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Ask me a question???

This is me…

So I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a Q&A for a while and today is that day. Thank you to those who have sent me over a few questions and the rest I’ve found via various blog tags.

My good friend Jax Harrington said: Are there any books that you have started but not finished?

Yup I can wholeheartedly answer this one. The final 50 shades book I still haven’t read after picking up and putting down the second one a lot. I didn’t hate it but I lost focus a lot when I was reading I was into the story buy distract me with something more interesting and I was gone. I have a good attention span as I often read on public transport and in coffee shops but when I just put it down and have no omph to pick it up that’s when it’s shelved. Saying that sometimes I have blog tours where I have to read specific books but a timeframe so in some instances it’s not that I didn’t want to read it. I have a few half started hardbacks as they are heavy to lug around. I’m hoping to get back to a few whilst I’m at home.

Jax also asked: How far have you read before you decide you can’t get into or don’t like it?

I’m not going to say this never happens as it does. But in 2020 I had decided that I wanted to read more for me so I’ve been more selective to the blog tours where I’ve been asked to actually review the book rather than taking on content or interviews.

Jax also asked: Top Three books?

Now this is a hard one as I love sooo many and so many resonate for a number of reasons so I’m going to spin this and my answer is going to be my top three so far from this year.

This woman will always make my list I inhaled this book and wow!
Pretending is such an important book especially for us ladies.
Just wow!

It’s so hard as I’ve loved sooo soo many this year but each of these had me hooked and have left a lasting memory on me.

The fantastic author of Kiss Her Goodbye and Love Me To Death Susan Gee asked me: What’s your favourite opening to a book and why?

Wow! Great question and I feel like I should have a fully fledged answer to this one…I would consider myself a varied reader these days but I love openings that through me straight into the action or those that leave me wanting more. I’m currently reading a book that has letters also adding to the story I like things like that too

Why do you love reading???

Since a young age stories have taken me away from the troubles of the world and gave me informative insights to a number of topics. As a child I lived for Enid Blyton’s Famous Five and Secret Seven although how I never read Malory Towers after watching almost all the TV series I will be reading it as an adult soon.

So it’s been a short but sweet Q&A I would love to do this again so please do put forward your questions. I don’t want to be overloading you guys so I will be trying to limit the two posts in future but I wanted to get both of these out there, it should have been a morning and an afternoon post but the morning spiralled away. I’ll be back with my weekly update tomorrow.

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Q&A with Ian Wilfred

Yesterday afternoon I had a massive headache and I’ve been a bit better today but I haven’t read physically only through listening to an audiobook. I’m catching up on a Netflix series at the moment trying to give my mind different things to focus on.

In thinking about blog posts and content I realised that I hadn’t posted this Q&A that I done with Ian a while ago I’ve included the links to Ian’s latest read.

1. Your latest novel Time To Move On will be the first one I read. I’m excited but what can I expect? Also what should I read next?

My last two books were set on the Greek island of Holkamos (which is a mixture of several Greek islands) my new one Time To Move On is here in Norfolk where I live Saltmarsh Quay which doesn’t exist only on in my head the story starts off with one of the main characters opening a parcel I don’t want to give this away but this actually happened thirty years ago a friend of mine sent a parcel and then received the phone call.

2. When did you first realise you wanted to be a writer?

I first started writing when I was my dads full time carer back in 2011 and that resulted in my first book Putting Right The past which was published in 2013.

3. What made you become such a champion of other authors and bloggers? 

When my second book The Little Terrace Of Friendships came out in 2017 I could not get over how many lovely author bloggers and reader wished we well on the publication day and I thought everyone who has a book out should feel like that so that’s why every Saturday morning I go through all the books coming out the following week and tweet the links.

4. Describe to me your average writing day?

My day starts very early around 5.30 with lots of coffee and Twitter checking on blog tour publication days for other author seeing who’s going to have a cover reveal then it’s off to the beach with the dog once back a check on Twitter and then down to the writing lunch Twitter writing I will say come 5pm I’m useless at writing I end up asleep finding things to do anything but write.

5. Where do you get your inspiration from?

Everywhere I do seem to come up with ideas when I’m about three quarters of the way through a first draft I make notes and come back to it months years later.

