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Audible Review: If You Could Go Anywhere By Paige Toon

Blurb: Angie has always wanted to travel. But at twenty-seven, she has barely stepped outside the small mining town where she was born. Instead, she discovers the world through stories told to her by passing travellers, dreaming that one day she’ll see it all for herself.

When her grandmother passes away, leaving Angie with no remaining family, she is ready to start her own adventures. Then she finds a letter revealing the address of the father she never knew, and realises instantly where her journey must begin: Italy.
As Angie sets out to find the truth – about her family, her past and who she really is – will mysterious and reckless Italian Alessandro help guide the way?

Review: Now I’ve said it before and I’m not even sorry I will keep repeating how much of a fangirl of Paige Toon I really am. If you’re not new to the blog you would have heard this before and I’m kind of sorry ha. I got into Paige late and in a way I love that as I still have many of her worlds to enjoy. I’m going on holiday in August with my family to the caravan holiday park we have been visiting since I was a kid and seeing as we will be there for two weeks this year I think a few Paige unread books will be coming. I may even ask you guys to choose nearer the time.

Anyway over to If You Could Go Anywhere firstly how it took me so long to devour this. The fabulous team at Simon & Schuster had given me a copy what seems like forever ago but due to my exams it just got shelved so I ended up listening to this beauty on Audible. I’ve listened to a few of Paige’s and the narration from Heather Long was fantastic- she also read Thirteen Weddings which was also a treat.

What can I say wow wow wow wow! (If you can say that like how Kylie sings it then you have my drift). Paige writes in a way that you are transported into that character I felt every single ounce of Angie’s emotion and on her first experience of Italy I felt like I was there. Another place I haven’t visited but my has Paige made me want to.

We meet Angie as her grandmother has passed away and she’s quite frankly lost. For so long she has taken care of her grandmother- that she doesn’t really know what to do for her. One things for sure she’s always wanted to travel and until this point she hasn’t left her own town of Cobber Pedy – Australia. A place that sounds simply gorgeous and her community are so adorable they really care for Angie and her well being. Her only travel has been through others postcards. Just reading about her postcards gave me travel envy. Angie’s friends and neighbours really do care for her best interests and what they do to push her on her journey is quite simply breathtaking.

Angie knows nothing of her father – until a letter comes to light. Her travels start with Italy and finding out some answers. Families are a funny one and they all have their secrets but Angie really didn’t bargain for what she finds.

Before finishing this fantastic novel I attended the Waterstones event for Paige, Lindsey Kelk and Lucy Vine. I had hoped to have finished in time but revision got in the way there was so much talk of the way Paige writes a proper love of your life love story and how much we were all aching for Angie and Alessendro to get together.

In a Paige Toon novel you are always guaranteed a sweep you off your feet romance usually from a brooding male….but what she created so amazingly with this one was how many sub-subjects there were. We have grief, love, travel, mental health just to name a few and they are all done with grace and understanding.

Another treat that had me in tears….I thought this one was different but it tugged on my heart strings like Paige always does. Although I must say in finishing If You Go Anywhere it left me with a happy heart and a book hangover.

Paige thank you as ever for writing a thought provoking book that took me away from the trials and tribulations of everyday stresses. Now seeing as there’s nothing more until next year I must get back to the back catalogue. There will be another post before my impending trip away.

Finally If You Could Go Anywhere where would you go? I still have a few major places I would love to see and I’m going with Nashville and New Orleans. I’m itching for them sooo badly.

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My Fitness Journey….

Hey welcome to Hayley Reviews, today I am going away from bookishness and talking about me.

In my younger years I was one of those girls who people said could eat anything and wouldn’t put on weight that soon changed. I’ve never minded fruit but I can honestly say I rarely smashed my five a day. As for vegetables – as a child I had a best mate whose mum would serve up all sorts of veg and expect you to eat it whether you liked it or not. To this day I blame her for Brussel Sprouts – I did try them again quite recently and I can honestly say I can live without them.

