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Monday doesn’t have to be dull….

Afternoon all…so in light of just how hard life can be let’s all do all we can to be kind. In every single situation think before you act. Our actions speak far louder than our words ever will. Once upon a time here on Hayley Reviews I had a segment called Monday motivation and smiles and now I just want and need more Monday kindness. It’s half term this week so I know there are a number of frazzled Mums and Dads out there. Hang in there guys you’re doing a great job.

This morning I managed one item off my to do list and I was lucky enough to spend some time at our local coffee shop with my sis and my nieces and nephew. Although my oldest niece was off playing games in the other room it was nice to be able to help my sis even for a short while now I’m awaiting my transport to work.

It’s week three of mine and Catriona’s Paige Toon readathon and I’m loving every single second of this back catalog so far they have all been fresh reads for me as I didn’t get into Paige until The Last Piece of my Heart.

Whatever you do Be Kind…You never know may even post a review later too…

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Six for Sunday – Reasons why I love books…

I love a good old lazy Sunday and I’ve found a new meme that I can well and truly get on board with.

Today I woke when my body clock woke I had a chilled morning reading the gorgeous Miranda Dickinson’s Somewhere Beyond The Sea which is so far a truly magical read that’s got all the feels of a heartwarming read. Before heading out for a picnic with my family which for me was a struggle but it worked out well in the end.

In scrolling through WordPress I came across Six for Sunday and in reading two gorgeous posts I thought I would get involved.

Six for Sunday is a weekly meme set up by alittlebutalot you can find the full list Here

Today the theme is six reasons why I love books.

Dreaming – I love that books can let me dream and discover new things about myself and the passions I have and would love to hone in on. They give me hope and inspire me on a day to day basis.

Escapism – In reading other six for six posts I believe escapism seems to be the theme. No matter what’s happening in my life or the world for that matter a book can well and truly let you escape. You can be in a different time or country. As it stands I’m reading a book that well and truly lets me escape to the seaside in the most magical of settings.

Travel – Through a book you can travel the world. Isabelle Broom’s took me to Mojacar and now I’m so eager to visit this beautiful part of Spain. Watch this space as I may well be talking about this a lot more.

Friends – My love of books has given me a number of amazing friends. Some of which I haven’t known for too long but they are always there for me and have my back. They are also the reason why my TBR pile is ever expanding but they have given me some wonderful books to devour and authors to love, which I am truly grateful for. I don’t always have time for reading but I’m loving reading more of what I actually want. Reading for pleasure gives me so much joy and it’s good for my soul for so many reasons.

Uplifting – Recently, I read Victoria Walters Random Acts Of Kindness and Heidi Swain’s Sunshine and Sweet Peas in Nightingale Square. Both books left me feeling positive and uplifted – like I could do anything. They have also inspired me to be kinder to myself and to keep my dreams in focus.

Self-Development – Whether it’s an actual self-help book like Katie Piper’s Confidence the Secret or You are a Badass by Jen Sincero. There are also other books that inspire and motivate me – I have mentioned a few above. Miranda Dickinson and Paige Toon also make me feel like I’m invincible and I love them both for it.

So that’s my #SixForSunday I would love to know what your reasons are?? I really enjoyed this meme so keep checking back as there will be more.

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Book Review: Random Acts Of Kindness Part Four – New Adventures

Blurb: Welcome to Littlewood, a small town community with a big heart…

Summer is drawing to a close as Huntley Manor is due to have its grand re-opening. Abbie is determined to save the hotel from closure but she has to remember her own career too… As she and Thomas grow ever closer, will she end up making Littlewood her home for good? Or will she set up her own PR company back in London…?

Eszter has to decide whether it is time to go back to Hungary… But what has she got to return to? She has no career to speak of, and their home is filled with painful memories of her beloved husband. But can a new job, a new home and a surprise new dog convince Eszter and Zoe to stay?

Louise wants to tell Alex how she feels but decides she needs to show him after pushing him away for so long. Will a grand gesture be enough to show him she won’t run away this time?