6. What’s your earliest memory with books?

Janet and John books but then in my teenage years mills and boon and also short stories in the reader digest magazines.

7. What’s your proudest moment of being a published author?

Lots of proud moments but one has to be getting the Amazon orange bestseller flag for my last book My Perfect Summer In Greece that was very special I don’t think it will happen again but it would be nice.

8. What are you working on now?

At the moment I’m 80 thousand words through the first draft of next years summer book and I’m enjoying it I just want to write the end so I can go back and start cutting adding everything and rewriting a lot of the things that are already there.

9. What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

I get asked this a lot and I give the same two answers write everyday even if it’s just a few hundred words and the second bit of advise is read everything and watch every video Milly Johnson has ever done on writing tips she is the BEST.

10. If you could have written one book by someone else what is it and why?

This is difficult there are so many books I’ve loved but I’m not sure I would have wanted to have written any of them one book that means so much to me is by the lovely author Emylia Hall – The Book of Summers is has a special place in my heart for lots of different reasons.

Ian’s latest novel is

It’s a free read for those of you using Kindle Unlimited. Or it’s 99p to purchase right now and you can do so Here.

If you’re an author or even a blogger and fancy guesting on my blog do get in touch. I can’t wait to hear from you….

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Q&A with Cressida McLaughlin

Today I am pleased to share an interview with Cressida McLaughlin and I’m so sorry it’s come so late in the day…I’ve been a tad busy with an awful MRI and it’s my best friends birthday…

So without further ado.

1 The Cornish Cream Tea Bus was my first of your reads although I also have the canal book cafe on my kindle. What was your inspiration for the Cornish Cream Tea Bus???

I have been visiting Cornwall for about four years, after seeing it on the recent BBC adaptation of Poldark, and have completely fallen in love with it. The landscape is so beautiful and dramatic, and it’s so romantic, too, that as soon as I went I knew I wanted to set a book there. It also has some delicious, traditional food – fresh fish, pasties and, of course, the Cornish Cream Tea. I loved the idea of there being a slightly forgotten village, of a determined heroine coming in and trying to rescue it while also trying to get over her own heartbreak. I wanted her to face lots of challenges, some opposition, and I wanted there to be mouth-watering food.

I loved everything about it the setting was atmospheric and pretty something and the characters well they truly touched my heart?

I am so pleased you loved the characters! I really do too – I love all my characters, but I particularly loved creating Porthgolow and all its unique inhabitants: the contrast between Myrtle, who has lived there for decades, and Daniel, with his modern hotel sitting up on the cliff, Jonah with all his knowledge and, of course, Charlie. I loved breathing life into them, and I’m so glad you were touched by them, and thought the setting was atmospheric – that’s exactly the impression I wanted to make.

2. What’s been your best highlight of being a published author?

There are so many – it really is a dream come true! Hearing from readers who have loved my books, who have been touched by them in some way, or just been completely engrossed in the story is amazing, because it means I’ve done my job. I write them to entertain people, and so hearing that it’s worked is the best feeling. Also, the moment you get to hold your paperback for the first time is always thrilling and emotional – and it never gets any less exciting. Holding my first paperback of The Cornish Cream Tea Bus felt as special as holding A Christmas Tail.

3. What’s your average writing day like? Paint us a picture…

My brain is much better in the morning than it is in the afternoon, so I like to start early. I usually get up around 6.30 and then go for a walk round our closest park, meeting all the dogs. We don’t have any pets at the moment, but it’s lovely to meet all the local pooches. Then, when I’m back home, I’ll take a cup of tea up to my office, turn on all my fairy lights and – usually after responding to emails and engaging in some other forms of procrastination – I’ll start writing.

I aim to write at least 3,000 words a day. That’s about one of my chapters, and sometimes I’ll just scrape it, sometimes I’ll write double that, and sometimes I’ll manage 0 good words and get very annoyed with myself! I usually write until about 1.30, then have lunch, and then, depending on how well I’ve done in the morning, I’ll either carry on or I’ll use the afternoon to catch up with blogs, doing any Q&As (like this!) or reading. I’m fuelled by lots of coffee during the morning, and occasionally chocolate! 🙂

4. Where do you get your inspiration?

Inspiration comes from so many different places – an actual location, like some of the places we’ve visited in Cornwall, a snippet of conversation I’ve overheard in a coffee shop, a question that appears randomly into my head – for example: what would it be like to own a café on a narrowboat? – or something very specific.

