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I had a few ideas for today’s post and as the day wore on they seemed to change in my head. After a fabulous Saturday with friends and books I had a chilled Sunday, sorting a few things on the to do list and a good ole roast dinner with a few thoughts for the week ahead.

Then I remembered that the latest drama starring Anna Friel would air this evening.

My sister set it to record but I was able to make time to watch it and I knew that it would be a while before we could watch together.

Butterfly is the tale of an eleven year-old boy called Max who feels like he’s in the wrong body. He longs to be a girl. I haven’t any children but I do have a nephew and nieces.

I can’t imagine being in that situation and not only as the adult I can’t imagine how it feels to feel like you don’t belong in your body.Tonight’s episode was the first in three parts and wow it sure was full on from the off. Anna Friel is a wonderful actress who has been involved in many controversial storylines over the years. Emmett Scanlan is also a fantastic actor and I love seeing actors of his calibre in different things. Butterfly is so hard hitting and I feel his role of Stephen has been cast so well from the off.

The acting from each and every actor in this first episode has been on point and I really liked the fact they have focused on the whole family and how it not only effects the individual. An hour passed so quickly and there sure was enough action to have you on the edge of your seat.

I’m a little sad that I have to wait a week to see what’s next in Max’s story.

I love that ITV have taken on an issue like this, I truly believe that stigma lies in lack of information and facts. I cannot wait to see the next episode.

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Little Women…

Firstly, I hope you had a fantastic Christmas with your loved ones.

I’m sorry I have been a bit on/off with my blogmas attempt, but I am grateful to every comment, like and follow since I have tried. My views have improved which means I’m obviously saying something worthwhile.

How I’m still awake, and how I managed to watch this and think of something to say is outstanding. I got up seriously early this morning to brave the sales to start with as help and then for me. I had fun in a weird way if I’m honest. No books sadly, not yet anyway.

Watching Little Women this evening has prompted me to ask….have you read it? And what are your thoughts on the book by Louisa May Alcott.

I must admit this is a classic that I downloaded a while ago but have still not got around to.

Next year I would like to do better with my classic reading so this should feature. I have seen a mixture of comments regarding tonight’s first instalment of the BBC’s adaptation. I must admit I enjoyed it but I have nothing to compare it to – it has made me want to push this novel up my TBR list though, so in that instance the TV show has worked it’s magic.

What are your thoughts? I aim to be back tomorrow although I am back at work so anything is possible.


The most unlikely topic or so I thought #Nashville

I honestly never thought I would be writing about one of my favourite programmes right here on my blog. #Nashville has been one of my favourites ever since it began, I knew I would either love it or get bored and guess what I love love love it.

I adore a good old acoustic sound and I long to play the guitar – please don’t get me started this subject could be talked about until the end of time and I still haven’t managed to get a guitar tutor.
Anyway enough of that the reason this fits the bill is because of the cancer storyline that has been one of the major focus points in season three. Seeing cancer stories on TV is hard as TV is supposed to be where you chill out and escape for a while. I do still get that from Nashville with the music (which is amazing) but what I must applaud the writers for is how well they write it. Now anyone in the states who has already seen series three no spoilers as that’s one thing I cannot tolerate, and as the series hasn’t finished yet I do not know the outcome.

This weeks viewing was hard but real and that’s why these storyline’s happen. Deacon was attending a huge fundraiser when he gets a call about a donor for his liver transplant. Life changes and Deacon, Rayna, Scarlett and Maddy are excited for this gives them hope. I apologise for anyone who doesn’t watch. The saddest thing was this joy was dashed quite quickly, in the end there were complications the other end. These situations happen every single day and I also feel for the doctors as they are also frustrated as they give families hope and have to temporarily take that back.

It’s so well written, they have managed to show how many people are effected when someone close to you receives the devastating news that they have cancer. Even the joy at transplants and treatment isn’t always a sure thing. Then you see the strong people (well that’s what everyone things from the outset) they are often the people who break down in private which is exactly what Rayna did.

I felt compelled to talk about #Nashville having seen the first hand affects cancer has on families. I know all of us who have lost people to this terrible disease feel like we relive our pain when we see this on TV. For me the more I see it the more it hits home this is real and we need to find a cure to stop all the suffering.

That is why I volunteer my Saturday mornings, I am also in the process of potentially sorting a new venture too, but more on that when I have news. That is also why I have stuck to my #Dryathlon challenge still going good but more on that soon.

Until next time….