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Mid-Year roundup

Seeing as we are halfway through 2020 I’ve seen so many people taking part in mid year tags and talking of what they have read so far, and how they are fairing against Good Reads challenges.

Thank So it got me thinking about my reading journey in the craziest year of my life. So my target for the year is 100 books which for a book blogger should be easy but life often gets in the way. I’ve generally always got at least one book on the go – sometimes if I’m reading more than one it takes me longer sometimes it makes no difference.

During lockdown to date I’ve read 47 books and I’m currently at 62 out of my 100. So lockdown well and truly has helped my reading mojo. I’ve downloaded and took advantage of the Libby app supporting my library from afar, and I’ve got back into audiobooks. Following my issues with my left ear I had cancelled subscriptions and had mostly stopped listening to audiobooks I’m loving having them back.

Since lockdown….

My Review – this series le sigh.
My Review – I truly loved embracing the world of Paige Toon this was such a gorgeous read.
My Review – Wow Louise Candlish never lets me down.
My Review – This was such a tonic on a sunny day.
My Review
This was my second read of this and I somehow have never written my thoughts on this absolute beauty – I will say I had different thoughts on the second read.
My Review – Such a truly important read for any and every woman.
My Review – Following The Flatshare I was itching for this and I loved it.
My Review – the next instalment of this beauty will be on my Kindle later this week.
I still haven’t reviewed this. David is a family favourite and this was a gorgeous audiobook.
My Review
My Review
Somehow I always gush and then am lost for words. Haven’t written this review.
My Review
My Review Heidi never lets me down. Loved this trip to the beach.
My Review
My Review
My original review – this was a second time read.
My Review
My Review
My Review – this book will stay with me for a long time.
My Review – my first Patricia novel but definitely not my last.
My Review
My Review
My Review – I read this in a day on publication day.
My Review – a fantastic debut.
I loved this but haven’t reviewed as yet.
My Review – an audiobook I borrowed from the library.
My Review – a blog tour I loved
Audio Review I had heard such good stuff about this and I loved it.
My Review
My Review
My Review
My Review I loved listening to this but do I buy the hardback or the paperback
My Review – love love loves this. The hype is real.
My Review
My Review
My Review – An ace buddy read. Isabelle always has me lusting for travel.
I loved the Katey Lovell Meet Cutes.
My Review
My Review
My Review
My Review
My Review
My Review – Such a special read and I’m so glad this was my introduction to Santa.
My Review will come soon.

So 47 lockdown reads and 15 prior to that….I’m feeling pretty darn good about that. Woah it’s a long and a late one…can you imagine if I had the other 15.

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What I read in May….

Reading has always been a passion of mine. As I child I loved Enid Blyton and Point Horrors and then I didn’t read as much for myself as school took over but my reading mojo returned.

During lockdown more often than not I’ve sought solace in the pages of a book and I’m so grateful that I can be transported to many places and with many people especially when the world is quite simply crazy and a little scary at times.

I’m so chuffed that May was my most productive month on Hayley Reviews in a long time and out of 31 days I only didn’t post twice….on occasion I’ve posted twice.

Although do we like this or not??? I would love to know your thoughts.

The final part in The Cornish Cream Tea Summer series.

You can read my final thoughts on this fabulous book Here.

As you may remember both myself and Catriona were on a Paige Toon read-along and this was one of the last.

I adored re-reading this I haven’t written about my thoughts this time around but you can read my review from the first time around Here. I will say I found myself wanting coffee cake the second time around.

Part three really got under my skin. I haven’t managed to read part four just yet but that will happen soon enough although saying goodbye to this bunch will be hard.

You can read my thoughts on part three Here.

I loved listening to this for a second time…

My thoughts from the first time read can be read Here and you can read my second time thoughts Here.

I adored Anstey’s debut and her second novel had all the feels and more.

You can read my thoughts Here.

My first Patricia Scanlan and definitely not my last – my review will come shortly.
I had loved the debut of Susan Gee so I was desperate to read this.

My review of Love Me To Death can be read Here.

My first Giovanna audiobook and what a treat this was.

I loved that Emily Attack read Some Kind of Wonderful and you can read my thoughts Here.