I remember exactly when the idea for The House of Birds and Butterflies popped into my head. We were visiting Minsmere, which is a wonderful nature reserve in Suffolk run by the RSPB, and it has this very long, windy driveway through the woods, to get to the car park. Nestled in the trees was this beautiful little cottage, so quaint and so remote, but with all these cars going to and from the nature reserve, and hikers walking past it with their binoculars and waterproofs, and I just thought – what would it be like to live in that cottage? How would you feel if you’d just moved there, and realised it wasn’t as quiet as you thought it was going to be? Suddenly I had the whole premise of The House of Birds and Butterflies – Abby working in the reserve, trying to improve its fortunes, and Jack, just moved into the adjacent cottage, grumpy and hurting, looking for some peace and quiet and finding none.

That’s just one example, but it was such a specific moment, and it’s so brilliant when you get flashes of inspiration like that!

5. How do your characters come together? Characters are a huge thing for me….and I loved those you created in the Cornish Cream Tea Bus.

They always come together quite slowly. I start with my heroine, what her predicament is, and what kind of person she is. For example, Charlie is very determined, she’s positive and she won’t let things get her down. She is generous and ambitious, but she also jumps quickly to conclusions, and sometimes her temper gets the better of her.

Once I’ve got my heroine, I have a huge amount of fun creating my hero. I have to think they’re really hot, or I won’t write the tension between them and my heroine convincingly. They have to have things in common with her, but also beliefs or circumstances that mean they will clash in some way, so they won’t immediately fall into each other’s arms. The will-they-won’t-they is very important in my books, one of my favourite things to write – and also to read.

Supporting characters are also great fun to write – family members, friends and the locals in whichever community I’m creating. Those tend to appear as I write, when I need my heroine to face obstacles and also find allies. I start with quite a sketchy idea and as the story develops, all my characters flesh out – quite often very differently to how I first imagine them – so by the time I write ‘The end’ I feel like I know them all pretty well.

6. What’s your earliest memory of books?

My house was always full of books when I was growing up, and I think my first memory was sitting on my bed, my dad showing me a pop-up picture book of The Wind in the Willows. There was a page with a row of bare trees, darkness behind them, and when you pulled the tab, horrible weasels popped out from behind the trees. It always used to terrify me, but at the same time I wanted my dad to go back to that page and pull that tab over and over again. Maybe that’s why I love reading scary books now!

7. When did you realise you wanted to be a writer?

Not until my mid twenties. I have always loved reading books, and I did English Literature at University and wrote lots of essays about books I’d read, but never really had ambitions to write them myself. Then I read a few women’s fiction books, most notably Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella and A Hopeless Romantic by Harriet Evans, and I LOVED them! I loved the way they made me feel – they were so funny and emotional, they made me laugh and cry, and they were beautifully, swooningly romantic. After that, I decided that I wanted to write books like that – that I wanted to control the stories, and create characters that readers loved and heroes they swooned over, and I wanted to make people laugh and cry. Once I’d got it into my head, that was all I wanted to do.

8. What advice would you give to wannabe writers and bloggers?

Read lots of books, and try and read different genres, because you can learn a lot about writing by reading books – what you think works and what doesn’t; the tricks writers use to make you laugh or cry or hide behind a pillow.

I would also say that to be a successful writer, or a book blogger, you need to be passionate about it. Write a story that you feel strongly about, don’t do it because you think it’s going to be a great way of making money. One piece of advice I heard, which I thought was brilliant, was: write the book that you want to read. That way, your heart will be invested in it, and you’ll work hard to make it work. Don’t write a book because you think there’s a current trend or it’s the kind of thing that’s selling. If you don’t care about the story, it’s unlikely that your readers will.