If at the beginning of this year you had said to me that I would one be trying to actually cook rather than throwing something in the oven and two that I would willingly want broccoli, spinach and cauliflower with my dinner I would have laughed in your face. Now I’m upset if I run out of spinach or Broccoli or if Sainsbury’s don’t have Butternut Squaffles in stock.

They do say your taste buds change every seven years and they really do. I have such a sweet tooth yet it’s been curbed quite a bit. Don’t get me wrong I still love a hot choc and I’m still impartial to chocolates just not to the excess I would have before. I have also learnt that a lot of the time it was merely through boredom or because it was there. In working in such a busy environment where there are often lots of people around it was often easier to just snack on crap. Fast forward to August 2018 and the thought of some of the things I would have gauged on makes me feel physically sick.

On 16th April 2018 I joined Slimming World – a number of people asked me why and a number of people also said I shouldn’t have. Having seen a number of friends do well from Slimming World I thought what the hell. What do I have to lose. In joining I took one look at the plan and was instantly thinking what am I going to eat. Natasha my consultant was super helpful- she told me not to focus on what I wouldn’t eat and to look at what I would. My first week was a little strange and I somehow managed to put together some odd meals. In that week I managed to lose 3lb but I hadn’t had much speed food.

What is speed food? I hear you say. These are fruit and vegetables that help speed up your metabolism – quite quickly I found a flow that I could enjoy. With my breakfast I often have Strawberries, Raspberries, Blackberries and Blueberries which are all speedy fruits and with meals it’s often Mushrooms, Carrots, Spinach, Butternut Squash and Broccoli to name a few. Before Slimming World I ate Carrots and Mushrooms but the other vegetables I hadn’t tried in a long time.

On 13th August 2018 I hit my target weight – this was a very good Monday for me, I had said to myself as I got closer that I wanted to be at target before my family holiday to the seaside and I made it. As you know I’m away as we speak and I’ve had a sketchy food week but I have had some fruit and Weetabix on a few mornings and some semi Slimming World friendly stuff. In town I found a gorgeous Mushroom Risotto which if possible I would love to sample again before we leave – it hasn’t happened so far.

I know there are Slimming World recipes for this so this will be happening when I return home.

Alongside my food and my walking I started attending a number of fitness classes. I have been doing Zumba on/off for years and I still really enjoy it. I managed to get a few free passes to some Boxfit classes. I did Boxfit on Blackheath common and then I found Fight Klub. That’s another thing I wouldn’t have thought a boxing based fitness class would be my thing but I love it and when I miss it, I’m seriously annoyed. Last week I managed to fit in two sessions which I was also meant to do the week before but due to trainer sickness that didn’t happen.

What has surprised me….I’m now a target member- I’ve missed a weigh in week as I’m away but I’m intrigued to see how I fair. As I have relaxed a little this week I have been shocked at the changes. Back in April/May time I purchased this…

On the Friday night before we left home I decided my working week was done and my me time had started so I would sample this. I had two quite small glasses and found it super super sweet. I also realised that I can’t drink normal coke – I asked for a vodka and Diet Coke and was given a normal coke and yet again it was too sweet. I’m pleased to report my love of an Irish coffee and of fudge still stands but once again my body will tell me when I have had too much. I’m also noticing a difference to how I feel when I’ve eaten fatty foods.

The picture on the left was taken at a book event with friends on 30th April so two weeks into my SW journey and the pic on the right was taken in July around the World Cup. I’ve also had a number of non scale victories in the fact I need pretty much a new wardrobe and the stuff that used to be tight now fits.

Thank you to those who took part in my poll yesterday, meaning I actually finished writing this piece.

What would you like to see tomorrow? Book Review, Author Guest Post, or something different. You guys get first refusal on what tomorrow holds.

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Novella Review: The Boy with the Board By Katey Lovell

Blurb: A gorgeously romantic short story, part of The Meet Cute series.

