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Book Review: Little Miss Stubborn and the Unicorn By Roger Hargreaves

Blurb: Little Miss Stubborn doesn’t believe that unicorns exist. But when her friends say that they have met one, she is determined to meet this strange horse. This colourful adventure has been adapted to an upsized picture book format, so that all those who believe in unicorns can enjoy the story in even greater scale!

The Mr Men and Little Miss Magic series takes kids on a series of sparkling adventures where they meet some extraordinary characters including a dragon, an ogre, a mermaid, a princess, a fairy, pirates and many others.

Review: So this is something different for me although I’m sure I’ve done one or two over the years. Well my four year old niece adores the Mr Men books so we have been trying to get her the collection. I’ve found many a book in charity shops especially when I recently was at the seaside.

I love how the Mr Men series has evolved to include things that are current to little boys and girls right now. Freya loves unicorns and she’s loves these books so it was a no brainier she needed this book so off auntie Hayley went to find it. I love that all my nieces and my nephew love reading and I love that I can help enhance that.

Seeing as I had bought it, it seemed only fair that I would read it with her and what a fun little read this is. Miss Stubborn is just that extremely stubborn to the very last page. Lots of the Mr Men and Little Miss characters feature.

A fun little read that keeps the early reader and the adult wanting more. A quick and effective read….I can’t wait to get more of the newer ones for her.

I do love reading with my nieces and I’m looking forward to reading with the twins too. Having Conor now means we can get a variation into the books and I can’t wait.

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From books to beauty….

So today I decided to be bold and to try something new. Don’t fret I will never get rid of my books. I know I have been slack of late but all will be resumed – there will be more actual book reviews back here but today I turn to beauty.

Now I won’t ever call myself a beauty blogger. I’m far too lazy for that title and I don’t have many routines. What I will say is that if this post works there could be more of these…so watch this space. 

Anyone who knows me knows I love Lush I’m addicted to their gorgeousness, which means anyone who knows me knows I truly love Snow Fairy – a Lush product that always comes in time for Christmas. 

Because of that I try and stock up as much as I can and this year I will be attending the Boxing Day sale – as the past few years the online sale has been rather disappointing.

Last Sunday I met up with a very good friend who also shares the love of all things Lush. We met on Oxford Street where they have their concept store – to our delight when we entered there was wall to wall Christmas. It’s not even October….and SNOW FAIRY is back in so many new forms I was like 😳. I knew that I would definitely leave with SNOW FAIRY but what??? Seeing as there was so much choice.

I left with two Snow Fairy bath bombs as I knew my niece would want one and a Snow Fairy naked shower gel which is one of the other new forms. I was distracted by all the Snow Fairy goodness so it took me a while to decide and I have only tried the bath bomb which was just as good as I expected. The gel inside it made the bath slippery and smooth it’s made my skin feel clear and silky smooth. As the days get colder I really could do with having loads of this to keep my skin hydrated and smooth like in the months when the sun is shining. 

You can find the Christmas goodies Here there’s a number of Pumpkin based products that I’m itching to try. 

Today was my well needed day off I have had a beautifully chilled day, which has been productive as my ankle feels loads better. I have managed to catch up on some TV and have a Lush bath….whilst listening to a book….I finally sampled my Snow Fairy bath bomb – my niece used hers the other night and she truly loved the smell the look it created in the bath and how it made her skin feel and I have to agree with her on those points. 

As you can see I was trying to get differing pictures of Snow Fairy in action so during this bath I didn’t totally get the fizzing feeling as I wasn’t in the bath but I cannot wait to get more of these for those cold winter nights….

Now I would love to know what you think of my Lush based post and whether you would like to see product reviews like this from me again….