I would also say the same about blogging. I used to blog for the book website Novelicious before I got my book deal, and I loved it – reviewing books, sending Q&As to authors and publicists, typing up the ‘My Book Deal Moment’ feature, always hoping that one day I would have my own. All the book bloggers I’ve come across seem super dedicated – they all love books, and love blogging about them, and I think that’s the main thing you need.

9. What are you working on now??? Can you tell us anything?

I’m working on a book called The Cornish Cream Tea Summer. From the title, you can probably guess that it’s going to involve some familiar characters – but there will also be some new ones!

The heroine, Charlie’s cousin Delilah, comes to Porthgolow after something goes seriously wrong in her life back in London. She’s heard about Charlie’s idyllic existence in the Cornish village and she thinks it’s the perfect place to run to, but she might get more than she bargained for once she gets acquainted with The Cornish Cream Tea Bus, and all that Porthgolow has to offer.

As I write this I’ve only got two more chapters left of the first draft, and even though it’s in a very rough and ready state at the moment, I am so excited about it! I hope you love Delilah and her story as much as I do.

10. What are you reading right now? Have your reading habits changed since being a writer.

I certainly read more since I’ve become a full time writer, because, now I don’t have a standard nine to five job and don’t have to fit my writing into evenings and weekends, I have more time to read.

I’ve always been an avid reader, and I’ve always read quite widely – I love crime and thrillers and ghost stories, as well as romance and women’s fiction – and that hasn’t changed. And I love that I sometimes get sent proofs of books to read, as it means I can discover lots of new authors. It does mean that my TBR Pile is never-ending, but I’ve come to accept that as a (very positive) occupational hazard.

At the moment I’m reading Kiss Heaven Goodbye, by Tasmina Perry. She’s a brilliant author who writes glamorous thrillers, often centred around wealthy people who have secrets to hide. They’re fast paced, full of drama and romance and twists, and are proper escapism. I’m going on holiday next week and I’ve got Mhairi McFarlane’s new book, If I Never Met You, to read, and I am SO excited about that. One of the best things about being a writer is that I can count reading as part of my job. I really am living the dream.

Cressida McLaughlin

Instagram: @cressmclaughlin

Facebook: @cressidamclaughlinauthor

Twitter: @cressmclaughlin

Website: cressidamclaughlin.com

Thank you Cressida for joining me today and I cannot wait to go back To Cornwall for Delilah’s story….

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Ask Away….

Happy Monday all.

It’s the start of a brand new week and I hope wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, you’re happy and healthy.

A while ago I asked for questions on my Twitter in lieu of writing a blog post answering said questions and it fizzled out. So yesterday I asked again on my Twitter and Facebook account. So far I have two fabulous questions. I’m aiming for 10-20 before I can warrant sharing my answers.

friend Friday

Friend Friday Returns welcome Nicki 

1..How do you know me?  

Through you’re Wandering Wednesday posts.

 2.Have we met in real life?   


3.What is your bookish inspiration?  

I read to escape, to be educated and to be entertained.

4.What is your favourite book and why? (I know this won’t be an easy ask so you can list more than one) 

When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit by Judith Kerr and The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis both are books I read as a child that hold nostalgic feelings for me, they are my real comfort reads. 

5. What book got you into reading?  

Sorry I have no idea

6. What is your fave series and why?  

I love Eva Dolan’s Zigic & Ferreira series set in a police Hate Crime Unit in Peterborough. It’s a fantastic series with very real stories that always manages to challenge my views about life in the UK.  

7. Favourite authors and why?  

Lisa Jewell for her multi-layered characters and stories,  
Nicky Pellegrino for her wonderful depictions of Italian life and food.  
Margaret James is a new author I’ve recently discovered on Twitter who deserves more readers for her wonderful Charton Minster series.

8. Tell us a bit about you and your blog? 

I’m Nicki a 40 something wife and mother to a 16 year old son. I live on the beautiful island of Jersey where we only have a Waterstones bookshop and a WHSmith to buy books from. Fortunately, we have a fantastic library service over here and all the charity shops sell second hand books too. Twice a year the local guide Dogs for the Blind charity have their second-hand book sales which raise thousands of pounds each time.  
I’ve dabbled with blogging for years and have been reviewing books for a long time on Goodreads, Amazon and Waterstones but wanted a central place for all my reviews. I had a book blog on Booklikes for a few years but actually started this blog last October when Booklikes looked like it was dying. It recovered but I preferred the new format on WordPress and so made this my blog home. I’m very happy here and have been made very welcome by all the lovely book bloggers out there. 