When her beloved mum dies suddenly, Helena escapes to sunny California. Determined to live for the moment, she puts aside her fears and signs up for the surfing lessons she’s always dreamed of – with the added distraction of hunky instructor Ashton.

Review: I have said it before and here I say it again these meet cute stories are perfect tea break escapism from day to day struggles.

For me The Boy with the Board has a totally different feel from the other meet cutes I have devoured. Helena’s Story is tinged with sadness but from a saying her mother used to say she decides to take caution to the wind and get out of her comfort zone. There is something awe inspiring in reading a story where a seemingly average young woman decides to make a life-changing decision. In that I am envious of Helena she saw a chance to change and grabbed it.

Although on a personal note I have made some life changes that have surprised and inspired me in my self and my own motivation. I’m proud of the woman I am becoming it’s like I have got back a little of the confidence I once had. Saying that I’ve never totally felt overly confident but I do feel like the changes I have made are adding to my day to day self confidence.

Reading has always been a passion of mine and following my studies I’m so glad I got back into reading for pleasure as it gives me so much joy. In escaping I’m discovering more about myself, who I want to be and where I want to go. I’m hoping to make some trips based on bookish love so watch this space…. I have two meet cutes left and I’m hoping to participate in the 24in48 readathon next weekend and o think finishing this beautiful series will be the icing on the cake.

Back to the Boy with the Board – there is just something about a guy with confidence and wet hair eh. This tasty treat should be snapped up whilst the weather is still smoking. Katey Lovell I’m saying it again I WANT more Meet Cutes please…

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Six for Sunday: Books that made you laugh….

So this is the second Six for Sunday that I have managed to get in on the latest list is great. I was a little upset that I only discovered the new lists after I had already posted last week but enough rambling and onwards with my books that made me laugh…

Six for Sunday is a weekly meme set up by alittlebutalot you can find the latest updates Here. I have to say I love these posts and will try to do more of them in the future. I’m already planning my answers to next weeks offering.

So four out of my six laugh out loud reads were audiobooks. Listening to Mad Girl and How To Be A Woman were even more fun being that the authors themselves were reading their words. The Break was one of my favourite audiobooks and the narrator was as if Marian was reading it herself even though she wasn’t.

How Not To Fall In Love Actually was a recommendation from the lovely Fabulous Book Fiend aka Catriona – and I had started listening to the audio just before meeting Catherine at a Simon & Schuster event. I believe I was one of the first people she had spoken to about the audiobook and for me that added to my experience.

Katey Lovell writes a novella that gives you just enough suspense but also leaves you wanting more. I’m pretty sure I read this earlier this year whilst on a plane heading back from my winter sunshine trip to Furteventura. If you’re wanting to read this one I would say New Years or just before would be a better time to devour it.

Zoe May’s debut Perfect Match is one of my fave feel good reads. It’s real and humorous and I’m definitely a fan. I have her latest book How Not to Date a Prince – I’m so annoyed that I still haven’t devoured this beauty but watch this space there will be more on my mood reading and actually getting round to some of these books that have been sat awaiting my attention very soon.

I’m ashamed to say one of these books I haven’t written a review for yet, but for most of them I have so here they are.

How To Be A Woman audio review

The Break by Marian Keyes Audio review

Mad Girl By Bryony Gordon Audio review

Perfect Match by Zoe May

Three men and a maybe By Katey Lovell

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Book Review: The Meet Cute Series The Boy at the BBQ By Katey Lovell

Blurb: A gorgeously romantic short story, part of The Meet Cute series.

