Goodbye to 2018 and Hello to 2019

So we’ve reached the penultimate day of the year. I love that Facebook now has memories as you can see snapshots of what you’ve said and done previously. Seeing what’s changed and ultimately what hasn’t.

Last New Years Eve I was trying to embrace a lot of changes and the things that made me sad then don’t really bother me in the same way this year. I’m not perfect and 2018 hasn’t been wholly perfect but I have started a chain of events that I’m proud of. As the year has ended my blogging and reading has spiralled but that’s because of a number of other events that have been going on in my life.

Today I have no plans bar going with my sister for my niece and nephews jabs and making a doctors appointment for myself which resulted in a call back and some antibiotics – I had a few medicinal Irish coffees yesterday so I’m all good to stick to hot orange.

Time to be productive so I can get back to the extremely good Netflix show YOU. Whatever you do today do it with a smile.