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Weekly Update #2

Welcome to the second weekly update here at Hayley Reviews. As I said last week I’m still looking at feedback to expand on this post each week.

Last weeks update was pretty impressive after a very successful Bout of Books reading week.

Last Sunday I spoke about Libby and my library updates you can re-read it Here. Did you enjoy my library post and would you like this as a regular update and when?

So far this week I’ve finished reading only one audiobook- Nights in Rodanthe by Nicholas Sparks….

this was a library read via Libby and you can read my thoughts Here.

I’m currently listening to Eve of Man By Giovanna and Tom Fletcher and I’m intrigued so far. I’m just under 40% of the way through. It’s got a feel of the Hunger Games and I’m enjoying the chapters of Eve and that of Bram.

Throughout May I’ve only not posted on one day of last week, and that was only because I didn’t want to rush a post. In saying that I’m loving the productivity and continuity on the blog.

Monday saw my thoughts on Giovanna Fletcher’s Some Kind Of Wonderful which was another Libby audiobook that I loved. I listened to this whilst carrying out chores in my room you can read my thoughts Here.

On Tuesday I delved into my thoughts seeing as so many people had been berating themselves over a number of things during lockdown you can read my thoughts Focus on the positives here

Up next was a blog blitz and you can see that again Here

I’ve already posted my review of my finished book and the final post was the cover reveal that I posted earlier today and if you missed it I’ve made it easy for you, you can read it Here.

I’m still reading this at times heartbreaking read.

Thank you for reading once again. I am looking for feedback on this post and what you would like to see going forward.

Today I managed an online workout which I had a lot of fun with although I maybe saying differently tomorrow haha. Some days my routines are better somedays they aren’t, today is a good day.

Next week I would like to answer some questions on here so send over the questions you would love me to answer…until next time.

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Weekly Update #1

Happy Saturday all and welcome to my newest feature here at Hayley Reviews. I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a weekly round up for a while and seeing as I’m at home right now I have no excuses whatsoever. So please bare with me and we will see how this feature turns out. I’m also looking for feedback on what you like and what you would like to see on next weeks post.

This week I’ve taken part in Bout of Books and it’s not over yet although the challenge does finish tomorrow. So far I’ve finished 2 ebooks and an audiobook. I’m hoping to finish another audiobook and paperback today 🙂 watch this space.

May has been a pretty successful one in terms of consistent blog posts and I’m hoping to keep some of this consistency once life returns to normal..

Last Sunday I choose to do a different post instead of a Six For Sunday the last few prompts haven’t been good for me so that’s where this inspiration came from you can read what I downloaded onto my Kindle in Kindle spree.

Monday was day one of Bout of Books Here is my sign up post.

I had targeted myself to finish Love Me To Death on day one ahead of it’s release on Thursday and I was chuffed to have succeeded you can read my review Here.

I rarely post more than one post in a day but in line with posting reviews and updating my progress on the bout of books readathon I have done on occasion. Update…. I would like to know whether you like the extra posts or whether that’s too much daily? Please leave me a comment below.

My next update on Bout of Books can be read Here

I wholeheartedly loved buddy reading Anstey Harris second novel Where We Belong and you can read my thoughts Here.

Another Bout of Books update for you to read Here.

I’m such a fangirl for Paige Toon and I read her latest novel The Minute I Saw You in a day (yup in its entirety) you can read my thoughts Here.

Today so far I’ve managed a little of my audio and that is it…as I say my plans are to finish my audio and my paperback of these beauties.

So that’s my first weekly update….and I would love to hear what you think and what you would like to see? I haven’t rambled about my own day to day bar my bookish stuff would you like me to say more personal stuff let me know…

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Q&A with Ian Wilfred

Yesterday afternoon I had a massive headache and I’ve been a bit better today but I haven’t read physically only through listening to an audiobook. I’m catching up on a Netflix series at the moment trying to give my mind different things to focus on.