Betsy and Seb spent their early childhood playing together in the sandpit at the park, but lost touch when Seb’s family moved away. Since he moved back to the area Betsy’s developed quite the crush on him, but she’s not even sure he knows she exists…

Review: Sometimes you just need a bite size treat and they don’t come anymore gorgeous than a Katey Lovell Meet Cute novella. I have read a few previously and as much as I wanted to devour them all in one go I decided to leave some for when I truly needed a tea break read. I feel like on Thursday I didn’t drink enough so I became rather dehydrated and on Friday alongside the heat my head was pounding so on Saturday I didn’t read a thing but decided to download a few more of these tasty treats for when I was feeling better.

Since feeling better I have listened to an audiobook but on Sunday afternoon whilst back from a stint at work and a walk with family I decided I would sit outside and be immersed into Katey’s gorgeous Meet Cute world and now lovely Katey I would love you to write me one?? There I’ve said it ha.

Betsy and Seb are adorable and I truly fell for the Boy on the Bus when I read that as it brought back fond memories for me but this one is just romance personified. It’s everything a girl wants and more.

It’s funny as some people don’t like novellas as they are too short but with each of these I have read I have been truly hooked. There’s just enough to get under your skin and yes there could always be more.

Katey Lovell’s Meet Cute Series is a gorgeous introduction to a truly gifted author. Everything of hers that I have devoured has left me feeling happy and hopeful. Thank you Katey and please write more of these and a Hayley would be nice. Just saying?

I feel like I need to post the reviews I have of the other Meet Cutes that I have read so without further ado.

The Boy on the Bus

The Boy with the Boxes

The Boy in the Bookshop and The Boy at the Beach

I still have a few of Katey’s Meet Cutes left the next will be The Boy at the Bakery. Do feel free to let me know of any gorgeous novellas I must read?.

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Book Review: One Summer in Rome By Samantha Tonge

Blurb: Blurb

To Rome…with love?

Mary Smith is turning her very ordinary life upside-down! She’s bought herself a one-way ticket to Rome and is ready for a summer she’ll never forget.

Men might be off the cards for waitress Mary, but within hours of arriving at the utterly charming family-run La Dolce Vita pizzeria, she’s already fallen in love with the bustling capital!

Only Dante Rossi, the mysterious (and drop-dead gorgeous) chef seems displeased with her arrival. And in the heat of the kitchen, it doesn’t take long for long-buried secrets to surface and sparks to fly…

A deliciously heartwarming romance to have you dreaming of summer. Perfect for fans of Debbie Johnson and Caroline Roberts.

Purchase from Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2rrwXfT

Review: Firstly, happiest of publication days to Samantha. What a gorgeous treat One Summer in Rome is. Now I really do want a holiday….even more than I usually do. In reading this I have been longing for pizza (something I’m not eating at the moment – unless I make a clean eating version) and to wander around by the Trevi Fountain amongst the street entertainers.

I adored The New Beginnings Coffee Club so when Rachel emailed regarding this blog blitz I was instantly intrigued. To be honest I don’t really know where to begin with talking about this book without spoiling anything but I shall do my best. Just like The New Beginnings Coffee Club Samantha has tackled a number of real-life issues in this feel good read. It’s been pretty hard going on me reading about cake and pizza but my willpower has changed a lot since starting my Slimming World journey.

From the off I liked Mary/Maria. I applauded her for taking a risk in leaving everything she knew. It was obviously terrifying for her but after everything that has been thrown at her in her life it’s exactly what she needed. The life she was given wasn’t her making but as she set foot on that plane her mindset changed. It was heartwarming to see her tackle each and every obstacle she was given in her new country of residence. I have heard many bloggers swooning over Dante from the off but for me it wasn’t that simple. He was quite obviously attractive but at the beginning I thought he was stuck up and rude. Dante wasn’t the only character I thought badly of. I also wasn’t a huge fan of Rocco either. This novel has so much back story and history it makes it addictive. I found myself very much invested in these characters and there were a number of oh my moments that had me turning the pages quicker and quicker.

It’s surprising as the secrets about each character you couldn’t have pinpointed bar one with Rocco. The penny dropped on one point but not on the more devastating reality. By the end of the book I saw the romance in Dante and my heart warmed to Rocco.