I’m going to miss having so many Paige Toon’s popping up in my monthly wrap ups.

I had told myself that I would devour this whole and that I did. I read this on publication day I had had it for a while but wanted to read it alongside Catriona and I’m so glad I did even though she breezed ahead of me thanks to timezones. My thoughts can be read Here. I’ve sent in a few questions to Paige and I’m hoping they will make the paperback that comes out in August.

One of the positives of this crazy world is getting to read more of my favourites. I love the team at Simon & Schuster and as previously mentioned just before lockdown at the Spring blogger event I was lucky enough to meet and listen to Sara-Ella-Ozbek and it was a buddy read with Catriona.

You can read my thoughts on this debut Here.

I haven’t penned my thoughts on this one yet.

I loved having a Nick Sparks in my reading and I listened to this one as I say I feel like I’ve listened to more books from the library since lockdown.

You can read my thoughts Here.
This self help book was part of a blog tour and was pretty inspiring. You can read my thoughts Here.
I’ve been intrigued by this novel by this inspirational couple for a while and wow.

You can read my thoughts on the first instalment of the trilogy Here

My final read on the last day of May was Rosie Blake’s The Gin O’Clock Club a book that really did make me miss my grandparents.

You can read my thoughts Here.

Thanks to the Bout of Books readathon and a few buddy and Libby reads I had a really productive May. I’m pleased to say I’ve started June well having already finished three books. I’m still unsure whether you do or don’t like more than one post a day. Although I’ve just finished My One True North by the Queen Milly, I’m just sorting my thoughts that could come later today.

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Six For Sunday: Favourite Series

I love a Six for Sunday and this prompt is speaking to me in volumes. Although in saying that I haven’t had many new series books for a while. Although I’m happy that a few faves have added new books mixing it up once again. I probably won’t be taking part for the LGBT ones as I’ve not really read many, if any of these but I’m open to recommendations so hit me. As I’ve mentioned I’m loving taking advantage of my library via Libby supporting from afar.

So without further ado….

I love these characters I still have the final book to read. Paige Toon’s Ya crossover is an absolute delight I’m so glad it’s a trilogy.
Twilight I’m so excited that Midnight sun will be released this Summer.
Another one with a new book the prequel is out now and when I have the time to read this I will reread books one and two and finally end this gorgeous series.
This series came into my life when I was first getting the taste for fantasy and series books. Another one I haven’t finished but I will soon and I’m sure being back with Patch & Nora will be immense.
Another treat that I got into late and I still haven’t finished. I believe I 💖 Vegas is where I’m at. I adore Lindsey so I will be making an effort to read more of her books.
Ending on this beauty, I will get back to this both in book and in Netflix series real soon.

I really love Six For Sunday but as I say I probably won’t be involved in June but I’m open to the recommendations. As I type I’m sat in my garden with a glass of water an iced coffee listening to.

Hoping to finish this ahead of the final Netflix series.
This beauty is out tomorrow and I love a Rosie Blake and I’m always touched when she asks my thoughts. I am 65% through so this will be finished.
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Bout of Books wrap up…

Mon 11th – Sun 17th Bout of Books

Well firstly I have to mention my most favourite bookish friend aka Fabulous Book Fiend aka Catriona. She gave me the push I needed to get involved with this readathon and what a week it was. I didn’t get involved in chats as I literally either missed them or couldn’t get the timings and I didn’t really do the challenges.

However, I did take part in a few reading sprints and I spoke to more bookish people over on Twitter which is always fun. Although for once bookish chat did not see me adding to my ever expanding TBR which was a plus. As much as I love adding more books it then makes choosing what to read harder again. I’ve been trying to get more of the new releases read and reviewed but there is always so much that I still hope to read. The readathon really did help with that.

So how did I do? I hear you say…

I completed 5 books 🙂 two ebooks one physical book and two audios.

Yesterday I had said for the final day I wanted to finish my audiobook which I did and I started a new audiobook although I didn’t listen to much as I struggled a little with the narration so I relistened and as it stands I’m listening determined to not give up just yet. It’s been a while since I’ve been in Nicholas Sparks world.