In thinking about blog posts and content I realised that I hadn’t posted this Q&A that I done with Ian a while ago I’ve included the links to Ian’s latest read.

1. Your latest novel Time To Move On will be the first one I read. I’m excited but what can I expect? Also what should I read next?

My last two books were set on the Greek island of Holkamos (which is a mixture of several Greek islands) my new one Time To Move On is here in Norfolk where I live Saltmarsh Quay which doesn’t exist only on in my head the story starts off with one of the main characters opening a parcel I don’t want to give this away but this actually happened thirty years ago a friend of mine sent a parcel and then received the phone call.

2. When did you first realise you wanted to be a writer?

I first started writing when I was my dads full time carer back in 2011 and that resulted in my first book Putting Right The past which was published in 2013.

3. What made you become such a champion of other authors and bloggers? 

When my second book The Little Terrace Of Friendships came out in 2017 I could not get over how many lovely author bloggers and reader wished we well on the publication day and I thought everyone who has a book out should feel like that so that’s why every Saturday morning I go through all the books coming out the following week and tweet the links.

4. Describe to me your average writing day?

My day starts very early around 5.30 with lots of coffee and Twitter checking on blog tour publication days for other author seeing who’s going to have a cover reveal then it’s off to the beach with the dog once back a check on Twitter and then down to the writing lunch Twitter writing I will say come 5pm I’m useless at writing I end up asleep finding things to do anything but write.

5. Where do you get your inspiration from?

Everywhere I do seem to come up with ideas when I’m about three quarters of the way through a first draft I make notes and come back to it months years later.

6. What’s your earliest memory with books?

Janet and John books but then in my teenage years mills and boon and also short stories in the reader digest magazines.

7. What’s your proudest moment of being a published author?

Lots of proud moments but one has to be getting the Amazon orange bestseller flag for my last book My Perfect Summer In Greece that was very special I don’t think it will happen again but it would be nice.

8. What are you working on now?

At the moment I’m 80 thousand words through the first draft of next years summer book and I’m enjoying it I just want to write the end so I can go back and start cutting adding everything and rewriting a lot of the things that are already there.

9. What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

I get asked this a lot and I give the same two answers write everyday even if it’s just a few hundred words and the second bit of advise is read everything and watch every video Milly Johnson has ever done on writing tips she is the BEST.

10. If you could have written one book by someone else what is it and why?

This is difficult there are so many books I’ve loved but I’m not sure I would have wanted to have written any of them one book that means so much to me is by the lovely author Emylia Hall – The Book of Summers is has a special place in my heart for lots of different reasons.

Ian’s latest novel is

It’s a free read for those of you using Kindle Unlimited. Or it’s 99p to purchase right now and you can do so Here.

If you’re an author or even a blogger and fancy guesting on my blog do get in touch. I can’t wait to hear from you….

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Stacking the Shelves – Holiday Edition

Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme co hosted by Tynga’s Reviews and Reading Reality. Stacking the Shelves is all about sharing the books you are adding to your shelves, may it be physical or virtual. This means you can add any books that you add to your shelves, whether you’ve bought them been sent them or borrowed them from the library. And then be sure to post your links over on Tynga’s Reviews.

Firstly, I’m so sorry for the lack of updates this week. It’s been a full on week working Monday to Friday ahead of heading to the coast for two weeks. Alongside my news that I will be leaving Cancer Research this September and heading back to The O2. I’ve worked in the building before but this time around I’ll be at the bright lights of Cineworld and I cannot wait for my next chapter and a new challenge.

I’m hoping to finish Rewind today if I can.

I’ve also started listening to an extremely fun audiobook.

I love that Sophia is reading this and I downloaded this based on hearing her read the prologue and it was just as funny on the second listen.

Whilst on my holiday I’m hoping to buddy read this with the fabulous Cat. I love reading alongside her and I still haven’t penned my thoughts on a Miranda Dickinson’s latest I’m hoping to have my review up on publication day.