In a world full of madness One Summer in Rome manages to take you away from whatever crazy you’re experiencing at this point in life. It also makes you realise that everyone you come across is silently fighting their own battles and worries so be kinder. A number of the books I have read lately have had an underlying message of being grateful and living for now. Not what’s gone or what might be but right now.

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An update plus all things YALC

Happy Sunday all…the day of rest. Well since washing my hair I have felt much more human anyway. I managed a little Nashville catch up that show always makes me laugh and cry in pretty much equal measure and the music is on point, as ever.

This week has been a crazy one and even though I was optimistic and full of hope I finished my buddy read Chase the Rainbow which was beautiful, intoxicating and incredibly raw. Myself and Catriona aka Fabulous Book Fiend are making a YouTube video. I have filmed my segments although may need to redo as I’m seriously not as confident as Cat. However I did really enjoy it so. If anyone wants to suggest a video for me I will get it up on the Hayley Reviews YouTube page this week. 

I have a number of Netgalley reads to be reading one of which I started this morning other than Chase the Rainbow I have been listening to Katie Pipers Confidence the Secret so I’m feeling very empowered thanks to Poorna Bell and Katie. 

Recently I won a gorgeous book on Twitter and this week I received it.

How gorgeous is it and the lovely card thank you so much Holly. I will be taking it with me to the coast next week. 

YALC – Saturday.

For me my YALC experience revolved around Paige Toon having devoured The Last Piece Of My Heart and The One We Fell In Love With. I was eager to meet the author – having spoken to her from time to time on Twitter that’s a new joy being able to tell authors exactly what their books are doing to you every step of the way. I was eager to attend – luckily I was able to swap a shift at work so I booked. When I got there I had planned to see the new voices talk and as much as I heard they didn’t get to speak to much I was a little gutted. I wanted to hear Carlie Sorosiak and as I still haven’t a copy of her book I was too chicken to go say hi esp as I missed the talk whilst seeing all the fuss at one of the publishers tables.

That’s my haul I won an arc and I got You Know Me Well from the Pan Macmillan lucky dip.

Paige’s talk was the romance one and I was itching to hear what the authors had to say.

Apart from Paige I haven’t read anything of any of these authors although I have been turned down on a few Jennifer E Smith books on Netgalley I hope to read Windfall very soon. I was also very intrigued by Ayisha Malik – I hope to read some of her books real soon too. The talk was funny and insightful and it was a really good mix of authors on stage and of people watching and asking questions.

So I finally met Paige.

She was lovely and 13 Weddings will be my next Paige read although after the talk I am eager to read her YA series and I believe that could be a buddy read with Catriona. 

I also met Jennifer E Smith – I felt a bit tight going up with no book but I got a book plate signed and spoke to her about the talk and that windfall would probably be my starting point.

I didn’t have pics with any of the other authors but I did meet

Karen McManus author of One Of Us is Lying – which I started reading that morning although it’s been left on the side at the moment eeeek but it has just got interesting.

Now this book was amazing I cannot wait for Genuine Fraud I have the sampler but that’s not enough argh. I told her how I wished I could have passed this onto my Grandad I finished it shortly after his funeral. 

I also met the lovely Holly Bourne – I’m so bad have her book Soulmates on my Kobo library but her newest book will more than likely be my first of hers.

Considering I went alone I bumped into bloggers I know and publishers was lovely to see Lauren and Beatrice again. I even ended up entering a comp on Lauren’s for the novel And Then We Ran which is so me she knows me so well.

There were books everywhere but I told myself I would only buy what I couldn’t get or really wanted so I only done the lucky dip.

This week is going to be a crazy one work wise for sure and then I’m off to the coast for a week of well needed me time and family time. I hope to finish The Missing Twin to review on publication day, my audiobook Confidence the Secret and get back stuck into One Of Us is Lying as I’m pretty sure things are just getting interesting.