I’m intrigued by the description so far but I’m still not clear on where this story is heading…

I also managed to read a decent amount of a book that I should have read ages ago. I recently started re-reading it and I managed a good five and a half chapters. If I hadn’t got a bit of a headache I reckon I could have finished this yesterday. The book in question is a heart wrenching non fiction read about bowel Cancer.

Rachel’s story is informative and full of reality with the odd dash of humour.

Now for a bunch of links…my original Bout of Books sign up link can be read Here.

My first finished book of Bout of Books was Susan Gee’s second novel Love Me To Death my thoughts are Here.

I’m not sure I wrote enough updates but here is the first one day update and hopes for day two can be read Here.

The next update can be read Here.

And once again Here.

The Minute I Saw You I read in its entirety and you can read my thoughts Here.

During this week I also posted two new features that I’m hoping to continue on the blog the first was my weekly update which you can read Here I really enjoyed doing this and I’m still open to what you would like to see in my weekly update…

I also wrote about my library app Libby and what I have downloaded and what I have on hold you can read that Here.

So that was my bookish week…this week is set to be a bit of a scorcher here in London and as I type I’m sat in the garden listening to Nicholas Sparks as I say I probably wouldn’t recommend this narrator but I’m glad I’m stubbornly getting to grips with it.

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Weekly Update #1

Happy Saturday all and welcome to my newest feature here at Hayley Reviews. I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a weekly round up for a while and seeing as I’m at home right now I have no excuses whatsoever. So please bare with me and we will see how this feature turns out. I’m also looking for feedback on what you like and what you would like to see on next weeks post.

This week I’ve taken part in Bout of Books and it’s not over yet although the challenge does finish tomorrow. So far I’ve finished 2 ebooks and an audiobook. I’m hoping to finish another audiobook and paperback today 🙂 watch this space.

May has been a pretty successful one in terms of consistent blog posts and I’m hoping to keep some of this consistency once life returns to normal..

Last Sunday I choose to do a different post instead of a Six For Sunday the last few prompts haven’t been good for me so that’s where this inspiration came from you can read what I downloaded onto my Kindle in Kindle spree.

Monday was day one of Bout of Books Here is my sign up post.

I had targeted myself to finish Love Me To Death on day one ahead of it’s release on Thursday and I was chuffed to have succeeded you can read my review Here.

I rarely post more than one post in a day but in line with posting reviews and updating my progress on the bout of books readathon I have done on occasion. Update…. I would like to know whether you like the extra posts or whether that’s too much daily? Please leave me a comment below.

My next update on Bout of Books can be read Here

I wholeheartedly loved buddy reading Anstey Harris second novel Where We Belong and you can read my thoughts Here.

Another Bout of Books update for you to read Here.

I’m such a fangirl for Paige Toon and I read her latest novel The Minute I Saw You in a day (yup in its entirety) you can read my thoughts Here.

Today so far I’ve managed a little of my audio and that is it…as I say my plans are to finish my audio and my paperback of these beauties.

So that’s my first weekly update….and I would love to hear what you think and what you would like to see? I haven’t rambled about my own day to day bar my bookish stuff would you like me to say more personal stuff let me know…

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Book Review: The Minute I Saw You By Paige Toon

Blurb: When Hannah meets Sonny, she’s irresistibly drawn to him: he’s sexy and confident, but only in town on holiday. That’s fine with Hannah – she doesn’t do long-term relationships. And luckily for her, neither does Sonny. But before they can even so much as kiss, Sonny receives some shocking news and commits to making serious life changes – ones that can’t and won’t include romance.

With even a short fling now off the cards, Hannah and Sonny settle for being friends. But as summer hots up and their chemistry shows no signs of cooling, they start to question their reasons for shutting each other out. 

Are they both too broken to find love? And if they tear down the walls between them, will they still like what’s on the other side? 

Review: I’m wholeheartedly completely biased when it comes to Paige Toon, as I’ve stated numerous times I got into her books late on. Recently I’ve embarked on a readathon with Catriona and I’ve loved delving into the books I hadn’t read and re-reading the ones I loved.

