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I had a manager from my O2 at the O2 days who used to say it takes 28 days to form a habit. This speech would regularly come out if there were major changes and especially when he thought we wouldn’t ever be willing to try and get on board. After having a night out with my old pals it got me thinking.

Now I’ve mentioned before and I dare say it will come up again, in April I joined Slimming World and my relationship with food changed. Some of you think I’m not eating properly and that couldn’t be further from the truth if anything I eat more these days it’s just what I’m eating and how I’m making it. That’s the key.

What I’ve noticed threefold is I don’t eat in the same way. I’m more appreciative and my sweet tooth is still there it’s just not as greedy as it once was which is a good thing for my health.

I’ve always been quite an active person but in finding Slimming World I shortly after found Fight Klub and for the first time in a while I felt truly excited. If I can’t make a class I’m grumpy. Recently when I hurt my back I missed two weeks of classes. This week I returned at a lower pace although I don’t think my right shoulder thinks that was the case saying that this morning it’s feeling a lot better but I haven’t reached work yet.

Now I’m a target member I’m not trying to loose any more weight. I’m now trying to find the right balance. I’m still enjoying trying new things and there’s still a number of things I’d love to make. I’m line with that on 12th November I’m embarking on an ETM Exercise To Music course and for the first time in ages I’m truly excited to study once again. I did GCSE PE and I honestly thought i’d have done more with it and now I’m on a whole new journey. This year has been remarkable for me and when opportunity knocks say yes what’s the worst that can happen. There are a few other potentials which I haven’t ruled out either.

I have recently become a Just Strong ambassador, I’m extremely new to this but I’m very much on board for inspiring and empowering women. I have just received my package but as I was out having a cheeky night off I haven’t opened it as yet. I dare say there will be an update on this as I cannot wait to try on my new gear. www.juststrong.com as a thank you to you beauties I am able to share with you my 10% discount code HAYLTHO10 I will be reviewing the top and jogging bottoms that I have purchased. If you have any questions or would like me to try something also get in touch. I’ve seen a few girls modelling the hoodies and I maybe swayed on that as these days are getting colder.

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Let’s do brunch….

Happy Easter Monday wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. I’m back in work today and now my voice has almost disappeared. Eeek.

This post should have gone up on Sunday 25th March but shortly after that everything changed. I became under the weather and work continued to be hard going. This week I aim to be more consistent here on the blog and with my reading. There’s so many good books and bookish stuff that I can’t wait to share with you. I’m hoping to finish listening to Ruth Ware’s The Woman in Cabin 10 today – I have 3 hours or so left. I’m also well into The Perfect Girlfriend which is intriguing and plain right mental.

Thank Sunday’s are one of my favourite lazy days. It’s a day when I’m almost always off work and last week I finally managed to catch up with my bookish pal Hannah.

Hannah and I became friends a good few years back now thanks to a mutual friend and a love of books. Although I know she won’t mind me saying this her reading is always slightly darker than mine. Saying that I am into a lot more psychological thrillers these days. As you will have seen from my ever increasing reviews on thrillers.

We decided to do brunch….there are so many gorgeous little coffee places in London and around Covent Garden it’s like a hive for brunch. One of the initial places that piqued our interest after Hannah’s research we looked into but the set up is so cosy that we would have had to have met at least an hour earlier – I’m already short on sleep without losing another hour. So I won’t be name checking said place as we are hoping to try again at some point.

So we came across TY at the Seven Dials, Covent Garden. Aka TimberyardUK which you can find Here.

Golden latte – I’m a sucker for reading the specials and wanting to try them. This was different but good. I’m glad I opted for something different but I’m not sure I would have it again though.

Both Hannah and I opted for the banana loaf with berries – this was a simply gorgeous treat.

Are there any brunch locations in London that I should visit? If so leave me a comment below, telling me where and why and you never know your comment could spur on another blog post. I know this is a little different but I hope you have enjoyed reading..