For anyone who was sent me emails regarding FriendFriday you will be getting an email in the next day or so. I’m just about to meet a friend but it will be soon.

In review if anyone has any YouTube video suggestions although I may have just thought of one. Do get in touch plus if you want in on my new meme then it’s not too late.

Sunday Sunday, update

Sunday Sunday #2 

Sadly this isn’t my coffee although I have had a mocha and a fair few cups of tea today. Sunday is a me day, as I have mentioned before other than if I’m needed generally Sunday is my constant day off. 

Today I woke quite early as I knew my siblings would wake me plus as I woke I thought I wouldn’t waste the day, especially as I had a few things I wanted to do.

So how was my week….

My blogging week started on Tuesday with an extract of Kathryn Freeman’s latest EBook Too Damn Nice you can Read it here. I have met Kathryn she’s lovely and I adored her novel Do Opposites Attract.

Wednesday’s are usually Wandering Wednesday’s but as I said I won’t post for the sake of it. I haven’t been feeling great so I decided I wanted to Thank my followers and the authors that have made me smile at a difficult time. So there were two post and here they are….

I was part of a blog tour of the cover reveal of Ugly Beautiful by Tracy Krimmer.


The second post was my Thank You


Holly Hepburn’s Picture House By the Sea was a beautiful series and I didn’t want it to end here are my thoughts


After finishing that series I was in the mood for another novella and another Holly Hepburn one it was. 


I was invited to Vivian Conroy’s cover reveal and what a beauty it is….


Today I managed to sort some of my room, organise a few things and I started reading the beautiful Chase the Rainbow by Poorna Bell. Which is my buddy read with the fab Catriona aka Fabulous Book Fiend. 

Isn’t the cover simply beautiful. 

Last night as I headed to bed I started listening to Confidence the Secret by Katie Piper and today I listened to a little more whilst starting to organise my room. 

I got this gorgeous journal although bar my few words during my break I have been too tired to write but this week from tonight I shall be writing. 

So this week I will be buddy reading Chase the Rainbow, listening to Katie Piper’s inspirational audio and I should get back to my Netgalley reads as well as One of Us is Lying….we shall see how I fair. I will get more reviews up I know I have had lots of other posts. 

Thank you to everyone who has enquired about Friend Friday if you would like to get involved send me your email I hope to email you all in the next few days. 

Get in touch I would love to hear from you. 

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Novella Review: Valentine’s Day at the Star and Sixpence by Holly Hepburn 

Blurb: Fall in love at the Star and Sixpence this Valentine’s Day….
Love is in the air as sisters Nessie and Sam prepare for Valentine’s Day at their newly renovated pub, The Star and Sixpence. They have a star chef winging her way from London to cook a very special Valentine’s Day dinner, for all the couples in the village. 

But as sparks fly in the kitchen, will love bloom in The Star and Sixpence? A romantic short story, perfect for fans of Cathy Bramley and Scarlett Bailey. 

Sorry that this post has come super late in the day. I had partially sorted this but had literally no time today. Work was mental and during my break I managed to eat and just sit my ankle has been unbearable, but I’m starting to write in a pad again so hopefully I will stop complaining on here. 

Review: After finishing Holly Hepburn’s Picture House by the Sea series I really didn’t fancy heading straight into a full length novel. Even though I have a few Netgalley reads that I’m itching to get to. So I thought I would look to my Kindle and Valentine’s Day at the Star Sixpence caught my eye. I have only read the Picture House series of Holly’s but I have had them on my ever expanding TBR – so when I noticed this I thought it was perfect timing. 

From this instalment I can definitely say I’m going to enjoying visiting more of the Star and Sixpence, it sounds like one of those gorgeous quirky pubs that you will keep going back to. You could sit there alone and people watch or gossip it depends whose around or you could sit there and fall in love with a book with a tasty cocktail or two. I believe this is the second part although they can be read alone – although there’s a few things that may have made more sense to me if I had read Snowdrops first. 