As the town of Littlewood comes together to help Huntley Manor, we’ll find out if kindness really does have the power to save the day….

Packed full of love and kindness, this heart-warming story will reaffirm your faith in humanity!

Review: Now it goes without saying I have been waiting for the final part of this story since I finished reading part three back in April. Although I must admit I was also worrying about saying goodbye to Littlewood and its residents.

I did think I would have devoured this a lot quicker than I did but I am going to blame work, my fitness sessions and the fact I was blooming scared to say goodbye to the gang.

The town and characters that Victoria has created instantly had an impact on me. Being kind is definitely something we should all do more of. I have started to make these changes in being kinder to myself although I am still very much a work in progress my mindset is changing for the better. I just wished I had a place like Brew, to head to whenever I needed that little pick me up and reminder that being kind to yourself and others really does make a difference in a world full of such sadness. The kindness board really has made me think and I loved how Victoria wove it into certain aspects of the story especially with Louise. I wont be adding any spoilers here but that note melted me. There are aspects to Louise and her wariness that I can see in me, and maybe I just need to up the kindness stakes in being kinder to myself and the rest will fall into place, when I least expect it.

In part four the story comes together and loose ends are tied up for the three main ladies Louise, Abbie and Eszter. They all have life-changing and affirming decisions and what I will say is their journey truly is beautiful. At the beginning of the Summer these ladies really didn’t know just how much they needed one another. I love that it ends in a way where Victoria could and I truly hope that she does return to Littlewood and its residents as everyone could do with a little bit of kindness in each and every day.

If you are looking for a read that will not only let you truly escape the trials and tribulations of everyday life, it will also have you asking yourself thought provoking on how you can be kinder in general and to yourself, then Random Acts of Kindness is definitely for you. You will not regret it, you will be sad to see it end but you will be left with tears of joy and genuine smiles.

This serial truly inspired me and I loved all of the leading ladies for different reasons. Sometimes you have to go with your gut instinct and sometimes you have to choose the wrong path to see the right one. I’m not done with kindness, I need more of this in my day to day. It’s not always easy with the rollercoaster that is life but if we all make a concious effort we can start little by little.

If there are any truly kind books that I should be adding to that ever growing TBR list feel free to let me know below. If you want to chat about this serial some more also do get in touch.

I already have Eva Woods How to be Happy – which I have heard good things about so I am hoping to bump that up my list. Very shortly I will be devouring Miranda Dickinson’s latest I was meant to buddy read that one but life got in the way. She is another author who lets me escape and who also inspires. I also have Derren Brown’s Happy which I am sure will be enlightening, but I am looking forward to what suggestions you give me.

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Book Review: Random Acts Of Kindness – Part Three Crossroads By Victoria Walters

Blurb: Escape to the beautiful town of Littlewood with Part 3 in an exciting new serial from Victoria Walters! Perfect for fans of Cathy Bramley, Holly Hepburn and Jo Thomas.

Welcome to Littlewood, a small town community with a big heart.
Abbie and her boyfriend Jack are about to start their own PR company in London, but there are so many unanswered questions about their past and Abbie begins to question her decision to leave Littlewood… Will Thomas manage to hold onto Huntley Manor without her, or has her departure ruined his chances…?

After a shaky start, Eszter is determined to show her daughter Zoe that it doesn’t matter where you are from, that we are all the same. With a little help from Brew cafe, they decide to run a cake baking class for the local children to help her make some friends. But as the summer goes on, their return to Hungary looms over them… Will they go back and leave Zoe’s granny, Anne, all on her own? Or is life in Littlewood the perfect fit for their newly formed family…?

Having pushed Alex away, Louise finds herself battling with jealousy when she sees him with her colleague. But when tragedy strikes, Louise is confronted with how precious and short life can be… Is she ready to tell Alex how she really feels or will she lose him for good?