The Minute I Saw You – is a first for me. In the first instance it’s the first proof I’ve not touched until publication day and in saying that I’ve read it in a day. Spending my day immersed in Paige Toon in Grantchester, Amsterdam and Australia pausing to watch her Facebook live, to make food and drinks and to watch her Insta live with a few chores in between. It was my mission to complete especially as I had the time to but I did find as I got further into the story my kindle said I didn’t have too long but it seemed to take me longer to finish.

Wow! I mean every single time I think I can’t be shocked by Paige I’m dumbstruck once again. The premise of this novel made my hairs stand on end the intensity and the angst was paramount. I have never imagined how sexual an encounter in an opticians could be making me think more and more about real life situations. Which I’m often left doing after being in Paige’s world.

Now for me what comes next is hard because there’s so much I would love to say but I cannot say and I wouldn’t want to risk ruining this rollercoaster for anyone. I will state one part of the storyline I had half guessed but I would never have anticipated what the actual outcome was. Paige delves into some dark subject matters but what I found encouraging was how she done so in a real way. Ignoring tabo and relying on good old fashioned friendships and conversations.

Both Sonny and Hannah I loved from the off – Paige naturally has a way of creating likeable and unlikeable women – which you will see from this novel there is a girl who features who you really won’t like ha. Hannah is strong on the outset but there is so much to her and her back story is woven through so well but you will be kept guessing for a while. With Sonny I had no incline or indication on his story but wow! I must say his cocky fun personality had me smiling like a goon throughout.

I love that this was a buddy read meaning I had a pal I could scream about stuff too. Paige has a habit of integrating characters from other novels and quite possibly my favourite couple appeared it was definitely a little OMG moment. If I had been able to read this in public it would have been one of those moments when people step away or give weird looks.

There’s so many aspects I want to talk about but I won’t spoil argh. I will mention friendships because there is a bond between a number of characters that grows, changes and evolves and each of those characters bring their own personality to the dynamic. I must say as ever for me there were tears and shocked expressions and genuine love for Paige and another heart wrenching story. The other sentiment I will mention is family and secrets in seeing Sonny and Hannah change, evolve and accept their pasts was emotional. Paige touches on sex in a totally different way showcasing that a true relationship is so much more than sex and that every single person has their own worries, stresses and insecurities but with the right person these aspects shouldn’t matter.

I’m glad I left this book until now to read, during the strangest time of my life I needed a Paige Toon all encompassing love – in saying that in this novel it made me want pizza, Prosecco and coffee…I’m not usually swayed by food in a Paige novel but this one had its moments.

This is another level of Paige Toon showcasing that this woman can put her hand to almost anything. Some hard hitting themes are dealt with such grace and precision and I’m actually left wondering on a few aspects. Quite simply her sexiest novel leaving me hoping these beauties come back to us some day. My time with Sonny and Hannah was short seeing as I read it on publication day but their story is one I will remember fondly and I will be recommending forever more.

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Bout of Books update….

So where am I at I hear you asking?

Yesterday was in entirety dedicated to Paige Toon I was reading her latest novel The Minute I Saw You and watching her publication day lives on Facebook and insta with a few household chores and breaks for food and stuff.

So for day four I read in full.

Heading back to day three I completed my audiobook of this…

And I made a head-start on

Listening to up to chapter 9.

I did manage to lose the headache and get some of my paperback buddy read in although not enough..

In being all encompassed by Paige yesterday I’m therefore a tad behind on this beauty so this is my aim for day five. After coffee breakfast and making my final tweaks and adjustments to my Paige Toon review which will be posted shortly.

During bout of books I’ve managed to finish two ebooks and an audio so far. Most of the time this readathon passes me by but this one has been pretty successful and it’s not over yet.

Sorry about my delayed update…..do you like these posts?

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Bout of Books day two update and hopes for day three.

Well I’m loving dedicating a bit more of my day to reading. I know I had already kind of done that since lockdown but I’ve also been giving myself targets. In saying that what I’ve realised is that I also need to get a bit more sleep, my dedication for trying to surpass my goals is leaving me feeling a bit off. Although I’m quite happy with where I’m at.

As I was behind on Monday yesterday I read Monday and Tuesday’s segments of this reading 138 pages and getting up to chapter 9. This is a fun read but it makes me realise even more that I’ve never liked the fashion industry.

