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Twitter spoke so here I am??

So on my Twitter today I created a poll and today’s winner was something Christmassy….when I originally wrote that I thought it would be Christmassy and a review but I’m not done just yet.

This year I had the best of intentions with my festive reading and I’m still reading them. On my side is it’s still December (just).

I got home after returning to work to a few items of post one being

These gorgeous lipsticks that I ordered from a friend before Christmas – I cannot wait to try them out. I’m also hoping the names of them empower me they are called Determined and Reign.

I was also lucky enough to receive this gorgeous #TeamSparkly post.

It’s a Christmas card and a gorgeous decoration thank you so much Miranda. I truly loved Christmas in St Ives – I cannot wait to be reunited with these fabulous characters in June. That’s soooo far away.

Yesterday I got up at silly o’clock to brave the sales I still managed to watch Little Women and today I was back to work. I was eager to watch part two today but I’m seriously beat – was hoping to finish one of my festive treats by one of my favourite authors but as I type this I can barely see. On that note goodnight.

Any suggestions for tomorrow’s post? Leave a comment below..,