9. What’s your favourite colour?  

I don’t really have one at the moment. 

10. Here’s your chance to tell us all a bit about the last book you read and your thoughts? 

It was Still Christian a short memoir by David Gushee, an American Professor of Christian Ethics at Mercer University in the US. It caught my attention on NetGalley when I was looking for a particular title. It was a fascinating, and bewildering read at times, making me realise how interlinked religion and politics are across the Atlantic, despite the fact that America is a secular nation! 

Thank you so much for jumping on board Nicki you have been a tower of strength for my memes and have kept me going. You can check her blog out here https://thesecretlibrarysite.wordpress.com/ her blog is amazing. 

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Katey Lovell speaks to Hayley Reviews….

Monday Monday…what a gloomy looking day and I’m not feeling great but enough of that negativity. This morning I am welcoming the lovely Katey Lovell to Hayley Reviews – this post has been delayed as we both had holidays so here it is.

Katey’s latest novel The Cafe in Fir Tree Park has recently been released in paperback I devoured the EBook back in May but I was eager to help Katey re-promote this gorgeous Summer read. Here is my Review.

1. What was your inspiration for The Cafe in Fir Tree Park?

I’m very fortunate to live in Sheffield, which has beautiful greenery alongside all the benefits of a major city. There are two large parks within walking distance of my house, and I combined some of my favourite features of each of them to create Fir Tree Park.

 In terms of characters, I wanted to write about friendships between women of different generations, and my original idea was to follow Maggie and Fern’s stories – once I started writing about Pearl and Lacey though, I couldn’t stop!

 2. Who was your favourite character or characters to write and why? You know I have some favourites.

This is a really hard one, because I genuinely loved writing all the characters. If I had to choose one, it would probably be Pearl. Everything else I’ve written has been about younger women, but Pearl has a back story which made her fun to explore.

 3. Do you think these characters will ever pop up again?

I’d never say never, but my gut reaction is probably not. Initially I’d planned a companion Christmas novella, but the focus of that was around a plot point that didn’t make it into the final draft of The Café in Fir Tree Park so it didn’t feel as necessary.

 4. Your next release is a Christmas book – how did it feel writing Christmas outside of Christmas time?

Being an author you often find yourself writing about summer in the winter and vice versa. It can be quite disconcerting, but fortunately I’d written the first half of Joe and Clara’s Christmas Countdown during NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) in November 2016. The first draft was finished in May, so it wasn’t as though I was writing in a heatwave this time – I wrote The Boy Under the Mistletoe in August on a baking hot weekend!

 5. You’re a proper fan girl have you ever thought about writing about that in some way shape and form?

Erm…I’m not sure how much I can get away with saying. Can I just say ‘yes’ and leave it at that?!

 6. Would you ever write more Meet Cutes following the characters we already have? If so which ones?

This is something I’d love to do! Ooh, who do I think would have had an interesting relationship after their meeting – maybe Lauren and Toby from The Boy at the Beach. It would be fun to see if they were still partying or if they were enjoying more quiet nights in now they’re a couple!

 7. If you were to pitch The Cafe in Fir Tree Park to someone who doesn’t read really how would you phrase it?

It’s a contemporary novel about friendship, family and relationships set in a fictional Home Counties park. The story is told through four different women’s voices, so hopefully readers can relate to at least one of the characters. Overall, it’s about accepting yourself, and accepting that making mistakes and having flaws is a natural part of life.

 8. You now have an agent, how amazing is that and how has it changed you?

It’s fantastic! I’m now working with Julia Silk at MBA on a few different projects and it’s lovely to have honest input from someone so knowledgeable of the industry at all points in the process. I wouldn’t say it’s changed me as such, but it’s definitely given me a renewed sense of purpose – as people who follow me on social media will know, I’ve been working incredibly hard this summer on a new project that Julia is advising me on.