On Monday I had listened to 27% and yesterday I got up to 67% I had wanted to finish but alas that didn’t happen although since then I have finished this one this morning…my thoughts will be coming soon.

So as I say I finished one audiobook today I’ve had a bit of a headache this morning which I think is lack of sleep. Which was why I delved for the audio when in reality I wanted to read my buddy read alongside my breakfast. But the plus is I’ve been reading still….I’m still a bit headachey I’ve been trying to sort a few things in my room and it’s been productive. I’m hoping I can get round to those pages later…I had wanted to get onto this

But it never happened I will be delving in shortly but I also need to have a rest to try and ease this headache as I don’t want to get behind. Especially as the new Paige Toon is out tomorrow I’ve had it a while but due to the readathon I’ve not started it. After hearing her read from it at a Spring blogger event before gatherings were cancelled I was even more in awe…

So today is about reading but not overdoing it. I have a fitness class via Facebook this evening and I’m hoping to watch Miranda Dickinsons live.

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Bout of books day one and hopes for day two..

So yesterday was day one and I had said that I wanted to finish this beauty below

And I did…

I truly enjoyed delving into a Thriller for the first time in a short while. My review was posted this morning.

I wanted to get a few things done in my room but I didn’t want to not be reading so I downloaded Libby which I’m now a little obsessed with and I started this beauty which has been on my TBR for a while…and I love that the audio is read by Emily Attack who is fun to listen to whilst I do chores including my walk around Sainsbury’s this morning.

I listened to 28% of this yesterday I had said I would have liked to have listened to 50% but Love Me To Death took over my time alongside all the day to day stuff.

I should have read the first five chapters of this

My buddy read.
So today I will be catching up on this it’s my must on today’s list.

If I’m honest I would like to read both Monday’s and today’s chapters of The High Moments and I would like to finish Some Kind of Wonderful as I’m eager to get to book two of the Jessie Jefferson novel which is another audio read thanks to Catriona I also have this in physical form. As I’m also eager to delve into the latest Paige Toon which is out on Thursday…

I’m onto chapter 3 of The High Moments and it looks like times are changing for Scarlett….right time to step away from the phone and back to the book.

Tomorrow I hope to have my day two round up and hopes for the day in the morning and a review in the afternoon unless you would prefer it the other way around let me know in the comments.

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Book Review: The Accidental Life Of Jessie Jefferson By Paige Toon

Blurb: Meet Jessie, small-town girl turned wild child . . .
Jessie has never known her real dad, and when her mum dies she thinks any hope of finding him is gone. As she goes goes off the rails, her stepdad announces that her father is Johnny Jefferson – legendary rockstar and former hell-raiser.
Still dealing with her loss, and now the daughter of a superstar, Jessie is sucked into the LA lifestyle – paparazzi, parties and hot guitar-wielding boys included.
But is Johnny up to the job? And, more importantly, is Jessie?

My thoughts the second time around: Having been on a Paige Toon rollercoaster readathon it’s been thrilling to re-read a few. I read this before I knew the full extent of Johnny and Meg’s story. So to start with I was really unsure of Meg but now knowing her backstory I can see why Meg is the way she is. Seeing as she’s been put through a lot over the years. I feel like I appreciated how Meg and Jessie’s relationship transformed much more on my second listen. This one I listened to on audio at both sittings and in finishing both times I’m left with a lot of unanswered questions.

The next two in the Jessie Jefferson YA series I have as paperback but I’m undecided as of whether I will download the audio too. Although in saying that recently when I’ve got back to a paperback rather than a kindle read I’ve embraced it and loved the feel. In saying that audiobooks have kept me occupied whilst getting dressed, doing chores, exercises and winding down at the end of the day, so we shall see I guess.

The Jessie Jefferson series sees a completely different side to Johnny and in the bombshell at the end of the first book I’m looking forward to where the story takes us. As ever Paige Toon has a way of writing teenage angst amongst real life family drama. A welcome distraction to the chaos that is life right now.

This is what I said the first time around you can read my thoughts Here.

We’re nearing the end of our read a long and are almost up to Paige’s latest which I’ve had sat on my kindle for a while in loyalty to my friend Catriona it’s still unopened but I know it’s going to be another 5 star treat that makes me laugh and more than likely makes me cry.