Keyboard Warriors

I know in writing those two words I’ll be sent some sort of abuse. In light of the last 24 hours I’ve felt compelled to put pen to paper as so to speak. It’s not only celebrities that receive abuse and nastiness from trolls, over the years I’ve had messages on boyband message boards as well as on a few blogging platforms. At one instance I ended up doubting everyone around me and I was forced to stop writing. I did for a while before starting again on a different platform alongside a friend before that fizzled out.

Before Hayley Reviews there was Hayleyslilworld until I couldn’t take it anymore I made my page private it had consisted of book and film reviews, personal thoughts and links to various pieces I’d written on work placements for various publications. I then decided it was better for me to no longer participate in something that was making me cringe every time I had a notification. Not only slatting my words but me as a person. I deleted so many people off many social platforms and accused everyone of hounding me – whoever was sending me those nasty words got to me and had me doubting everyone. I didn’t want to share any of my thoughts as I wasn’t sure who I could trust. If you’re continually told you are a certain way you sadly start to believe it. I had got myself into such a state over it.

Even though I had suffered at the worst trolls I had started to miss the good sides of social media and blogging. I then became a volunteer and wanted to talk about my experiences as my life changed this blog then reverted to what I loved books. Even just last week I had a few not so nice messages telling me my reviews were rubbish but the plus I took was said troll had gone through a number of my posts skyrocketing my views for that day.

What happened to Caroline Flack shouldn’t have happened. None of us are perfect we all make mistakes in life. The sad reality with all things celebrity is everyone believes they have a right to their personal life and that is not the case. They are still human beings someone’s daughter, brother, sister, friend, mother, auntie.

No one should feel like they have no way out but to end it. In saying that check in on those friends who seemingly have it all and on those that always check in on you. Be kind and live in the now what’s gone we can’t change but what’s to come is on us.