 9. How sad were you to say goodbye to your blog? Although it surely feels good to just be an author blogging?

Book blogging was a huge part of my life for a long time, and deciding to close Books with Bunny was a big decision for me. Ultimately, it came down to not having enough hours in the day to do it justice, and although I felt very sad about it, I know it’s the right thing. I’m still talking about books online, especially on Twitter, so it’s not as if I’ve stopped sharing the book love altogether. And as you say, I have my author blog which I keep promising I’ll update!

 10. Tell us a random fact about you that no one would know?

Oh gosh… let me think. I really want to get a tattoo but I’m scared it’ll hurt – will that do? I used to be petrified of needles, but I have to self-inject weekly because the medication I take for Crohn’s disease is through an injectable pen, so I’m getting over it. Weirdly I’ve always been fine with piercings and have a few!

You can find The Cafe in Fir Tree Park Here and you can pre order her Christmas read I have already done so back in July Here that’s called Joe and Clara’s Christmas Countdown.

Wandering Wednesday

Wandering Wednesday #8 Inspiration on a rainy day….

Happy Hump Day it’s Wandering Wednesday here at Hayley Reviews. 

I wasn’t sure if this post would happen today and then I was struck by inspiration at the sound of the rain pouring. 

I’m sorry for the two days of silence Monday was crazy and yesterday I was at a funeral originally I was going to have something ready to just post but that never happened but hey here I am.

The rain had me thinking so here I will ask some questions and I would love you guys to post your answers in the comment box.

On a gloomy rainy day like today what would you like to be doing if given the chance? 

For me if I’m not at work on a gloomy and rainy day I love to sit and read or watch a film. With endless cups of tea or coffee although when it’s winter time I love to squeeze in a few Irish coffees they are my fave treat. Although I am partial to them whilst on holiday too.

This one was taken in Salou last year I believe. 

Where would you rather be? 

Now when it’s gloomy here in London I long for the sunshine….it’s 23 in Salou and not a raindrop in sight.

Where would you love to go?

There are a few places I am longing to visit. Nashville (although I hear there will be direct flights from London to Nashville next year) that has put the biggest smile on my face. New Orleans is another destination I would kill to visit. And a place I have always thought would be my ideal romantic destination is Mauritius. I would also love to visit Rome. Oh and since devouring Then Now Always I’m itching to visit Mojacar.

If you could live and work anywhere else where would you choose?

I have a love affair with Salou so that would definitely be a place I could live and work. Also maybe New York given the right opportunity. Or maybe just to the seaside as it’s always better beside the sea. 

What’s your dream trip???

I won’t be answering that as I have kind of mentioned it but I would love to hear from you guys. 

If you would like to guest post on Wandering Wednesday or to join Friend Friday I will be sending out emails hopefully tomorrow then please do leave a comment with your email address.

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Author post: The New Beginnings Coffee Club by Samantha Tonge

Firstly it’s publication day of The New Beginnings Coffee Club. Which I have sat waiting for me on my Kindle app. Sam has kindly answered some questions for me on this very exciting day….

Before I get stuck in here is the blurb.

Everyone deserves a second chance…don’t they?

Jenny Masters finds herself living the modern dream. Wife to a millionaire, living in a mansion and mother to Kardashian-obsessed ten-year-old April, there isn’t anything missing. Until, her whole world comes crashing down, forcing Jenny and April to leave behind their glittering life and start over with nothing.

With village gossip following her wherever she goes, she finds refuge and a job in the new coffee shop in town. As the days pass Jenny fears she doesn’t have what it takes to pick herself back up and give April the life she always wanted to. But with the help of enigmatic new boss Noah, and housemate Elle, Jenny realises it’s never too late to become the woman life really intending you to be!.
Intrigued I know I am….

1. Tell us a bit about The New Beginnings Coffee Club and your inspiration?

 The New Beginnings Coffee Club is a story about starting over and finding yourself. The three main characters all have a past that they have to come to terms with and I think – hope – the story is very relatable. We all , to a degree, put on a mask in public and this novel is about being strong enough to remove that and just be yourself. As well as these themes, coffee shops were also a huge inspiration to me when writing this. They seem to have taken over from pubs, in terms of being the hub of a community, and I love my local one. I only have to walk through the door and a couple of the baristas seem to sense what I’d like to drink!!!