Review: I am literally bowled over by these instalments. Thank you Victoria for writing and for Emma for telling me to carry on reading. At the end of part two I was left feeling frustrated and annoyed with certain characters and situations. Part three has left me eager to see how this plays out I don’t want to wish the months away but the 4th June can’t come soon enough I need to see how this ends.

Everything about this series screams hope in a world that’s not always beautiful, but I am discovering more and more that there are many beautiful moments regardless. These instalments have made me think and made me want to do more.

Littlewood is such a gorgeous town full of people crying out to help each other – not that they always realise it. Louise has been a firm favourite of mine and I must admit she’s annoying me a little at the moment. I loved the scenes of when she was feeling unwell and Alex came through for her, even if she was mortified. Although that’s probably because in some ways she’s very similar to me. I want to shake her and say go for it what’s the worst that could happen. So for Louise alone I’m eager to see how her story ends although o will be so sad to say goodbye to these characters and this heartwarming story of love, loss, friendship and hope.

I also adore Abbie and I was so happy to see her change her mind. There are some truly touching scenes with her but I don’t want to spoil that but I felt myself cheering. I may have also missed a bus whilst reading Abbie’s developments but hey it was so worth it.

I miss my grandparents terribly and reading stories where children have a great relationship with them makes me smile. I loved how Zoe and Anne bonded over a book that her father loved. When I read Thrillers and real mind changing stuff I’m often saddened as they are the sort of books I would have shared with my grandad but I also love that a book can make me feel closer to him once again.

Victoria Walters has written a gorgeous series that will give you hope in the most unlikely times in your life. I’m personally going through some changes for the better it’s not all plain sailing but the benefits and the end result are what spur me on. I’m so eager to see how this ends but I will be so sad to say goodbye to Littlewood and it’s residents. Although this won’t be the last time I mention Random Acts Of Kindness as I’m hoping to do much more of this long after devouring the final pages of this truly gorgeous read.

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Book Review: Random Acts Of Kindness part one By Victoria Walters

Blurb: Welcome to Littlewood, a small town community with a big heart. Abbie has fled London and the humiliation of not being able to make rent after being made redundant. Louise, seriously unlucky in love, has thrown herself into her career at the local hospital. And Eszter, who has travelled from Hungary with her daughter, Zoe, hopes to reach out to the mother-in-law she never met while her husband was still alive…

Can a little bit of kindness really change your life? Three very different women are about to find out…

Review: I believe this four part series was introduced to me via Twitter. As soon as I had read the blurb I had pre-ordered, this was exactly the sort of read I needed at this point in my life and in December it’s good to remember the reasons we do things and that we should do a little more, for ourselves as well as for others.

I instantly fell in love with everything associated with Littlewood and I’m not going to lie – I wish I had a coffee shop like Brew with the heart warming owners. I’m seriously sad that I don’t have that. It’s nice when you go in a coffee shop and they remember you and have banter and stuff but I long for the homely feel. Joy and Harry are gorgeous and their kindness board is so heart warming – in this day and age I need and want more of that.

Abbie and Louise are amazing characters and I warmed to them both really quickly. They both have issues and lots going on that the other doesn’t know about but I can safely say they’re fab and their kindness pact made me smile. Anyway so this is the first part which sets the scene to the story and introduces us to everyone. Now Abbie is introduced to kindness right at the off when she mislays her bag and a fellow newcomer to Littlewood picks it up and gives chase (well follows ha).

Que Eszter and Zoe – now these two make you smile but also make you go cold with their reasons for coming to England, Littlewood.

All that’s left to say is part one is left right in the action and I simply cannot wait to return to Littlewood and see how this pans out.

So now I have devoured part one I’m eager for part two BUT I also realise that I need to be kinder to myself. So in 2018 I am going to be kinder to me – do more for me? And I aim to deliver something kind on a more regular basis and I shall share what I have done.

The lovely peeps at BATC gave me a printed version of part one and I loved this so much that I must share it so answer this question.

Tell me the kindest thing you have ever done for someone else. Totally selflessly…

I can feel a post coming on for before the New Year starts. Feeling inspired 🙂