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Six For Sunday: Books that have been on your TBR forever…

I love a Six for Sunday after a week long headache I’m back in the game as so to speak. I’m a lot better now although I feel my lack of usual routine isn’t helping so I’m embracing the sunshine with a coffee and a glass of water as I finalise my thoughts for this weeks prompt. I sadly haven’t read a physical or ebook since finishing the amazing The Other Passenger by Louise Candlish I have spent a little time listening to David Jason’s Only Fools and stories.

I’ve seen the film…I watched it on a plane ride and was a snotty mess

This is one that shocks people especially as I’ve had a physical copy for ages. My friends who I got a flight to America with were laughing at the state of me following watching this beauty.

I have the audio and a physical copy of this.

I truly loved To Kill A Mockingbird- I knew the story but couldn’t remember if I had read it at school or not. I purchased a vintage beauty from Waterstones and truly loved everything about it. I was working in the charity shop back then and I found a hardback copy which I grabbed I also have this as an audiobook so really I have zero excuses.

Le sigh…just after Christmas when I went back to work I immersed myself in the film of this beauty.

It was everything and more….A few years back I watched and loved the TV adaption of this and then I said I needed to rectify that and sadly I’ve still not read it.

The third in the Hunger Games series…

I got into the Hunger Games late and I truly loved it, so much so I didn’t want it to end. So I leant my copy of this to a friend so I couldn’t finish it and I still haven’t….

Daphne Du Maurier

Ever since I picked up Rebecca from the charity shop I was volunteering in I’ve been a massive fan of this lady and I have a physical copy of this that I’ve been saying I will read for a while now.

I’m such a massive fan of Vicky Walters…in reading her kindness cafe I found out about this I read the short connected to this and was instantly hooked but it’s another that’s sat on my shelf.

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Top Ten Tuesday – Discussion

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.

So today’s prompt was chosen by Caitlin Althea and her chosen prompt is….Books on my TBR I’m avoiding reading and why…

So rather than merely posting book covers with a bit of context I thought I would speak in a bit more detail. Now don’t get me wrong those covers will come as I also don’t want this post to become too text heavy. There’s a few books that I’m unsure I want to name as they are from three of my favourite authors but they are hardbacks which are a pain in the arse to carry around. Don’t get me wrong signed and on a shelf or on a well laid out Instagram post they look fantastic but when you’re trudging them to and from work with your lunch and your gym stuff not so much. So that’s my first bug bear.

When this series was first released there was so much good and bad hype. I didn’t instantly jump on the bandwagon as the bad stuff kept on coming but as time went on I became intrigued. I read the first one and I enjoyed it it peaked my interest, the second one took me ages to read as I kept getting distracted don’t get me wrong when I was sat and fully invested I enjoyed it. I still haven’t picked up the third one it’s somewhere in my mass of books at home. I must say it’s a series we regularly receive at Cancer Research.

Like most book sagas I got into this one late and I loved doing so as I could get my hands on the next instalment I read books one and two in quick succession. I even attended a preview screening of Catching Fire – I couldn’t bare to say goodbye to these characters and I still haven’t been toying with the idea of reading now but haven’t yet caved.

Now I know this one is going to raise some eyebrows. I’ve had this one on my shelf for a while now, I’ve obviously seen the film so know the story. I watched it on a flight to Orlando and my friends thought I was hilarious in how tearful I became.

I’ve only read the first Harry Potter and I only done that a few years back whilst on holiday. I have a few of them at home.

There are probably lots more I could share but as it stands I cannot think.

A question that I will ask to my readers is are there any books I should have read that may not have?

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Book Tag: The Three Book Tag

Today is my last full day at the seaside and before I embark on the walk into town I thought I would get in early and get a post up. I posted late yesterday so if you haven’t already seen that you have a double whammy.

The lovely Nicki at The secret library site tagged me in the Three book tag. I always have the best of intentions and there are a few tags I need to finish and post so with this one I instantly put it in my drafts so I would get it done.

Three read once and loved

Three titles watched but haven’t read

Two of these are controversial I know. I’m a huge Nicholas Sparks fan and in discovering a lot more genres my reading in some parts has slipped. I have The Lucky One and Me Before You sat on my shelf. I’ve loved 13 Reasons I’m a little way through the second season and I’m hoping to listen to this on Audible.

Three characters you love – choosing only three is super hard.

Ed is one of those bookish boyfriends who will always linger…I loved having him back in I’ll take New York.

I’m in the midst of this as we speak and I’m truly a fan of the loveable Evie.

Jess needs a mention I just loved how she found herself in such a weird situation yet came out so much better for it.

Three series binged…

Although I still haven’t read Mockingjay as I didn’t want it to end so I lent it to a friend…I guess I should now.

Three unpopular bookish opinions

1. I have only read the first Harry Potter book.

2. I’m seriously behind on the I heart series I believe I heart Paris is the next one I need to read.

3. I like to form my own opinion on hyped up books. This will be my next read.

Three current fave book covers

Three goals for the year

1. To be better organised with my blog and reading – this has kind of started to happen.

2. To continue and maintain my healthier lifestyle and fitness. I’ve been away this week and I sure have missed my Fight Klub session more than anything else.

3. Get my finances in better shape.

I nominate Fabbookfiend

Bookish coffee blog

What’s better than books

And to anyone else who would like to join feel free and tag me in so I can see your answers.