I’ve heard so many good things about this one. I had been meaning to grab a copy then one was donated into the Cancer Research shop where I work and I was like mine. This will be one of my paperback reads.

Last night I finally opened my brand new Kindle Paperwhite. I got it when it was on offer back in November time but as I was undertaking exams it’s sat awaiting my attention. Finally I decided to unwrap my new toy and wow wow wow! It’s so light and sleek.

I’m also hoping to read….

I’m being extremely ambitious as I won’t only be reading my nieces and nephew won’t let me only read…..although is there anything I must add.

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I had a manager from my O2 at the O2 days who used to say it takes 28 days to form a habit. This speech would regularly come out if there were major changes and especially when he thought we wouldn’t ever be willing to try and get on board. After having a night out with my old pals it got me thinking.

Now I’ve mentioned before and I dare say it will come up again, in April I joined Slimming World and my relationship with food changed. Some of you think I’m not eating properly and that couldn’t be further from the truth if anything I eat more these days it’s just what I’m eating and how I’m making it. That’s the key.

What I’ve noticed threefold is I don’t eat in the same way. I’m more appreciative and my sweet tooth is still there it’s just not as greedy as it once was which is a good thing for my health.

I’ve always been quite an active person but in finding Slimming World I shortly after found Fight Klub and for the first time in a while I felt truly excited. If I can’t make a class I’m grumpy. Recently when I hurt my back I missed two weeks of classes. This week I returned at a lower pace although I don’t think my right shoulder thinks that was the case saying that this morning it’s feeling a lot better but I haven’t reached work yet.

Now I’m a target member I’m not trying to loose any more weight. I’m now trying to find the right balance. I’m still enjoying trying new things and there’s still a number of things I’d love to make. I’m line with that on 12th November I’m embarking on an ETM Exercise To Music course and for the first time in ages I’m truly excited to study once again. I did GCSE PE and I honestly thought i’d have done more with it and now I’m on a whole new journey. This year has been remarkable for me and when opportunity knocks say yes what’s the worst that can happen. There are a few other potentials which I haven’t ruled out either.

I have recently become a Just Strong ambassador, I’m extremely new to this but I’m very much on board for inspiring and empowering women. I have just received my package but as I was out having a cheeky night off I haven’t opened it as yet. I dare say there will be an update on this as I cannot wait to try on my new gear. www.juststrong.com as a thank you to you beauties I am able to share with you my 10% discount code HAYLTHO10 I will be reviewing the top and jogging bottoms that I have purchased. If you have any questions or would like me to try something also get in touch. I’ve seen a few girls modelling the hoodies and I maybe swayed on that as these days are getting colder.

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Blog Tour: Wyld Dreamers By Pamela Holmes

As promised the second of today’s shamefully forgotten blog tours.

Blurb: In the summer of 1972, a group of friends is invited to Somerset to help photographer Seymour Stratton renovate a dilapidated cottage on Wyld Farm. Over the next year the group come to regard the farm as offering them a place to be for the rest of their lives, to enjoy ‘the good life’. But despite the commitment and camaraderie the rural idyll collapses.

Twenty-five years later, the group is brought together again in unexpected circumstances. Can events of the past be forgotten? Or will the secrets that are revealed devastate once unbreakable friendships?

Buy Link


Twitter Handles




I’m lucky enough to get another glimpse into an authors life…without further ado I give you Pamela Holmes.

My Publishing Experience

Good fortune plays a part in life, I guess, and it certainly did when it comes to my experience with publishing. I’d written a draft of a novel and had approached four agents picked from the Writers’ and Authors’ Yearbook and was thrilled when literary agent, Laura Morris offered to represent me. We discussed next steps, various publishers were considered and approaches made. But when I saw Matthew Smith, publisher of Urbane, speaking at an event on the future of publishing, his passion for publishing convinced me I needed to explore further. He spoke about his commitment to working closely with authors. Laura contacted contacted Matthew with the manuscript and then we waited. Not long, I’m sure, but being on tenterhooks, it felt to me like a millennium.