2. Fave coffee ( I have to ask about coffee right?) 

Americano. No milk. And (shhh, don’t tell anyone) decaffeinated! And can I count Hot Chocolate, too? DELICIOUS.

3. Tell us something that readers wouldn’t know about you?

 I was part of the opening crew for Disneyland Paris, way back in the early Nineties! Huge fun.

4. What is your ideal writing day? Plus your ideal day off?

A cycle ride first, my cat for company and a trip out to my local coffee shop, at some point, to refuel! My ideal day off is to get out of the house, away from my computer. I’ve recently become a fan of mindfulness and like nothing more than a walk through a park, observing nature.

5. What are your hopes for 2017?

2016 was a challenging year for me, on many levels – I hope 2017 is a gentler one that ends with a sense of hope. Rather like my novel.

Thank you Sam for joining me today The New Beginnings Coffee Club is out NOW!!!!!! 

Buy it here!!!

I literally adore this top 😉 #coffeeaddict.

About Sam:

Samantha lives in Cheshire with her lovely family and a cat that thinks it’s a dog. Along with writing, her days are spent cycling, willing cakes to rise and avoiding housework. Formally trained as a linguist, Samantha now likes nothing more than holing herself up in the spare room, in front of the keyboard. Writing romantic comedy novels is her passion.
Samantha has sold over 80 short stories to mainstream women’s magazines. Her debut romantic comedy novel from HarperCollins (CarinaUK), bestselling “Doubting Abbey”, was shortlisted for the Festival of Romantic Fiction Best Romantic Ebook award, 2014. The bestselling summer novel, Game of Scones, won the Love Stories Awards 2015 Best Romantic Ebook category.

Social media links:




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WWW Wednesday…

WWW Wednesday is a weekly meme, hosted by Sam over at Taking On A World Of Words. Head on over to her blog to see how you can get involved. Leave a comment even if you don’t have a blog you can still get involved. I too would love to see your answers. 

I have loved this weekly feature and have been wanting to get involved in this for ages and I’m finally getting the chance. I have hoped to have a better reading week and in some ways I have check back on Saturday to see how I faired. Right let’s get on with this. 

The three W’s are:

What have you finished reading?

What are you currently reading?

What will you read next?

My answers:

What have you finished reading?

My last audio read which I reviewed Here I hope to have Hollie on the blog real soon and I look forward to her second novel 

Is out in August I cannot wait.

I also read and loved part one of the Lemon Tree Cafe although Cathy has said I should maybe read The Plumberry school of Comfort Food before getting onto part two I’m not sure what I will do next. 

What are you currently reading? 

I started this the other night and I’m half way through and thoroughly enjoying it. I really like Bridget and I’m loving Charlie. At times I want to scream at them both….I will be reviewing on publication day which is the 18th.

I regularly walk to work as most of my regular readers know, and recently I got addicted to Audible. This is my latest audible read and I love it and it has prompted another blog post about Grief that shall come soon.

What will you read next?

On Audible I’m not sure just yet. But my e-book and paperback list is. Although there are a few other books due out soon that I hope to get into asap.

This is the end of a beautiful story not sure I want it to end.

Plus I have SealSkin reusing a old pic sorry.

There is also this plus today I won 

I can feel this will come up in my TBR real quick…..

I would love to know your answers? I’m so happy to have finally got round to this and thank you to whoever voted on my poll on my Twitter HayleyTOfficial

Author Q&A, Guest Post

Guest Post: Sheila Norton talks to Hayley Reviews.

Today I am delighted to welcome Sheila Norton to Hayley Reviews. As you can see from my previous post I read and loved The Vets at Hope Green part one. Before part two becomes available I decided to ask Sheila some questions. Welcome Sheila and thank you so much for joining me….

1. Sheila as an extremely new fan of your writing tell me a bit about your background and your books? After I have read each part of vets at hope green I hope to read more from you. 

