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What I read in March…

Now March really did turn the tide in my life. It changed dramatically when work was shutdown until further notice. My happy place was taken from me. I mean for a book worm it did help my reading and I’ve been able to make more time for my blog and for a few things I’ve been saying I would do in a while. I had hoped to have included a few shorts to end my March reading but I’ve had a headache for the past few days, I’m getting there now but there’s still a niggle but seeing as this post was virtually done I decided I would post it. To those who voted for my post on Monday it will be here I promise I just have been feeling so rubbish the past few days….

March started with the newest Cornish story from Cressida McLaughlin and my heart bursted once again.

It was so good to have the gang back and to have the new additions.

You can read my thoughts here.

As you may remember both myself and Catriona are in the midst of a Paige Toon read along….I’m loving having mostly Paige in this write up.

As I said in my review I had met a few of these before but it was so nice to see their story play out. You can read my thoughts Here.

Now I cannot help gushing at these stories I really do think Joe and Alice could be my favourites. I’ve also realised there’s a few of my paperbacks that aren’t signed I will be digging out my favourites the next time I can see Paige. She kindly signed the first few of the read-along that weren’t signed.

You can read my thoughts on quite possibly one of my fave Paige Toon couples Here

Darren O’Sullivan is one of my most favourite authors and his fourth novel really does showcase how his writing has changed,this one is a lot more fast paced. Darren’s latest will be out tomorrow and my review will be up then 🙂 so you will need to wait another day to read my thoughts on this.

Part two of this Cornish gorgeousness was just what I needed in these strange times. I was left longing for a hug from Sam. You can read my thoughts Here

This was a very different feel for a Paige Toon novel but all the same I loved my trip to Key West.

This beauty is available in June and my god I want to talk about it but there’s so much I cannot say. My review

Re-listening to this beauty I bloody love Bronte and I also had trouble choosing between those boys…I also realised that I had never penned my thoughts on this beauty.

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September wrap up…

Happy October, I’m so sorry it’s taken me all day to write and this wasn’t the post I had initially wanted to share.

Today I attended my induction for Cineworld and have been undertaking some online training since I got home. As I’m now done for the evening I’ve turned to my blog. I’m hoping to participate in Blogtober and with my change of job I’m also hoping to switch up the content here at Hayley Reviews.

So September was a good one for me. At the start of it I was on holiday and I really had got in the mood for reading. I managed to get in a few short stories as well as some audiobooks and some general books via ebook and paperback.

Let’s see how I faired…

These two beautiful shorts – the first is a Simon and Schuster special and wow what a treat. Although I must say I haven’t seen if the author has done anything else since that. You can read my thoughts on Stepping out Here

Mhairi McFarlane is one of my favourite authors and You Had Me At Hello is what made me a fan so when it came to After You it was a no brainer I had to read it. I started this ages ago and for one reason or another it got shelved whilst I was on holiday I wanted a break in between novels so I started reading again from the beginning. After You thoughts

Lake Child was my last read of September and wow!!! Lake Child Review

As you can see there are a few where I haven’t posted the reviews yet. Watch this space.

I was on the audio blog tour for this and it sure was a treat it won’t be the last K L Slater book I read. You can read my thoughts here

Since being hooked on her debut I’ve been a massive fan of Zoe May and this was such a treat I still have one of hers to read but you can read my thoughts on this beauty Here

So that was September….would you like to see what I want to attempt to read in October?

Also tomorrow do I share one of the reviews that are missing or something else. Do get in touch.

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What am I reading and what have I read…

Happy Saturday all, I hope wherever you are reading this you are happy and healthy and that you have sunshine. Sunshine always makes us feel good. Although I have noticed in this sticky London heat there are a lot of miserable people floating around.

Anyway, enough of that. On my Twitter account I asked if I should do a July wrap up. Since I first started actually posting these back in May I have had a really good response so thank you to everyone who has commented liked and shared via here or Twitter. It’s all very much appreciated and it’s made me realise sometimes I feel like I haven’t read much but in actual fact I have done pretty well.

This time I have decided to kind of cheat I’m going to talk about what I read plus I want to mention a few titles that I hope to read in August.

My blog post hasn’t happened yet as I had that crazy week that was on the tail end of it but I participated in a readathon. I didn’t manage the 48 out of 24 but I did come in about half way and considering life had been crazy and I had worked all weekend I’m pretty chuffed with my efforts. I had hoped to have added a few novellas to that list but during the readathon I finished reading….

Never Greener was an audio read that I had been dipping in and out of on my way to and from work and at quiet moments. I haven’t reviewed that yet but it’s in the making. I’m a huge fan of Ruth Jones and what I will say is if you like her pick it up it’s funny, it’s heartbreaking and it’s real.

Somewhere Beyond the Sea – now I feel bad that it had taken me so long to finish this as I had agreed to many other things and life got in the way but Miranda said some lovely words to me about not rushing and taking my time with the characters and I’m truly glad that I did. I must admit once I closed the book I instantly missed Seren Jack and the gang. I have to mention Kieran as I feel in love with him back before Christmas when I read Christmas in St Ives. A Miranda Dickinson novel is always so much more than a book. You’re taken on a journey that has you thinking about your life, your choices and what you want. It’s always a treat and an eye opener and I truly loved this seaside based novel.

Forgive Me Not is Samantha Tonge’s Canelo effort and wow this is a novel and a half. It focuses on a number of real subjects in such a good way I was on the cover reveal and the blog tour for this one.

Forgive Me Not blog tour review

Forgive Me Not Cover reveal

Samantha was also good enough to do a guest post for me you can read that Here

I also read….

Here comes the best man by Angela Britnell

As states many times before I’m a huge fan of Katey Lovell and her meet cute series is almost over for me Boy with the Board

The Boy at the Bakery

I was on a fabulous blog tour for The Distance by Zoe Folbigg you can read my thoughts Here

Onto August I’m only going to highlight a few things I’m reading.

I’m currently listening to this. I’m thinking Giovanna Fletchers Some Kind Of Wonderful will be my next audiobook.

I’m hoping to get onto this bad boy. I love Kathryn and I’m so grateful for her kind words yesterday.

I have meant to be a book club captain for Poppy Loves Book club and I have failed consistently this month I’m determined to hold a meeting and to read the book suggested and today I joined the library again and picked this up.

I also found this…

There are many others I hope to get round to but seeing as this is not essentially a TBR post.

There will Be August releases that I hope to get to, let me know if there’s anything I should be reading.