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Christmas Drinks…#blogmas

Sorry for the delay this was half written last night – and I didn’t expect to feel like death today. Have just got on my bus homeward so thought what better time to finish this.

So as most of you know I started #blogmas a few days late but stated that I hoped to bring you content for the remainder of December.

I love the festive period, mostly when I’m not stressing about gifts and over buying for one person whilst having no clue on another. Don’t get me started on also juggling bills – should we really have to pay bills in December and January?.

So the poll that I posted on on Monday came with a resounding response for Christmas Drinks – as well as trying to catch up on reviews and posts that have sat in my drafts list for way to long. I also wanted to bring some Christmas content. Before I had really thought of #blogmas I had blogged about It’s a Wonderful Life – a film that will stay with me forever and I hope to educate the younger people in my life in years to come and to those who will come into my life in the future. (This is getting deep for Hayley)

Anyway a colleague of mine made a joke that I’m an alcoholic come the end of October ha. That was and is a joke, the reason it was said was because of my love for a number of festive or colder weather beverages a number of which are alcohol based.

I will be mentioning both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks that I love especially during the festive season.

Gingerbread latte – now this festive favourite can be purchased all year round from the lovely guys at Costa. It’s only on Starbucks Christmas menu although if they have the syrup you can be lucky enough to get at other times of the year. This is one of my favourites but I must admit because I can get all the time it’s not my go to in December.

Eggnog latte I love this tasty treat from good ole Starbucks but I do like to customise it from time to time with a shot of peppermint. Yum. (You can also get the alcoholic Eggnog which did come up in a conversation earlier today as it so happens.)

Now in December there’s hot chocolate galore and why not. This festive favourite comes in many varieties. Fudge hot chocolate (thank you Starbucks – plus you can get sachets from your local supermarket) white hot chocolate again one I love adding peppermint to via Starbucks. My favourite at the moment is Salted Caramel hot chocolate with a generous amount of Baileys in it. Now that’s a gorgeous treat.

Of the Salted Caramel variety….

Irish Coffee Now those of you who have known me a while will know that this is my weakness. Although not the greatest lover of whiskey although I can drink it in this. Recently I devoured a gorgeously sweet Irish coffee thanks to the lovely team at Waxy’s Lil Sister, Soho, London. It was by far one of the sweetest whiskey based coffees I have ever tasted so so gorgeous.

However, if I am having an Irish coffee at home it’s usually a Baileys or Tia Maria kind.

Mulled Wine and Mulled Cider – Now this is a warming treat that smells like Christmas. That’s usually down to the fruit and cinnamon. I have had one Mulled Wine so far this season and it was fabulous sadly no photo ha.

Ooooh the one other thing I had been desperate to try last year was Winter Spice and it does not disappoint.

This season the Toffee Nut latte in Starbucks has changed and if I’m honest I’m not a fan of the With hazelnuts. Thanks but no thanks Starbucks.

So that’s my Christmas Drinks post 🙂 I hope it was worth the wait. Do get in touch if there is anything I should try.