Anyway it can’t be changed I have read the Valentines part. It really did make me smile yet again more loveable and relatable characters. I want to know what Sam is running from and what she’s scared of although I love her and Joss and it was cute that Nick Borrowdale features in this as he popped up in the Picture House.

Nessie – is an adorable character who has very little confidence in herself. I look forward to seeing how she changed throughout the series. Her and Owen are both shy and adorable it took them forever to work out a date. 

Holly you have sucked me in once again I cannot wait to see how this progresses. If you want a feel good read with a hint of love, friendship and family then check out the Star and Sixpence…..it’s gorgeous. 

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Saying goodbye to The Picture House by the Sea By Holly Hepburn….

Today I finally read the fourth and final instalment of Holly Hepburn’s Some Like It Hot at the Picture House by the Sea. If I’m honest I didn’t want it to end…but there were parts of part three that I hoped wouldn’t come to anything so I had to push on. 

Each instalment has a film theme. It started with Brief Encounter at the Picture House by the Sea which I adored and I had read and reviewed it on the day I actually met Holly at Simon and Schuster’s Digital drinks which I have been meaning to write about. It will happen although nudge me if I forget. I’m trying to write more lists where my fab blog is concerned. 

Here is my review of part one Book Review: Brief Encounter at the Picture House By The Sea – HayleyReviews10 https://hayleyreviews10.wordpress.com/2017/06/22/book-review-brief-encounter-at-the-picture-house-by-the-sea/

Somehow part two was missed in terms of review but I will mention that I was so eager for the second instalment especially as Singing in the Rain at the Picture House By the Sea – is a film that will always make me think fondly of my beautiful Nan June. We shared a love for films – and it saddens me that we can’t together anymore but watching classics does make me feel closer to her and it makes me wonder what other ones we would have or should have watched.

Aren’t the covers truly gorgeous? 

I decided to read part three as close to publication day of the final instalment one so I was ready for it and two so I didn’t have to wait too long.

I loved the third part although there was a sense of no Gina seriously. The dancing sessions and the screening of Dirty Dancing on the beach with inspired ice creams and cocktails was amazing it literally made me wish I was swaying in Polwhipple. I have to say I love Carrie she’s a friend that Gina needs and likewise for Carrie. I loved Carrie opening her heart to Gina and I loved that Gina and Ben turned into matchmakers they were really gorgeous scenes to read. There’s so many things that happen Ben and Gina fight which is horrible but drunk Ben really is the greatest he’s super adorable – I didn’t think he could be anymore cute. Max proposes which makes me scream and the palace reopens with Casablanca – I must admit there are a few films I haven’t seen. Eeek must change that. 

Some Like It Hot at the Picture House by the Sea is the fourth and final instalment. This is the one that I stopped myself from reading as saying goodbye to Polwhipple is way too hard Nonno and Nonna – are a beautiful couple and great grandparents. I miss mine greatly but these two are truly beautiful in every sense of the word. I loved them as a couple and as individuals with their fab personalities. With good characters there are also bad I had my reservations about Max from the beginning and I was right all along as with the delectable Rose Arundell. There is lots of drama and betrayal in this final section where Gina’s family are brought back together. 

Ben and Gina – Now these two brought a tear to my eye on many occasions. The surfing lesson was out of this world until Gina’s injury. There are so many moments that I will treasure and I’m hoping that Holly returns to Polwhipple some day as Ben and Gina will always have a small piece of my heart and I truly wish to find a love like there’s.

More than that, he soothed her, as though he was a favourite book she returned to again and again when she needed to feel comforted. 

This sentence summed up their love and friendship and truly how I feel about this book and these characters. 

WARNING: You will fall in love with this book, you will fall in love with these characters and you will want to be at the seaside sipping cocktails and tasting a number of ice creams. 

Holly please bring them back.