmas Countdown!

 Katey Lovell is the author of three rom-com novels published by HarperImpulse.  Her latest release Joe and Clara’s Christmas Countdown is a contemporary romance set in Manchester, available in ebook and paperback now.

If I wasn’t already excited for this I sure am now. So I best get back to my buddy read so I can get blog organised and then start this. Katey there will be tweets. You can buy Joe & Clara’s Christmas Countdown Here it will be read and reviewed soon.

Just like Katey I’m a proud fan girl!!