The Huntingfield Paintress now sits on bookshelves in shops and libraries. But that sentence does not describe the complex process that turns words typed on to a page into a printed or electronic book. Though familiar with printing having worked as a journalist and written a book on alcohol (Heinemann Library), I hadn’t expected to be involved and consulted about the book’s covers, typeface, colour and so on. Writer friends published by the other publishing houses say this is rare. Now my second book, Wyld Dreamers, is about to arrive in the world. Again, I’ve seen it being created from the raw copy on my computer screen into a physical book that I will hold in my hands. I hope I will see it reviewed, blogged about, sitting on shop and library bookshelves and being read by people I do not know.

The process has been thrilling, testing, time-consuming and absolutely worth it. I’m pinching myself.

Thank you once again Kelly and I’m so sorry for the delay.

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Blog Tour: Chasing Monsters By Paul Harrison

Today I am pleased to share not one but two blog tours but me being the super organised blogger I am hadn’t realised and had been blissfully ignorant on a fabulously book filled day out so without further ado.

I give you post number one….Chasing Monsters.Blurb: The first thrilling book in the Will Scott series.

In a sleepy northern seaside resort, The Eastborough Police Force is shocked into action when a heavily mutilated body is found in a quiet suburb. Murder rarely happens in these parts. Within a short space of time, the body count begins to rise rapidly, as a serial killer runs amok.

DI Will Scott is tasked with finding the murderer. In so doing he treads paths he never expected to traverse and uncovers a web of deceit where no one can be trusted.

The killer relentlessly continues to strike terror across the community, but without warning, the killing ground changes. Where will the killer strike next …?

Buy Link


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I am here to share a snippet of the book….

Mel had taken the kids out shopping to allow Will to catch up on some hard-earned sleep and said she would bring something home for dinner. Will loved the way that, having been in the job herself, she understood the demands of the work. He had barely dropped off to sleep when his mobile rang. He reached out and answered it.

‘Hello, this is DI Scott.’ It was Steve Fletcher. ‘Sir, sorry to bother you, I think you’d better call Detective Superintendent Kilpatrick straight away, he’s asking to speak with you directly. Sounds extremely urgent.’

‘Did he say anything else?’

‘No sir, just that you were to call immediately, he sounded as though he was in a good mood if that means anything? He’s on pager 314.’

Will made the call knowing that the DS would be questioning him about all aspects of the case and reminding him that the first 48 hours are the most important in any investigation.

‘Sir, It’s me, Will Scott.’

‘I gather you’ve got your hands full at the moment with this murder. Are you getting all the support you need from the Divisional Superintendent?’

‘Yes, sir, he’s fine. It’s the Chief Inspector whose acting like a spanner, he’s already tried to pull rank about resource issues and uniform overtime budgets. He doesn’t seem to understand the practicalities of policing, he’s a number cruncher.’

‘Well, that’s easily sorted. With immediate effect, I’m temporarily promoting you to Detective Chief Inspector, that’s backdated pay and pension from yesterday when you took control of this case. I will circulate a memo to all senior officers and staff right away. I’ve spoken with the Chief and he agrees. This is your case Will, I’m off on holiday for three weeks from tomorrow, so the decisions are all yours. Don’t let the bureaucrats grind you down Detective Chief Inspector Scott. Understand?’

Will wasn’t sure what to say but needed some assurance that he would still be allowed to lead the CID team from the front. ‘I don’t want to be one of those desk-bound chief inspectors boss, pushing paper around all day with no real purpose. I’m at my best out on the ground working within the rank and file, catching crooks.’

‘Will, it’s a title only to give you additional authority, it isn’t substantive. I never have liked the rank of Chief Inspector, it’s neither something or nothing. A halfway house which sits uncomfortably on the police landscape. You make the role what you want it to be.’

