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It’s Monday who am I? #1

Last night after the tears and letting the thoughts out as I laid my weary head and tried to calm my spinning mind I was inspired. I didn’t get up and put pen to paper as I’ve had these on/off headaches which I’m now believing is also a form of stress. But that inspiration was still with me this morning.

Yesterday I had a little cry I’m not ashamed to say that it makes me human and it’s who I am. I’ve always been an emotional person and the worries in the world right now are worldwide and we can’t see it coming. Not only am I feeling terrified I’m also a little lost. Having these on/off headaches has taken my reading from me for the short while sadly although I have managed some audio that I may or may not finish today.

A lot of bloggers partake in the It’s Monday what am I reading and my inspiration took a twist on that so today I am presenting you with the very first, it’s Monday who am I? In this post I’m hoping to harness some of the attributes of a character who has resonated with me. It could be past or present in terms of the fiction and the character in question.

Today I am Darrell Rivers

In watching this series I cannot believe that there are a few Enid Blyton books that I haven’t read. In embracing Malory Towers I’ve discovered the joyful Darrell Rivers – a hardworking girl who strives for what’s right. She has a temper which serves her well at times, her resilience is one of the traits I would like to imitate. During these troubling times I’m trying to do my best to keep my head above water, the headaches are easing and I’ve managed to do a few things today which is really helping my state of mind. There’s a lot more I hope to accomplish today and I’ll be back with another character next Monday….