Hayley, it’s so good to have you as a fan! I’ve been writing my entire life really, but it was just a hobby until I started having short stories published during the 1990s. Then my first novel was published in 2003 – followed by seven more with that first publisher and six that I self-published from scratch. The early novels were all in the ‘chick lit’ genre, but more recently I’ve written two novels set in the 1960s (my teenage era!) and one with grandparents as the heroines. You can probably tell my age from that! However, my newest books are with Ebury Publishing, who commissioned me specially to write ‘animal’ stories. The first two of these are ‘cat’ stories – narrated by the cats! These have been very popular and I loved writing them, but I’ve also really loved writing ‘The Vets at Hope Green’, which has both human and animal interest! I’m now retired from my day job, so writing is my main occupation, but I worked most of my life as a medical secretary in the NHS. I also brought up three daughters, who between them have now blessed my husband and me with six little grandchildren. So I’m used to being busy!
There’s a full list of my books on my website www.sheilanorton.com

2. Cathy Bramley has done extremely well from e-book 4 part stories. Whose decision was it to do The Vets at Hope Green in this way? 

It was my publisher’s decision, partly because of the success of similar series. When my editor first suggested it, I found the idea quite strange, and it was tricky writing the book in four parts, with ‘cliff hangers’ at the end of each part to encourage readers on to the next one – but I soon got into it and enjoyed the process. It’s always good to try something different. And now I’m really excited about the next one, which will be another four part series. Watch this space!

3. Is Hope Green based on a real or fictional place?

It’s fictional. But we spend a lot of time in the west country so I enjoyed setting the story in a Dorset village. I could imagine it quite clearly in my mind! The next one will be set in Devon.

4. Without spoilers tell us a bit more about the characters?

Sam is a Norfolk girl originally, who’s moved to London to work in an upmarket city vet practice, but her real dream is to have more contact with animals, and ideally to live somewhere in the country where she can have dogs and children! Unfortunately her boyfriend Adam doesn’t share her dream at all, but she finds comfort and understanding in Hope Green with her Nana Peggy – a no-nonsense, tough lady who speaks her mind but adores her granddaughter. In Hope Green Sam meets some interesting characters including Joe, the new vet who seems to like animals a lot more than people, and David, who walks local people’s dogs for a living. And of course – there are some lovely animal characters too!

5. What is your ideal writing day? Explain.

Much as I love my family and friends, and prioritise them whenever possible, I also love having a day when I have nothing at all in my diary, no shopping or housework desperately needing to be done, and can write as much as I like! After breakfast I’ll check emails and social media first, responding to anything I need to, then start by reading through the last few pages of what I’ve written in the previous session. If I’m working from a synopsis, which is the case with my new books, I’ll re-read the part I’m working through, and then get stuck in. I’ll break for a cup of tea after an hour or so, and again either to go for a walk or a swim, following which I’ll have a sandwich for lunch. Then check the emails etc again before carrying on with some more work on the book. When I’ve reached a good place to stop – ideally at an exciting part, so I’m going to be fired up to get back to it the next day! – I’ll make a brief note of what I’m planning to put next. Then I’ll cook dinner, if it’s time, or else relax with the paper, a book, or a computer game. I don’t often work during the evening unless I’m running tight for a deadline. I had to do all my writing during the evenings when I was at my day job, so I enjoy having them free now. I’m happy to respond to emails and social media while watching TV though – and enjoy writing things like this!

6. What are your hopes for 2017?

Well, of course I’m hoping ‘The Vets At Hope Green’ will be a success! The most important thing for me is that people enjoy it – I’ve never expected to be a bestseller, not that it wouldn’t be nice if it happened! And
I’ve just had the synopsis for the next four-part series agreed by my editor, and have started writing the first part of it, so I’m obviously looking forward to completing that, too. Other than that, at my age my chief hopes are to be healthy enough to enjoy life, and for all my family to be happy and healthy.

I already adore Sam and I haven’t yet finished part one and I know that’s only the beginning of her story.

Thank you! So pleased you’re enjoying it. And thank you so much for inviting me to feature on your blog.
Thank you so much Sheila it was lovely to have you here. 

As stated The Vets At Hope Green part one: Escape to the country is available now. Kindle link with part two available for pre-order Kindle link part two. I have pre-ordered mine have you???