Will thanked him for the opportunity. After the call ended, his mind went into overdrive, the temporary promotion was great but he still had a murder case to solve. He was certain that somewhere within Roberts’ background there was likely to be something that would help crack the case. The phone buzzed again, this time it was a voicemail message. ‘Sir, it’s Daisy Wright here, sorry to disturb you, but I can’t sleep. I’m heading back into the office now. If anything major comes up I’ll call you on your home number, if you need me to come and pick you up later today, let me know. Bye.’

‘Fuck it,’ Will exclaimed. Daisy wasn’t the only one who couldn’t sleep. He quickly showered and got dressed before making his way downstairs to the kitchen. Making himself an espresso, he felt restless yet excited. He needed a reassuring hug from Mel to help gets things into perspective: temporary promotion and Senior Investigating Officer in a murder case in less than 24 hours, it was too good to believe.

He was pacing, constantly clock watching. The minutes seemed to be dragging by. He recalled a time when a now retired DI had told him that every minute is valuable in a murder investigation, yet here he was, drinking coffee and doing nothing remotely useful to catch Allan Roberts’ killer. He had to go back into work.

He picked up the phone and called Mel. ‘Darling, it’s me, how are you?’

His wife was surprised by the call. ‘I’m fine, so are the kids, why are you up?’ The sound of his wife’s voice gave him a warm feeling inside.

‘I can’t sleep, there is so much going through my head, and … guess what? Detective Superintendent Kilpatrick just rang me, he’s given me temporary promotion to the rank of DCI, and I’m being paid at that rate.’

Mel was thrilled by the news and at the same time she was aware that her husband was pushing himself extremely hard, promotion and to be in charge of a murder investigation was huge kudos. She also knew that Will wouldn’t want to let anyone down and would push himself to the very limits. ‘Will, that’s fantastic news, but listen to me for just a moment. You need to rest, can you remember the man who once told me, I work to live, not live to work? That was you, don’t make yourself ill over this murder, please, promise me. You have a wife and two children who love you very much, you mean everything to us, remember that. I know what’s coming next, you are going back into work aren’t you? Well, listen to me for once, take it steady, don’t damage your health over some filthy dead paedo.’

Thanks once again to Kelly @lovebooksgroup for including me in another fab blog tour.

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Author Spotlight – Zoe May

Better late than never, sorry it’s been a crazy day. I have to say thank you so much for all the love on my extremely personal post. It had been in my head for a while but it’s taken a lot for me to share my inner thoughts worries and changes. So thank you.

Wow! It seems my personal posts are very popular. If you’re burning to know something then please do leave a comment.

Now if you follow me on Twitter www.Twitter.com/HayleyTOfficial I asked what you would like to see today and what won was an author guest post. Sadly this was a little premature of me as I only have half the info that I need. Instead I decided to still give you something author related and I wanted to spotlight an author who I love.

I give you Zoe May…

I have featured this beauty here at Hayley Reviews a few times but this week there was an update on her third novel that needs to be shared. Before I get to that I devoured her first novel quite quickly…

Perfect Match Review

Which meant I pre-ordered her second novel which I’m ashamed to say I haven’t read. Damn damn damn. In my defence the dates changed and I had already agreed to stuff – I won’t complain you know my thoughts.

Now this is what I’m here to talk to you about…

It sounds amazing, Zoe headed to New York for this beauty and it’s available as an ebook on 1st Jan 2019 and in March it will be published as a paperback – I cannot wait for that and to get the lady herself to sign it.

If you’re looking for a feel good read look no further.

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Cover Reveal: Isolation Junction By Jennifer Gilmour

Happy Saturday here’s to the weekend and here’s another cover reveal courtesy of Rachel’s Random Resources.

So without further ado….

Blurb: Rose is the mother of two young children, and finds herself living a robotic life with an abusive and controlling husband. While she struggles to maintain a calm front for the sake of her children, inside Rose is dying and trapped in ‘Isolation Junction’.

She runs an online business from home, because Darren won’t let her work outside the house. Through this, she meets other mums and finds courage to attend networking events, while Darren is at work, to promote her business.

It’s at one of these events that Rose meets Tim, a sympathetic, dark-haired stranger who unwittingly becomes an important part of her survival.

After years of emotional abuse, of doubting her future and losing all self-confidence, Rose takes a stand. Finding herself distraught, alone and helpless, Rose wonders how she’ll ever escape with her sanity and her children. With 100 reasons to leave and 1,000 reasons she can’t, will she be able to do it?

Will Tim help her? Will Rose find peace and the happiness she deserves? Can Rose break free from this spiraling life she so desperately wants to change?

Pre-order Links:

Amazon UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Isolation-Junction-Breaking-isolation-emotional-ebook/dp/B01LX4HLT0/

Amazon US – https://www.amazon.com/Isolation-Junction-Breaking-isolation-emotional-ebook/dp/B01LX4HLT0/

This  new edition of Isolation Junction publishes on 22nd October, and Jennifer Gilmour would love to invite you to the online launch party on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/events/699087493784429/

Author Bio: Born in the North East, I am a young, married mum with three children. I assist in running a family business from my home-base and I have a large readership of other young mums in business for my blog posts.

From an early age I have had a passion for writing and have been gathering ideas and plot lines from my teenage years. A passionate advocate for women in abusive relationships, I have amalgamated and fictionalised other survivors experiences alongside my own to write my first novel detailing the journey of a young woman from the despair of an emotionally abusive and unhappy marriage to develop the confidence to challenge and change her life and to love again. I hope that in reading my debut novel, I will raise awareness of this often hidden and unseen behaviour and empower women in abusive relationships to seek help for themselves and find the confidence to change their lives.

Amazon Author link: Author.to/JenniferGilmour

My online store: www.jennifergilmour.com/shop

Facebook: www.facebook.com/isolationjunctionbook

Twitter: www.twitter.com/jenlgilmour

Instagram: www.instagram.com/authorjennifergilmour

GoodReads: https://www.goodreads.com/JenniferGilmour

What do you think of the cover?

I love the strapeline flying free with birds that’s a nice touch.

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What’s your perfect day off?

After a quite frankly horrible week I’ve had a pretty awesome Saturday.

I can’t say I had the much needed lie in that my weary body needs but I wasn’t up as early as when working, and I was up for a fun-filled bookish day.

The fact I was to spend most of my day talking about books and reuniting with friends including Catriona who is usually stateside was also a huge bonus.

Today has been the first day in a while, where I’ve relaxed a little and it’s been refreshing I just hope I don’t regret it come weigh day – but enough of that. Keeping positive and to the books.

I hadn’t been well in the lead up to today so hadn’t read much but today I finally started reading The Truths and Triumphs of Grace Atherton and I’m finally out of my reading funk so thank you to my fab blogging girls and the Simon & Schuster team. This simply unique book won’t hit shelves until January but my oh my. It’s pulled me out of my funk and given me back my reading mojo in the most beautiful of ways.

Books and the City events are always fabulous fun and today was just what I needed as ever there are always bookish goodies and recommendations from the team and my friends.

As I’ve mentioned before I’m a massive lover of Paige Toon but I discovered her late and some of these I didn’t have physical copies of.

Plus the Alice Peterson that everybody has been telling me to devour.

The fabulous Catriona has recommended so many of my fave reads and she brought me this.

I had such a lovely day chatting books, eating treats and helping shape the future of a number of books. An interesting and enlightening day which was exactly what I needed after a physically exhausting week where I have doubted myself in a number of ways.

Today I felt more like me….ooooh and there was a lil Pumpkin Spiced Latte.